Sunday, June 25, 2006

This weekend I felt very rich...

"No one can tell whether they are richer or poor by turning to their ledger. It is the heart that makes a person rich. One is rich according to what one is, not according to what one has."-- Henry Ward Beecher

I had a beautiful weekend. A very productive weekend. I completed some *43* 12x12 layouts. Wowsers. I will post a couple soon, and add the rest to my gallery. IT IS ALL ABOUT ORGANISATION {and perhaps a little passion} I was SO organised this weekend... I even won a Creative Memories gift for my efforts *lovely*

It was a great weekend ~marinating in my scrapbooking~ and my progress as a "Life Artist"... I got creative with the paints and I am really happy with the results.

It was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend spent with some beautiful and talented women. Eating ( a LOT), chatting and just BEING. I spent most of the weekend... just being. So that was lovely. Nothing else to do except Scrap and Be... all weekend. Really blissful I gotta say. A must annual event from now on. Recharge and energise.

Then I came home to my man who had missed me *cute* so, that he bought me some flowers *sweet* !!

And tomorrow there is a strike at Kaela's school... so me and my girl are going to hang with Kyle and her clan. Fun times.

And it is Kimmy Bimmy's birthday!

Life could not be better. I hope you had a beautiful weekend too.
Joy and Peace.

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