Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A life long friend....

My dear friend, whom I have known since I was 11, Stella sent me the most beautiful email. It brought tears to my eyes and an ache to my chest. It is difficult that we live so far apart, as we don't get to be a "daily" part of each others life. But she is a friend of mine for life. We have the strongest connection... she has seen some of the worst of what I endured during my upbringing. Her email to me was full of love and compliments, appreciation and compassion for all I have been through and respect and admiration of where I am today.

Her expression touched my heart deeply. One day I will explain the depths of this friendship... how much it means to me and why. For now I will just say that she is a beautiful soul... she is a passionate gorgeous gal... she is fiercely loyal, loud (at times), funny, warm, caring, entertaining, thoughtful, considerate, clever, bright, FUN.... sweet, calm, loving,captivating and compassionate...

Last time She, Jer, Nikki and Sami came to visit, Mikaela spent a night with them and the following day we all had a bbq at Nath's. Mikaela put an entirely new spin on the whole screaming "" scenario. Mikaela was exhausted... and when it came time for our friends to depart... all she knew is that she didn't want to say good-bye. It took me over an hour to console her, all the while she cried for Stel. Those who know Mikaela well, know that she is NOT that kinda child... in usual circumstances, not at all. That is the effect Stel has on people... they fall in love in an instant, deeply.

And I love her today as I did the first day we met. And I always will. Her and her family are my family too, that is how close we have always been.
And that is a marvellous gift.
The best that life has to offer....
Life is beautiful and I am totally blessed...*grin*
Love and Peace

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