Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Loving Tuesdays & Fridays....

...Even MORE now because I have BOOT CAMP, yep - that is right. My first session was this morning and honestly I did not LOVE it. But I did love the fresh crispness of the morning....leaving the house at 615am when it was dark and watching my world light up as I got my body moving, that was really great.

I attempted this in winter last year but I only lasted two classes - at the time Nath and I were not living together and Kaela got sick....and did I already mention....it was winter?? Practically the whole session was conducted in the dark...

So this is a MUCH better time of year, not the HEAT of summer, but cooling into Autumn, perfect!

Also last time I went there were only 6 people....this time there were 22....whoohoo. Very Kewl.

So I am PUMPED... I promised {ohhhh dear} Kyle I would do the 24hr mountain bike race with her this year in October.....if I can do the required two laps {without injury} I will be ecstatic...really I will.

See how I feel on Friday... it is all running !!


Monday, February 27, 2006

In a Funk.....

Maybe cause it is Monday and maybe cause it is overcast and grey...
I am unable to get excited and passionate.....more likely because I know am unlikely to be scrapping today due to other household responsibilities (blah!).....
Though this funk feeling is much larger than that stuff....working for money and not for love of what I do. BORING. Bored. I found it very difficult to drag myself out of bed and get into the office.....But it pays the bills and allows me a comfortable lifestyle...
I am trying to be positive, to remind myself that often I get this feeling before something major occurs, something I want....something I love.
But I am finding that difficult today.
I feel like I have so far to go, that I am far away from what I should* be doing.
A yukky space to be in - and I dont like it.
* Should and consistency - my two least favourite words - will scrap a page on them!

Friday, February 24, 2006

I LOVE Fridays.....

BUT Dani {my coffee making goddess} just told me its only "two days till Monday".....she kakked herself when she saw my shattered expression.

For me Friday is definately one of the best days (I really like Tuesdays too).....FRIDAYs ARE: late nite shopping and eating out with my gal. We go home, get changed, burn a CD of photos to scrap in the next week, go to the ARtShop, potter about....buy gifts, look at stuff (howards storage world is another addiction)...anticipating Saturday (and Sunday mornings, Sunday papers) Fridays ARE kewl....

And here are a few other VERY kewl things in my world, things I am grateful for:

  • Mikaela - she is a dream and I LOVE>LOVE>LOVE the angel she is.
  • Nath - my best friend and a darling person....he has taught me much, mainly LOVE, compromise and faith. To believe and make it so. To really BE IN IT with someone...(so totally in it together) I've never had this before....I am SO grateful...
  • My sisters - I am so blessed to have them as my friends (as REAL friends) and this is golden - at times we really piss one another off, but the love I have for them is never ending and our friendships are home to me.
  • My gals - my friends are strong and talented and inspiring....so grateful for them...and the love, support and encouragement they give me.
  • My scrapping room - it is my haven, my place, my space...to dream, to create and design...to be ME...to make gifts of the ones I love, me and my life.
  • My city....I love Canberra, I love where we are living, our neighbourhood - being so close to our work and Kaela's school - the big old trees...the red fire hydrants, street names stamped into the curb and old street posts...
  • My health.....aside from being overweight at the moment (not really happy about that) ...I am healthy.....I can loose weight !!

That is a damn fine list me thinks...life is good. Even if it is only two days till Monday!!

So have a lovely weekend all.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

A beautiful love story....

Nath and I went to see Brokeback Mountain last night.....it was very moving. We chatted about it for ages afterwards...about the implications of being "different" in the eyes of society, about being brave and courageous. My sister is brave and I am very proud of her for being so...

We talked about true love and its difficulties. A lot of amazing "love story's" seem to be those enduring much pain and sorrow also....

Which brings me to something I once wrote - about embracing the pain and sorrow of life in order to enjoy the joy and happiness....we need both to have a full life - and to recognise and be grateful for that....for living.

And our ability to live our lifes....to walk our path. Not to compare ourselves to others - to be unique and true to ourselves.....to really LISTEN to our souls whispers. And to act accordingly...and when that whisper becomes a roar because you have been ignoring it for so long....it really is time to take action.

So I am excited about this afternoon - Nath is taking Kaela to the oval to fly her kite.....I will sneak down with my SLR - I can stand the roar no more {grin}.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Check out the photo of Clare, Kaela & Asha.....

Its included in my "A Day on the Green" entry.....finally! Sorry I am not so good with the photos. But I am working on it.

As you can see I have only just managed to get my banner up...and that took a few weeks.

So the whole posting words with photos consistently....will follow soon.

I got to work early this morning, so feeling fresh and more invigorated than usual.....but I would rather be at home scrapping of course !

And when I got to work I had an email from my Dad.....made me happy.

Love to all my hard working Mums....go gals. Have a brilliant day.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kaela's Birthday

Kaela’s birthday party celebrations were great. Pass the parcel, musical chairs, treasure hunt and the Pinata from hell - it would not bust because we had overfilled it – but it was a kak to watch the kids, they were so funny. We would have had pin-the-tail on the donkey but I could not find it – found it in my scrap room the following day {smile} mmmm how did it get there?...I was searching the house asking guests "have you seen the donkey" {they'd look at Nath with a quizical expression - Donkey?}...most amusing.

I am so grateful for my sisters {includes Kimmy}….they really came through for me and without them the party would not have been so great…..Meeges created about six gourmet salads (thanks babes) and Lee and Katie helped with the lollie bags, stuffing the pinata, setting up and generally taking care of anything I could not get to and Kim & girls all helping to clean up afterwards...

And of course there was also my guy…who was also most supportive….and helped to make the day and party a great experience for us all.

So how did Mikaela feel about the day? Well she was rather overwealmed and ended up in her cupboard (funny girl) in tears. Katie hopped in with her and they had a little D&M……Kaela explained to her aunt that she had only invited four people. She was most upset. I ended up with her and Katie on my bed - we all had a bit of a chat about how to deal with it…..Kaela complained to me that “they are running all through the house”. Happy to report that I managed to both console her and get her to rejoin the party with falling into a fit of laugher along with my equally amused sister …only slight stiffled giggles and maybe a couple of snorts.

So Happy Birthday little girl….It was your party and you did cry because you wanted to!!! However for the most part she had a good time………infact the following day she asked if we could do it again {smile}

Not for another year {BIG KISS} and then it will be at KidZone...yeah!
B x

Friday, February 17, 2006

There is A LOT of pain in this world of ours....

But I choose LOVE....
So many things about our lives are out of our control.
Death of a loved one.
Natural disasters.
Illness and disease.....

But the things that we do have control of....
how we choose to behave, to treat each other...
to love, to believe....to be happy for each other.
To be grateful. Content. Sincere.
These are the things that define a person, a life.

I don't care if people think I am sappy - it is hard {as it requires constant thought, consideration and compassion} to be nice....to program ourselves not to be negative. We use the word NICE almost as in insult in our society....WHY? Okay there are more passionate descriptors...Sure, but being a NICE person - a REALLY NICE person - is quiet an achievement me thinks :-)

Interestingly enough - to be selfish and nasty requires MORE energy, but some people just choose not to care about others as much as they do themselves (there is another irony to that one - but anyway!) ....they think the world is against them...when infact they are the only ones against themselves. Ultimately that is a choice....and a life that one chooses for themselves.

I hope to teach my girl ...
to choose love...and to create a beautiful life- AND to
be thankful and grateful for her choices...BE NICE.

Already.......she is the sweetest and most loving child...those that know her as I do, know what I mean. She is the first at the side of a fallen friend. First to give a cuddle. She is an angel here on earth...for sure. Happy Birthday Miss Mikaela xxx
B x

My baby is 5....

....okay well obviously she stopped being a baby about 3 years ago...
But to me she will always be my little darlin' babe!
She had a good day - chocolate cake with her school friends.
Her Aunties Lee and Katie and Poppy Col called her.
Grandma came to visit in the evening with a lovely doll {Kaela is baby (and therefore doll) MAD)
We made a plaster impression of her hand....so cute.
Her party is this weekend...lots of people, lots to do.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.....
Yah for Fridays !!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Okay! Nath CAN Scrap....

This Valentines was by far the most unique and soul touching experiences I have ever had...

Nath made me a card {and it was a scrappers dream}...I was in tears, and not just that "oh thats so sweet" kind of teary, but a "Ohmygawd...this is incredible" kind of cry. I was bawling ...... the poetry and words from my guy.....I am in awe.

We went out and had a gorgeous dinner together...walked there and back all of 7 minutes to Manuka central.....talked and talked and talked.....

Before bed I cuddle my girl, apply her excema cream and tell her all is well for:

Mummy and Nathan are home now....

She falls into a peaceful sleep.

I go to bed feeling 100% blessed and ever thankful that I choose to find happiness in the daily pleasures and treasure of my family..... my life. To quote the gorgeous Clare Bowditch "It wasn't always this way...I can tell you that for sure"!

But now I am "On this Side" and I am staying put.....THAT is for sure!
B x

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I LOVE Valentines Day...

It is so much fun. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And I am so RAPT to be sharing with Nath.

I love seeing all the happy inlove peeps all about.

But more than that is to see my friends so happy too.....Kyle and Jas are just so cute. Kyle sent me an email - Jas had sent her one which was so lovely it made her have a teary...and once they put their three little miracles to bed - they have a date for a drink on their terrace. After 13(or so?) years, much laughter and some very tough times........these two are GOLD...

And I can say the same of Dave and Di, Shell and Andrew, Carolyn & Jol..... and many other couples I admire ...

Happy Valentines......to all beautiful people {that is every single one of us}

Who ever said accountants were boring.....

Obviously never met my guy...he is a scream and makes me kak myself constantly...

Nath sent me this ... and I gotta say - it made me laugh. About time the world began to appreciate the fine qualities of our accountants. Accountants always get such a hard deal.....but my guy is a GEM, a one in a million guy and I am so glad he's mine ...I am one lucky woman ! And a clever one too according to the article - but we already knew that - ha {grin}!

Happy Valentines Day Lovers....

Friday, February 10, 2006

I was there for the end of school bell....

Joy JOY and so much JOY. I actually had a bit of a tear....I AM soft !! But it was so special. I couldn't help peering in the window and watching my girl as she collected the name cards off the desks, tapping them every now and again. Then I watched as she took some stickers out of her uniform pocket and stuck it on her hand....then she spotted me, I ducked but it was too late: "Mum, Mum..."

I sat down and waited patiently out of sight [like a well behaved parent] and got a huge cuddle when my girl tumbled out of the door with all her class mates. That corridor gets SO packed...adults and children squeezed in together.

I have arranged things so that I am able to be there for the bell EVERY Thursday as Kaela has ballet {though she has already told me she doesnt want to continue :-), - which I am secretly most happy about - but that is another story}..... And I will be collecting Kaela at 4.30 every other afternoon I have her. MUCH JOY....

I am begining to attain balance....and with Nath's help {much love and thanks}, it is so much easier.

B x

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Time for everything.....

Is just so hard. I know that is how everyone feels in our society. So much to do....family, friends, create, inspire, teach, exercise, health, relaxation, enjoyment, career {mmm that came a little low on the list :-)} maybe the problem I am experiencing?..... I am finding it difficult to focus on all the things I have to do because I have so many things going on at once.....

I dont have enough time to create....to scrap. I have a great space for it now, but no time. I am a full time working mum of a beautiful 5 year old. Scrapping is a hobby, not my job.....not something I can do each day while Kaela has an afternoon nap {only on weekends}...I am finding this hard. I am not an artist....I dont have time. I need to make time....I MUST....I have a dream and I will make it happen.

I have always been an impromptu kinda girl and I do like to be busy....but I need my chaos to be organised.

New job, going overseas, being away from Kaela, new house, moving in together with Nath, new school, new nights at Dads.....new everything almost....takes a little bit of time to adjust.

So this weekend we have nothing planned except just that! Getting our family organised...some sort of schedule - no doubt we will deviate, but the guide will be there :-)

Anyway last night Nath and I made time to catch a movie together.....Overcoming...it was great. I love cycling - some years ago it was one of my lifes main passions (or obsessions) - and this year I really want to get back into it. More road....more kms than I ever did before - see how I go.

I hope to find some balance this year... not easy for a girl who does not like too much structure :-)


First Day @ Kindy....

WOW....I cant believe how big she looked. And how big she was behaving - had no problem at all putting that huge back pack on. Little Miss Independence {always has been, which I love}.

She was very excited. Nath and I took heaps of photos before we left the house [ I only took about 50 photos - I am most impressed with my restraint, mind you using film does help :-)]. Kaela's Dad met us there and she was really happy to see him.

I left work early to collect her at the end of the school day [usually she will go into afterschool care*] so she could tell me all about it. It was great....I naturally had a tear, so much excitement. A terrific atmosphere is a group of excited and happy 4-5 year olds.

I asked if she had made any new friends....she said yes and started to name all her existing friends....I explained that I was asking if she made any NEW friends....she gave me a very puzzeled expression (why would I do that?). It is great that she already has so many friends, they have all been going to pre-school together the last 2 years and have formed what I suspect will be lifelong friendships for some of them.....sweet.

Kaela told me she had been speaking French all day...some of the other children did not speak at all - she patiently explained to me that this is because their teacher does not understand English....I like this woman already.

We went and did a bit of shopping...Mikaela fell asleep in the car on the way home.

She is still my baby and always will be, even when she is 30 and a Mum herself. I am SO PROUD....


* Her school has some terrific after school programs for an hour each afternoon....Kaela will be doing tennis, soccer, gymnastics and beading (this term). Other subjects on offer include computing, pottery, dancing, kung fu, mini-hockey, Irish dancing {KEWL}, Chess (mmmmm Kaela playing chess?? Maybe in winter :-)) Auskick/Sports, Multicultural Cooking.....and many, many others once they go to Year 1. So a busy girl Mikaela shall be :-)

A Day on the Green.....

Was fantastic....and way exceeded our expectations.

Nath got us terrific tickets in the sectioned off area directly infront of the stage. We could go right up to the stage and I got lots of great photos with my SLR* and Kaela took loads of photos of Lior with my little digi {well the girl has great taste}......she is also a bit of a heart breaker.

At the merchadising tent I was most impressed with Kaela's sass and determination to get closer to Clare Bowditch...she had wedged herself between two tables trying to squeeze her way closer-> almost managing to do herself an internal injury I am sure. Such determination should always be rewareded, so with a wink I gave her the motion to climb under the table :-) {Clare was also most encouraging} Miss Mikaela then made herself comfortable upon Clare's lap while she was signing various items....cheeky girl {love it}.....Asha, Clare's daughter was also there and it was a very sweet few moments.

Close your eyes and imagine...walking by a beautiful vineyard...into a big green paddock - surrounded by enormous gum trees in the sunshine out in the country...this - this is Australia {or one of the many splendors} and it is just glorious. My countryside....life does not get any better than these golden days.

A perfect Sunday afternoon.

Thanks Nath - you are THE BOMB...my bomb xxx


* I am SO over my digi - it has had its day I think. I am definately getting myself a DigiSLR for my birthday......and I know exactly what I want :-) And so it shall be!

Friday, February 03, 2006

My Romantic & Thoughtful Guy....

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Nath bought me {us} tickets to "A Day on the Green" as my Chrissy pressie. Its on this Sunday at a winery in Bowral :-)

Missy Higgins is the headliner [Saw her last year with Kerri and Jules...she is a cutie...but I am a bit over her - just like NV]!

I am most excited about Lior and Clare Bowditch....they are brilliant....so special. I have seen Lior live at Tilley's Devine Cafe with Kim and Jode - he is stunning. But I have not seen Clare yet....currently listening to her album in my car. On This Side is my favourite song at the moment {I play it over and over, very loud...Kaela loves it too :-)} ! This is how I feel about Nath....I have sketched [but yet to scrap] a page about Nath and I and this song......

And I have already scrapped a page on Nath and I and Lior from when we first got together. So this is why I think my guy is so romantic and thoughtful. This is not music he loves, but music he knows I love and that makes him a real sweetie. What a darlin'

So with picnic blanket, a nice selection of food stuff - and our little munchkin Mikaela - we are off to the winery for a day of audial pleasure....only thing is that I hope it doesnt rain :-(

Fingers crossed. I'll tell you all about it later :-)
B x