Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Love My Way...

And as if I was not entirely sure... Nath loves mine... a LOT.
I think I mentioned once that I would like to get this series... and we searched unsuccessfully one Saturday.
That was some months ago.
When Nath gave it to me as a gift in the car at lunch time yesterday (after already receiving many lovely gifts in the morning)... I did not just have a teary. I was bawling (kinda the same as Valentines day with his hand made 12x12 card.... i.e. he was a bit worried). I just feel so lucky and blessed. Nathan you are a darling. So, so lovely and special. THANK YOU.
I think Claudia Karvan is terrific and I cant wait to watch it. Especially since Amazing Race has finished.... and the only thing I am watching at the moment is Sopranos (and that is usually late, in bed).
I am one of those people who does not watch very much telly....nope. People often comment "how do you get the time to do that"? about my scrapping or blogging, or whatever. Simple - the only time I watch telly is when I am ironing, or perhaps once or twice a month I watch a movie for cuddles with Nath or Kaela. Can you calculate how many hours teev you watch a week? Yeah... I dont. THATs how I have so many hours to do other things. And thankfully Kaela does not watch much teev either. She would rather draw. The cutest thing is when a movie is put on for her... and she is not watching it... she is at her table drawing. Sweet. That is our way to relax - to do arty stuff, or read. Nath on the other hand loves his teev and that is fine. That's HIS thing... his way to relax and unwind. As it is for many. KEWL.
Maybe its the commercials? Or my impatience to see the next episode?
For me, if I DO watch is on MY time, without commercials... and if I want to watch the next episode straight away... I can do that.
That is how I like my viewing.
And I am certainly looking forward to getting into this series.... whilst I do the ironing.
Thanks Babes...

A life long friend....

My dear friend, whom I have known since I was 11, Stella sent me the most beautiful email. It brought tears to my eyes and an ache to my chest. It is difficult that we live so far apart, as we don't get to be a "daily" part of each others life. But she is a friend of mine for life. We have the strongest connection... she has seen some of the worst of what I endured during my upbringing. Her email to me was full of love and compliments, appreciation and compassion for all I have been through and respect and admiration of where I am today.

Her expression touched my heart deeply. One day I will explain the depths of this friendship... how much it means to me and why. For now I will just say that she is a beautiful soul... she is a passionate gorgeous gal... she is fiercely loyal, loud (at times), funny, warm, caring, entertaining, thoughtful, considerate, clever, bright, FUN.... sweet, calm, loving,captivating and compassionate...

Last time She, Jer, Nikki and Sami came to visit, Mikaela spent a night with them and the following day we all had a bbq at Nath's. Mikaela put an entirely new spin on the whole screaming "" scenario. Mikaela was exhausted... and when it came time for our friends to depart... all she knew is that she didn't want to say good-bye. It took me over an hour to console her, all the while she cried for Stel. Those who know Mikaela well, know that she is NOT that kinda child... in usual circumstances, not at all. That is the effect Stel has on people... they fall in love in an instant, deeply.

And I love her today as I did the first day we met. And I always will. Her and her family are my family too, that is how close we have always been.
And that is a marvellous gift.
The best that life has to offer....
Life is beautiful and I am totally blessed...*grin*
Love and Peace

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

They say it's your birthday....

We're gonna have a good time. I'm glad it's your birthday. Happy birthday to you. The Beatles

I love those words.... Happy Birthday. Thats all one needs on their special day, really... but I am so fortnuate to have recieved just a little more...Wow... I have been having teary's all morning because of the love and gifts from my gorgeous guy and child. They are so sweet.
And my dear Dad who rang me at 6.30am to wish me a happy 34th birthday... geez that sounds so old. 34. But it is great. 34 years old with wrinkles, frown lines and more than an extra couple of kilo's and I have never felt more blessed in my life.
And that has everything to do with SHE and HE.

My little angel got me the latest Pete Murray CD See the Sun. And my darling guy got me an Ipod Nano, black... made me cry. Totally. I dont think a thousand years would ever be enough for me to express how much I appreciate and love him... SO MUCH. Nathan... thank you for being so thoughtful and treating me like a Goddess... everyday. I love you so much. You are the best. My best, my best friend.

But the best part of my birthday so far... was the black board message as I left the house "Happy Birthday.... and remember WE LOVE YOU Nath & Kaela" more tears.

And my beautiful friends... who make me feel so special... everyday. ANd my sisters, especially Lee.... so, so sweet. Ah and my Mama... she rings me (a moment ago, and every year)and tells me it was a day just like this when I was born.... sunny and beautiful. She also tells me "I'm not old"... Funny that! *chuckle*

So as I sit here at my desk, with my Ipod.... listening to Pete Murray... I feel like the luckiest, happiest woman on earth. Bless. I feel like dancing and twirling... totally free and happy.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have TOTAL graditute for this life of mine.
And a couple of other things bringing me joy today... check this out as brought to my attention by Leoni. And this cute chick made me laugh.
Peace and Love.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another Kaela pearl of wisdom...

Yesterday my girl woke up ill @ 630am. She had a headache. I unwittingly made her more ill... and so after hours of comforting her, cleaning up projectile vomit and general mothering, by 11am Kaela was feeling almost 100% again. She was even making up for the couple of hours where she was immobilised, throw in a bit of excitement that her Auntie was visiting, plus an impromptu photo shoot.... she was rather TOO energetic, running about, dancing, jumping on my back {don't get me wrong I was very happy she was feeling this much better, I was just a bit weary} ...
At 12noon I was packing my scrap stuff into the car... getting ready to meet my friends for our monthly Creative Memories gathering.
K. What are you doing Mum?
B. I am going Scrapping....
Kaela was sitting in the kitchen at the breakfast bar with Lee and turned to her auntie and said:

Mum needs some peace and quiet!
We all (Nath, Lee and I) totally cracked up.
Bless her cotton socks.
And that is exactly what I did get... peace, quiet, good company... a few hours scrapping and six pages done.

Meet Ella...

I have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of this little puppy for some months now...

Actually much more than months. I have dreamt of owning a camera this beautiful for years. And finally I have the means to get her. I have her. This is Ella.

My sister {Lee} and I went to collect her on Saturday. I am so excited > I can not begin to explain my joy.

I know it is a material object. Perhaps it is not right to be SO excited over a material object. But I am, I am, I am. Skippidy-doo-dah, skippidy day. My oh my what a wonderful day.....

My bedtime reading now consists of her manual. Do you think it is weird that as a technical writer..... I dont like reading technical manuals? Infact, unless it is my manual (and I am proof reading it ) or I am reading them purely for a "oh I like that layout" purpose, I loathe reading manuals. I like to try and figure it out for myself... which often I do NOT. Not a lot of the very technical stuff I do for work or pleasure is entirely intrinsic *grin*.

In the end I submit to the manual. And I know ~ that is exactly how my doco is treated ~ It is just the way it is. Most people do not like to ask for direction, even if their life depends on it. Not all peeps, I love those that will read the manual from front to back. I love even more those who actually KNOW what a well written document is and is all about.

Actually I paint myself not entirely true here... I do read manuals, mainly for Adobe Software, cause I like that. But usually I do a night course to get me started... kick me off... give me the fundamentals. Then I self teach myself pretty much all about the product. That is what I am going to do with my camera too. Though I hardly think I will ever know all about that fine piece of technology.....JOY.

So there you go.... you have met Ella. She is my birthday gift to myself {and my family}...and I have already taken some really cute photos of them.

Mind you ... it did cause a little angst with my guy... who was only projecting some huge things happening for him onto my poor little innocent camera. More on that soon I promise... tis actually MOST exciting too. Maybe even more exciting than Ella... maybe *grin*
Will post soon... new pics that is.

Feelin the love across the seas....

This blogger world has totally opened my heart and soul to so many beautiful people in this world of ours.
It is so sweet to receive emails and mentions on others blog entries, for connecting with people who are on the other side of the planet.
Because it really is such a small world.
And we are all connected.
So I felt touched and honoured to receive this mention in Deni's post.

This post that left me in tears and feeling so humbled and thinking perhaps this journey of mine truly does have a purpose larger than I can see.

Denise ~Bohemian Girl~

She also sent an email expressing her feelings.
She is such a darling..... She reminds me of my little sister Lee.
Another sweet sensitive soul. More on her soon.

So Deni made me cry very good tears.
I am grateful too.

Friday, May 26, 2006


So my dear friend Kim took me to see LIOR last night for my birthday. He is so lovely. Always.
Tomorrow my SSS (Sweet Sensitive Soul) Sista arrives... we are going to do girly stuff and hang out... then out for an intimate family dinner.
So sweet, will be lovely.
Sunday.... SCRAPDAY with my gals.... SO KEWL. Most excited about that. Though not at all organised. Nah uh.

But I DO KNOW one thing for certain... I will be using some new Heidi Swapp chipboard letters and flowers dear Kyles gave me for my birthday. {She told me to open my gift early, honest} Swwwwweeet !

Thursday, May 25, 2006

This woman...

... astounds me.
Totally blows me away.
She is so freakin amazing to me.
This woman is Denise.
I have mentioned her before (a couple of times).
She is so beautiful.

Even when her heart is shattered ... she tells her story with such profound grace that you could never feel sorry for her. Never pity her. And that is because she is HER... an amazing, brilliant and gorgeous woman. A Goddess.

So does baring your soul, your hurts, your pain... your troubles make you a victim? No. But society says so at times. That is sad. Because it is not necessarily so. The two do not HAVE to go together: Pain+Victim.
Because pain is in all of us, we all experience it.
And to share it so eloquently... it is just such a gift.
But to be able to do so and not be a victim about it... to not say "why me?"... THAT is so inspiring and precious.
She is a precious heart and soul ... this woman, this beauty. I can NOT wait to meet her. I aspire to being more like her... everyday. And I smile because I am. Joy is a choice. Everyday.

She also, I might add.... manages to share all the simple joys and pleasures of life that we all take for granted just as beautifully too.

You see Denise and her husband, Carsten are trying to fall pregnant. They are trying to have a baby. They have not been successful yet.

Could you all please say a little blessing prayer for these two souls.... and tell that stubborn bubba to hurry up!
BTW... THIS beautiful bubba in my arms... is Charli... Kyle and Jas' little princess, photo taken almost a year ago now!

Ta Dah - Introducing Nicolas....

Mikaela's boyfriend (but shhhh ~ don't tell him ! she hasn't told him YET) !
So we were talking about him again last night!
B. Kaela, does Nicolas know he is your boyfriend?
M. No thats why we have to go visit.
B. Oh okay and then will you tell him?
M. Yes I will tell him a secret [she leans forward to demonstrate whispering to Nicolas] You're my boyfriend.
B. And what will he say?
M. He will say "oh, okay... thats cool"

And Nikki IS SUCH a darling cutie.
Mikki and Nikki....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What do you do when....

You LOVE to scrap, BUT you....

  • Don't know how to use the internet
  • Don't have a credit card
  • Cant get hold of any of your Mum's Prima flowers (or only a couple she gave you) [MEAN BAD MUM]

Well you get your own. Mikaela got a couple of hydrangeas from our backyard. I noticed them in my (rapidly becoming OUR) ScrapHaven... with tape all over the petals. Have imagaination...and no money.....will improvise ~AND SCRAP~

I love, love, love her.



This friend of mine....

Is a treasure.
A blessing.

This is Kylie... Mum, Wife, Friend, Scrapping Extrodinaire (published you know!), Stay at home Super Woman whilst finishing a degree... just a great gal frankly! A really lovely person who I find very inspiring... and doesnt require hard work (LOVE that bit)...
If I am about to do something I think is REALLY exciting. I know she will be the one to be JUST as excited. She will be happy FOR ME.
And on times when I am having an issue... Kyles always provides an impartial comment to put things into perspective.
For example... yesterday I felt lacking in the journalling/blogging department - was it meaningful? Can I spell (sorry had to throw that in there... hahaha) I explained to Kyles that:
I guess for me...sometimes I write something and it does come straight from the heart... and in its own way it is very poetic... because it just "came" to me.... it pours onto the paper... pieces of my very soul. And then at other times I feel so rushed and in haste... I just get the words down as quickly as I can. Later when I read it I think I could have written it better... or worse when I feel I have not captured the essence of what I am trying to capture... that moment I am trying to describe.
Kyles sends me an email that restores my spirit and gives me a lift. And through out the course of the day... as we email back and forth (as we do)....
We came up with this:

  • Its okay to rush your journalling... to capture a memory, even if in words you dont love... you have that memory down on paper, that is all that matters.
  • Sometimes when you rush... you write magic.
  • Maybe we will never feel we have "found ourselves" as scrappers. Maybe that IS the journey. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be... ever changing, ever evolving.... just like we are ... just like our lifes.
  • We are never going to be up to date with our scrapping.... ever.
  • We CAN BE everything...the mother, the lover, the sister, the friend, the daughter, the graphic designer, the artist, the photographer, the poet, the writer... so long as we are happy doing so.
  • Friends that inspire ... make life beautiful.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be happy.
  • Be You.
  • And the words of Ali - capture life, create art.... for we are Life Artists.

So my sisterhood, my message about journalling is this: Just get it down, Record It and Be.

And another thing:
I am not proud to admit that at times in my life... I have been envious of this beautiful woman, Kylie. I could write the LONGEST post about why, and how (so boring). Lets just say I have experienced some things in my life that I did not handle very well.

Then I did a lot of soul searching... I started making GOOD decisions. I came to really love myself. I began to be honest with myself and with others, to remove the mask. And to realise we create our own happiness... we can either come from a place of love or hate. Eliminate the Negative ~ Accentuate the Positive (still working on that daily *grin*) Since the day I chose to do all in my life with love, love for myself and love for others... I have opened the door for Kyle and I to be real friends... after knowing each other for ... oh near 10years.

Each day our friendship grows stronger. Because I realised this: friendships need to be about love, laughter and enjoying all the good in life. The most important friendship in life of course... is the one with yourself, then you open the door for other beautiful souls to join you. When you stop comparing yourself to another... and instead take a step back and appreciate yourself and them for the unique talented individuals you are, then you can free yourself of so many rubbish feelings and thoughts... you can just BE. Be honest and true... be yourself and a friend. What a gift, what a blessing...

So this post is by way of an acknowledgement, an apology, a thank you ... and an acceptance of Me.

Thank You My Friend Kylie. You have taught me much. Having you as my friend is a blessing.

Oh and check out Cathy's post today... along the same theme of the wonderful women in our lives. Including the imperfections....

Cause none of us are PERFECT...though at times our life's can seem near so! Absolutely! Peace and Love.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mikaela's thoughts on boyfriends...

Mikaela has a boyfriend. Nicolas. Stella's boy. They live in Melbourne. I am not sure if he is actually aware of his status, but anyways....

Last night she was showing me a picture she had drawn for him.
M. This is for my boyfriend.
B. For Nicolas?
M. Yes
B. So Mikaela... do you tell all the boys at school that you already have a boyfriend. So you dont care if they dont want to be your boyfriend.
M. Yes, but I can have two, or three.....or 71.
B & N simultaneously. 71!!!??
M. (deep in thought, murmers) Oh no they wont all fit in the bed.
N. (very unhelpful reponse) or you just get a bigger bed.
What the?
My what a funny child she is.
Cracks me up.
So much.

Not so early....

This morning, but I still managed to get my fresh juice in and walk into work. I even made 5 minutes on yesterday's time... so most happy about that. My little Miss didnt think much about my juice breath (ginger and garlic) and told me I stink. Nice one. Fair call.

Nath and I are off to see DaVinci Code tonight... I totally LOVED the book and I am looking forward to seeing the movie. AND Tom Hanks is THE BEST. Mostly thought I just love hanging out with my guy. Going to the Movies. Nothing better really.

A couple of musings I wanted to put up here:
I made myself a promise to do a lot more journalling in my scrapbooking this year.
Meaningful journalling.
Journalling that gives a real insight to our daily activities, the people we are, what we do, our motivations, our dreams and desires.
Our LIFES....
I find I am not doing so as much in my scrapbooking layouts.
I am using my blog to do that... and I have decided that is okay.
For a couple of reasons: it is actually a daily diary, SO many of the things Mikaela says and does ... I forget very quickly, this medium forces me to record them.

To remember the smaller details... or at least provide me with a memory jogger to them.
Some days I am not "inspired" to blog... and I need to remind myself that I do this for her.
For Mikaela.
So she will know me much better than I ever knew my Mother or Grandmother.
That is why I blog.
And if others enjoy it too, then that is a bonus.
AND I can use my blog entries to inspire layouts.... and I have so a lot alreday.

The journalling is there.
All ready to go.
So it may seem trivial and conceited to others... but this blog is totally about ME.
My life and My loves.
It is my Life.
And I record it for her.
My daughter.
To enjoy.

Upon my walk into work I see so many visions I want to share... to put up here. I will do so soon.
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Get my hands on one a them....

Have I mentioned recently that I love my friend Kyles?
Well I do. She is an enabler.... kewl huh !
Actually, technically it is her mother-in-law {Bernadette} who is the enabler.
You see... Bernadette owns Scrap'n' Stuff and is getting one of these.
The QuicKutz
Now we just need to get ourselves some alphabets... and we can use it.
We have been drooling over this product for some months now.... I think I first saw it here on Cathy's blog... AND actually that post speaks of something very dear to most our hearts "The Elusive State... Balance"
See the thing about Scrapping... is that there is ALWAYS something more to spend money on... OUCH!
Exciting. YES.

Good Monday Morning...

To You.
So... I walked into work today... but even more exciting for me is that I got outta bed at 5.40am!! I woke to go to the bathroom, then I remembered one of the 7 ways to make this your happiest year "do it even if you dont want to do it" ... so I lay back in bed for a few moments contemplating the thought. Yep, I would rather stay snuggled up with Nath, and nope, I really didnt want to get out of bed. But I have goals I want to accomplish ~ getting out of bed the least of them... but certainly a big step in that direction~ So I did, and in doing so I managed to get heaps of housework done, make fresh juices {AND prep for the rest of the week}, have my shower etc, put on my runners and walk out the door at 7am.

AND it was such a beautiful walk...
sky aglow in shades of orange {just gorgeous}. Looking out the window now, you would never have known it was like that... tis all grey and cloudy.

I guess I will probably be in bed at oh, I dunno, 9.30pm. That will take some getting used to. I am definitely a night owl. I could stay up until 1am every night... but that would just be silly {and we do it all the time}.

Sometimes I am slow to get started... for all the pieces to fall into place for me... before I really act upon it. But once I do... I tend to go
110%. Part of my whole compulsive personality... when I do something, I do it well, I do it wholeheartedly, I do it ALL THE TIME, until I am so sick of it... then I move onto something else. But my aim these days IS to attain BALANCE. So I am looking forward to a (probably not as brisk) walk home this afternoon also. But I am not so sure that Mikaela will *grin*

OH... and
how exciting ~THE HIPPIES WON~ the 9th Amazing Race.... I was so happy I had a teary!! I know I am a dag... but I was so happy for them, the good guys won. A brief run down of our weekend: plaza with Kaela, Kaela horseriding lesson, spending MORE money on ChefToolBox stuff, friends over for dinner, watching AR, BIG sleep in, into Civic with Nath, shopping, buying MORE scrap supplies {like I need them, D'Oh}, lunch at Dobinsons, home, reading the Sunday papers, scrapping.... cuddles on the couch watching "Wedding Crashers"...

Have a lovely Monday beautiful Gods and Goddesses of our great world.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What am I thinking tonight?

I am thinking:
How lucky I am to be HER Mum?
How lucky am I to have HER:

  • Hold my hand
  • call me "Mamon"
  • kiss me, without wiping it off
  • tell me she loves me
  • sleep so peacefully for me to watch
  • say to me "look Mama"
  • smile that everlasting smile...just for me
  • scowl at me as I braid her hair
  • say to me "that's rude" when she doesn't like my request
  • reply "of course" when I ask something of her
  • be so generous and compassionate
  • be empathetic
  • only want ME to comfort HER....

..... I am the luckiest woman on earth.

How lucky am I to have met THIS woman?

A woman who....

  • understands me without me having to explain
  • who admires me in ways in which I don't even comprehend unless she tells me
  • is always there to answer my call no matter her own demands or obligations
  • is a kindred spirit
  • loves ME for ME
  • is my sister, though not related.... and GETs that!
  • Just GETS ME!
  • shares everything... hides nothing

How lucky am I to have met my Guy?

A guy who makes me so appreciative of ...

  • meeting my soul mate...ahhhh and now I get it!
  • being my best friend
  • my desire to be the best I can be
  • accepting those days when I'm not
  • loving me regardless
  • wanting me
  • encouraging me with my dreams & desires
  • being by my side
  • believing in me
  • being TOTALLY in THIS together
  • sharing & growing TOGETHER in this journey


A child, a sister, a soul-mate..... make me very thankful tonight...

I know I am trully blessed.

Could I survive without them?

Yes .... but not nearly so well.... infact I don't know myself without them.

They are Me.

BLESS. Totally!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am STILL sick...

But not too sick to potter about my home and capture a few of the things I love about our space. I will do one for Kaela and Nath.... things she loves, things he loves .... about our home.

Mothers Day was lovely...I got a coffee espresso maker, smaller than the one I had been using (a six cupper) from Nath {bless}. Kaela got me some bracelets, earrings and a ring... really kewl colours. Sea greens and blues. So sweet. She chose them all by herself ! Of course. And the cutest card with a kitten. CUTE CHILD.

I got to eat out for brunch... nice! Read the papers, enjoy a coffee. Laugh at my guy and his new double bladed lightsaber. So cute. My Star Wars geek boy... oh how I love him *grin*

And then Nath bought me the most gorgeous lingerie. Pleasure State, Gypsy. And some really nice Kayser wear too. So beautiful... very sexy. There is nothing like beautiful lingerie. Especially as a gift from your guy... an impromptu gift too... Nothing better.

My favourite lingerie is definately Simone Perele, but Pleasure State wear is also stunning... I am going to make room in my draw for some more. Absolutely.

It is a given fact that I do not look like the models. But I feel like I do, and Nath thinks I do ~and that is the main thing~ THAT is just SO LOVELY...

Anyways... back to work tomorrow. Gonna drag my sorry butt into the office and infect the rest of 'em in there. JOY... mean joy, granted, but hey that is how I am feelin' right now *smile*...

And I know Nath and Kim know what I am talking about, cause they are feeling sick too... and it is just disgusting. blah.
Peace & Love.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Got the Flu...

Big time. Or as big time as it gets for me.
Lazing about because I am so unwell.
Box of tissues beside me.
Moving slowly.
Just watched the latest episode of Amazing Race with Nath.
KEwl... mcGewl.
Hippies are still in it and MOJO are OUT!
Didnt go mountain biking with Kyle today as I felt so crap last night, told her then I wont be going today.
Thankfully I have a few months to prepare for MONT 24.
Feel like crap today...hope I didnt make Charlie sick last night.
Scrapping at Kyles... was nice. We were all rather buggered though, so was not a really late one, home by 1130pm, which is still late... lovely to curl into bed.
Still doing that.... hope to get over this by typical *hah*
Enjoy the weekend peeps.

Friday, May 12, 2006

SCRAPIN Heaven....

I finished another layout last night. Well almost. I have a few little things to add, but I finished most of it.

And I actually had the space to myself... as Kaela was in bed, not with me doing her homework.

Will get heaps more done tonight, as I am going scrappin @ Kyles for a few hours with Ms Kim too.

My dear darlin' Nath is trying to bribe me to come home early -with the latest downloaded episode of Amazing Race. Very tempting. I love that show. Bugger... I just ruined it for myself, by finding the link, I already know what happens in tonights episode.

Anyways... Lucky I had already assured Nath that it would be very unlikely I am home before midnight.

Something about scrapping into the wee hours of the morning... I JUST Love it.
Kelli Crowe and her 5am scraps... mmm I wanna do that - just occasionally. Not every day or anything... but just you know, just sometimes. Once a week ? Nah too much. WAY too much. Okay perhaps once a month... but it really is just a thought. Because I know I would end up asleep over my table and then Nath would come in and tell me to come to bed. And I would go to work with my eyes as large as saucers, feeling like they had sand in them... yeah-nah, second thoughts ... maybe I will do a 5am-er just once. One day.

Okay everyone.
Enjoy your weekend!
BTW.... We got our butts kicked in footy last night :-( But was fun all the same :-)
Love to all

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My friend Shell...

.... is one of the most sweet and beautiful persons you could ever meet.
She is warm and caring - strong and brave.
She has been such a lovely friend to me over the years.
She has a top husband Andrew and they have three beautiful children.... Josh, Kadin and Teyanna {little princess}.

Last month Andrew had open heart surgery... again, and he is only in his 30s.
Andrew is well now and improving all the time, but still a very terrifying experience for them all.

Yesterday Shell and I were supposed to have lunch.
I sent her an email.
She did not respond.
So I sent an SMS.
She had completely forgot....
You see Shell was in hospital with Josh, they almost lost him...
he has been diagnosed with JUV diabetes.
He almost slipped into a coma.
What a living nightmare.

I will go around
and give her a hug,
squeeze her hand
and make her laugh.

Its not the bad experiences that amount to the person you are... but how you deal with them. And Shell is dealing with them all so well.

I love you Shell.

She calls it homework....

... IT being Scrapping (of course).
How cute is that?
Mmmm not for long little one.
Soon you will be doing "real" homework.
And scrapping will have to play second fiddle.
Same as Mummy's work!

Just the way it is.
But while we are in our scrapping Haven:
Dont kiss your Mama (as I asked in one of these photos, she said no, hence the pout from me... still didnt work! STILL didnt get a kiss)
Celebrate being YOU!
I love it when Kaela does homework with me.
I am so grateful and thankful for this life of mine.
Including Nath taking tonnes of photos of us...and us making him laugh too. As we do.
An average Wednesday night in our abode... BLISS.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Little Sienna...

This is what I did tonight... created a gift for my friend Steve to give to his partner Symmon for Mothers Day.
I hope they love it.

Cathy at my house....

Last week....Kyle sent me an email to excitedly tell me that Cathy's latest book had arrived at her house!!! Yah... Joy !
So I thought she'd be at mine when I got home.
Nope, she wasnt!
So everyday since then, I have been rushing home in excited anticipation... only to be disappointed she had not yet arrived.

But last night.
After pizza and a couple of beers with some friends at Debacle...
I got home to find Cathy waiting for me, patiently sitting on the kitchen bench (and Nath didnt tell me).
I love this woman's work, her philosophy... Scrapbooking is cool you know! She is definately one of my heros... one of them. I have a few. So many talented and inspiring women.
Can NOT wait to meet her.
In the meantime I will just enjoy her new book... perhaps with a soak in the bath tonight, some herbal tea...RELAX and ENJOY...
Joy JOy JOY... I tells ya... the JOY.

Flowers, Rocks and Eyelashes...

Mikaela usually brings me rocks.
I like rocks.
I like flowers too.
When we were down the coast for Easter... the place we stayed in had a garden bed full of rocks. I commented to Naomi that Mikaela would be in heaven because she loves her rocks... she brings me rocks all the time. She rarely brings me flowers.
A short time later... her little hand was outstretched towards me holding these... She is so precious. I am 100% blessed.
Another thing I love... making wishes on eyelashes AND the fact that Nath knows this, and everytime he sees an eyelash on my cheek he gets it for me so I can make a wish.
Just a couple of things I am loving today.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Colour Me Happy....

I have a really nice new blue top on today... Espirt, deep sky blue. Love it. And it was cheap! Love THAT even more.

Another thing making me smile? I am getting my hair cut this afternoon... yesim it is that time again. For the chop.

And looking forward to catching up with my gal pal Kyle, not once, but three times this week. I like that. Our get-togethers are:

  1. Touch Footy... another season begins this Thursday nite (brrrrr) and we play in a team called "Rough Diamonds"... hehe very funny.
  2. Scrapping... Kyle's husband is a certified nerd (I think *and hope* he would even be proud I called him that *grin*), and he has games nights, and when he does, we scrap.
  3. Mountain Biking... I dont want to, but I really need begin training for the MONT 24. I figure if I use Nath's bike (HEAVY) to train... then I will have an advantage when I ride a much lighter bike in the actual race. Just a theory!! Cause like thats the issue here.

Funny cause we dont see each other for ages... then 3 days in a row. Which is kewl cause we are both so excited to be doing all these things... and together - even better - !! PLUS its just kewl. Busy is busy and to incorporate some of your busy with another. Well it is LURVELY... synergy of the parts of my life I love. Sweet.

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't
lose it.
Robin Williams, Comedian

Happy Tuesday


Monday, May 08, 2006

My Scrapping...

Take a look at this...
My very own image gallery (okay, not MINE as such... part of Creating Keepsakes site)...and VERY scrumptious.

I have 14 layouts posted at the moment. All of them are recent and relate to "2006".

This is my love, my passion.... this is what I do {when I can}.

I feel as though I am really coming into my own style... it is still rather eclectic, and I like that. I know I am "in" my element, my zone.... when the layout comes together quickly.

Most of these layouts took anywhere from half an hour to two hours. Except this one... seemed to take about 4 hours (grin).

First I select the photo, then the cardstock, paints and embelishments.
And off I go.
Works for Me.
Though sometimes I still make a mess and once this past weekend I had to restart a lo.
Thanks for taking a look-see.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday JOY...

I love Fridays... the weekend's anticipation. FUn things to do. SO MANY fun things to do!! Oh... and I quite like the "no work" bit also...
Friday night at the mall, hanging out with my girl (and sometimes my guy too :-))
AND chores, I dont mind Saturday morning chores, get them outta the way... move over for FUN.
Here is some FUN exciting stuff... we are going to steam clean our rugs {oh man life does not get anymore exciting than THAT!} Seriously been needing to do for ages, so I will be happy to get it done!!

Kaela has horseriding on Saturday mornings which is always fun, she LOVES it so much. I love watching her excitement... she is pretty good on the horse, not too shabby rider at all. Looking forward to going on trail rides with her soon.

We dont have a GREAT deal planned for this weekend. Catching up with friends. Scrapping.

AND one of the coffee making Goddesses from our cafe here is getting married. Exciting. Congratulations Sim... I hope you have a darling day.

And a sunny crisp Autumn weekend to you one and all. You and Yours. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

She Rocks my world...

Yesterday when I picked Kaela up from school she was in the corridor bawling {I mean REALLY bawling} with one of the workers.
She had been like that for half an hour.
No one knew why, or could get her to explain (or stop bawling).
She had been at her Dads the night before.
I had no idea what the problem was.
She would not tell me.
She said she could not remember**.
When we got outside together she was still bawling and I knelt down to give her another cuddle - and something came over me - I just started crying too.
Why was my girl crying so much?
Why wont she tell me?
Why cant I help her?
I ALWAYS THINK THE WORST.... someone has hurt her... she is being bullied...
When we got in the car I said to her, I want you to say "I felt sad because......." and tell me what was making you cry SO MUCH. WEEELLLLL, it turns out - it was because one of the older students (they employ them to help out at after school care) was not there... and basically Mikaela could not remember her name, and wanted her company.
ANd she never remember's anyones name.
OKAY... so that is what broke her little heart into a thousand pieces at that moment.
ANd mine.
Forgetting peoples names**!
Or maybe feeling stupid? (Gawd I hope I didnt pass that onto her)...
It is true that being a parent is a rewarding and beautiful experience.... but it also breaks your heart.
Sometimes a few times a week.
About 1 hour later she was fine, jumping all over Nath and cuddling him as he walked in the door and I was preparing dinner. He went to get changed... and she ran after him asking for a kiss... he scooped her up and gave her another big cuddle.... And she said "I love You Naffy" and he replied "I love you too". I cried again.....
She (and He) totally rock my world. Daily.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The definition of a father...

Is HE a man who:

  • Give cuddles?
  • Reads bedtime stories?
  • Rides his bike with HER?
  • Teaches HER to ride without training wheels?
  • Teaches HER to ride a scooter?
  • Kisses HER scrapes after a stack?
  • Takes HER to the park?
  • Ensures SHE wears helmet?
  • Misses HER when she is not there?
  • Practices ABC's with HER?
  • Buys educational CDs .... AND uses them, teaches HER?
  • Jumps out of bed in the middle of the night when SHE cries?
  • Pushes HER on the swing?
  • Carries HER on his shoulders?
  • Does not let HER get away with being naughty?
  • Disiplines HER?
  • Teaches HER right from wrong?
  • Tickles and wrestles with HER?
  • Takes HER to school each morning?
  • Checks HER school communication book and reads the newsletters?
  • Reminds HER to take a jacket and hat?
  • Reminds HER to blow that snotty nose?
  • Kisses HER just because?
  • Tells HER "I LOVE YOU"?
  • Has HER clean her room?
  • Forms an alliance with HER to gang up on Mum?
  • Makes HER laugh?
  • Teases HER?
  • LOVES HER Mum?

These few actions I can recall at the moment... Do these actions define a father? A man who loves HER, as if she were his child... even though biologically she is not.

We are blessed. Me, She and He. It slowly creeped up on him... he didnt even realise ~he is already a Dad~. And a great one at that!
Just being. Just loving. Just growing...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today it is about this One...

She has a gorgeous sensitive soul.
My sister.
So pretty.
So sweet.
So sensitive.
So soulful.
So loved.
By me.
Thinking of you babes.

BTW... I recently created a beautiful lo of her and I together... I will post soon.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Women in the DRC...

Again another of life's coincidences’.
Not sure how many of you know that Mikaela's father Papy is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Things are pretty awful there, and have been for some time.

Thankfully Papy is now an Australian citizen. But his parents are still there, and his sister and some other family. Their situation is quite good in comparison to many others... but still! I hope one day to travel there with Mikaela... so she can meet her GrandParents... see where her father is from, part of Her Heritage. Broaden her knowledge. Realise the damage created in this world. It is very important to me. And I have a dream that perhaps I could even live there a while and help?

Then I found this Women for Women Fundraiser on Karen's blog to raise money for an organisation called Women for Women International. And guess where one of their main concerns and focus is at the moment?? .... yep, the DR of Congo! Check this out.

If you are so inclined... please donate a little money to help these women. The women of our world: sisters, mothers, daughters, wifes... they need our help. ANd you may even get a page scrapped by one of your heros in the process, nice huh :-)

Where would we be without our sisterhood?
The photo above is of Conglese Refugees and you can read about their story here.