Thursday, May 11, 2006

My friend Shell...

.... is one of the most sweet and beautiful persons you could ever meet.
She is warm and caring - strong and brave.
She has been such a lovely friend to me over the years.
She has a top husband Andrew and they have three beautiful children.... Josh, Kadin and Teyanna {little princess}.

Last month Andrew had open heart surgery... again, and he is only in his 30s.
Andrew is well now and improving all the time, but still a very terrifying experience for them all.

Yesterday Shell and I were supposed to have lunch.
I sent her an email.
She did not respond.
So I sent an SMS.
She had completely forgot....
You see Shell was in hospital with Josh, they almost lost him...
he has been diagnosed with JUV diabetes.
He almost slipped into a coma.
What a living nightmare.

I will go around
and give her a hug,
squeeze her hand
and make her laugh.

Its not the bad experiences that amount to the person you are... but how you deal with them. And Shell is dealing with them all so well.

I love you Shell.

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