Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am STILL sick...

But not too sick to potter about my home and capture a few of the things I love about our space. I will do one for Kaela and Nath.... things she loves, things he loves .... about our home.

Mothers Day was lovely...I got a coffee espresso maker, smaller than the one I had been using (a six cupper) from Nath {bless}. Kaela got me some bracelets, earrings and a ring... really kewl colours. Sea greens and blues. So sweet. She chose them all by herself ! Of course. And the cutest card with a kitten. CUTE CHILD.

I got to eat out for brunch... nice! Read the papers, enjoy a coffee. Laugh at my guy and his new double bladed lightsaber. So cute. My Star Wars geek boy... oh how I love him *grin*

And then Nath bought me the most gorgeous lingerie. Pleasure State, Gypsy. And some really nice Kayser wear too. So beautiful... very sexy. There is nothing like beautiful lingerie. Especially as a gift from your guy... an impromptu gift too... Nothing better.

My favourite lingerie is definately Simone Perele, but Pleasure State wear is also stunning... I am going to make room in my draw for some more. Absolutely.

It is a given fact that I do not look like the models. But I feel like I do, and Nath thinks I do ~and that is the main thing~ THAT is just SO LOVELY...

Anyways... back to work tomorrow. Gonna drag my sorry butt into the office and infect the rest of 'em in there. JOY... mean joy, granted, but hey that is how I am feelin' right now *smile*...

And I know Nath and Kim know what I am talking about, cause they are feeling sick too... and it is just disgusting. blah.
Peace & Love.

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