Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mikaela's thoughts on boyfriends...

Mikaela has a boyfriend. Nicolas. Stella's boy. They live in Melbourne. I am not sure if he is actually aware of his status, but anyways....

Last night she was showing me a picture she had drawn for him.
M. This is for my boyfriend.
B. For Nicolas?
M. Yes
B. So Mikaela... do you tell all the boys at school that you already have a boyfriend. So you dont care if they dont want to be your boyfriend.
M. Yes, but I can have two, or three.....or 71.
B & N simultaneously. 71!!!??
M. (deep in thought, murmers) Oh no they wont all fit in the bed.
N. (very unhelpful reponse) or you just get a bigger bed.
What the?
My what a funny child she is.
Cracks me up.
So much.

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