Thursday, May 25, 2006

This woman...

... astounds me.
Totally blows me away.
She is so freakin amazing to me.
This woman is Denise.
I have mentioned her before (a couple of times).
She is so beautiful.

Even when her heart is shattered ... she tells her story with such profound grace that you could never feel sorry for her. Never pity her. And that is because she is HER... an amazing, brilliant and gorgeous woman. A Goddess.

So does baring your soul, your hurts, your pain... your troubles make you a victim? No. But society says so at times. That is sad. Because it is not necessarily so. The two do not HAVE to go together: Pain+Victim.
Because pain is in all of us, we all experience it.
And to share it so eloquently... it is just such a gift.
But to be able to do so and not be a victim about it... to not say "why me?"... THAT is so inspiring and precious.
She is a precious heart and soul ... this woman, this beauty. I can NOT wait to meet her. I aspire to being more like her... everyday. And I smile because I am. Joy is a choice. Everyday.

She also, I might add.... manages to share all the simple joys and pleasures of life that we all take for granted just as beautifully too.

You see Denise and her husband, Carsten are trying to fall pregnant. They are trying to have a baby. They have not been successful yet.

Could you all please say a little blessing prayer for these two souls.... and tell that stubborn bubba to hurry up!
BTW... THIS beautiful bubba in my arms... is Charli... Kyle and Jas' little princess, photo taken almost a year ago now!

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