Saturday, April 29, 2006

The thing about wishes....

... is that sometimes they dont come true.

Or not as you expect or imagined them to. But what happens is this... a better one DOES!!Perhaps even a BIGGER one than you came up with. When something does not occur as you thought it should (that word again) it IS for a reason. Something better is just around the corner. At the time you do not always see that. But it has happened to me so many times that I am a strong believer in fate, destiny... faith.

For a while now I have been percolating ideas on how scrapping could become more a part of me... something I can earn money from. Imagine loving your work?! Your work is your passion. That is my dream, my wish. And my guy is totally there with me.... supports me 100% {that is so important, pretty much make or break a project: a supportive partner ~MY ROCK IS NATH~ Thanks Nath}

So so so .... I THOUGHT my wish had come true some weeks ago. I was asked to run scrapbooking workshops at the Craft Store in Woden. But it was not to be. It did not eventuate. And thats fine. Its no biggy. Now is not the time for me to be conducting workshops.

Then again... something MORE than my initial dreams came along. And now I have another partner... a business partner. Naomi and I are very excited about our project, our own little company. And so is Nath. Kim and Kyle think it rocks... it is all very good indeed.

First ~Believe.
Then ~Do.

[oh and BTW ~ the photo of me in my faux fur - Nath took as I was getting ready for the nite club opening. It was actually pretty fun. Us. Being Silly. On a Friday night.]

Friday, April 28, 2006

Naughty little blogger....

I know.
I have not posted in ages.
I have been busy.
Like everyone.
Maybe a bit preoccupied with other exciting things going on....
AND I hate to post without photos...but I can not seem to get them offa my palm pilot. Bugger.
So what have I been up to? Not much....

  1. Saturday {this weekend just passed} went down to our local library - so very kewl... really great. Kaela and I got about 22 books between us! One for Nath... So kind am I!! I should mention here though that he doesn't read a LOT, but he is reading this one, smile. There are just so many great books to read...Ali's post on all her recommended reads inspired me (together with my resolve not to spend money unnecessarily)... to head down to our local library. And I am so glad I did. It is a little slice of heaven just down the road. Hard to keep Miss Mikaela quiet mind ! She strutted down with her baby and pram and all !
  2. My girl Naomi and I are percolating our very own company & business ideas....VERY exciting. We began at Easter, and things have just taken off since then. Our ideas are BIG and together we make a great team. She is today at a show...for work - and just so happens to directly relate to what we wanna get into. The universe has provided all that we need, and we are not only listening, but in a position to act upon (or maybe not entirely...but we will Make It So)... I will be sure to keep you posted as this dream of ours is realised.*** On this one - some time ago I mentioned three wishes - one each for me and two of my girlfirends - and I promised to get back to you on them, I realise I still have not... but I will soon***
  3. I went on an excursion to the Zoo today, accompanying Miss Mikaela and her friends at her holiday program. Forty 3-5 year olds - what a scream. Bet they all have a nice afternoon nap...
  4. Been scrappin heaps...also wanna post those when I get a chance.
  5. Found myself a mentor.... a Life Coach, happens to be a beautiful friend of mine too. Vanessa. Again the whole universe providing (and listening....KINDA the important bit, to actually LISTEN) thingo... and reading this post from Superhero. So that is a HUGE plus. Postive moving on. Its all good. I have so much to do... so many things that I want to achieve. For Me, for N, for K... for all of us. My life, my dreams.
  6. Scrap day @ mine this girl Kim is joining me. Kewl. So looking forward to THAT!
  7. Going out with my guy tonight ~not really my thang~ but important to him, so I will go. Its a "Hollywood Style Red Carpet" event... re-opening, re-naming of a Nite Club. Get into a nice dress and "pretty myself up" a bit.
  8. Did I already mention that Kim is coming over to scrap? Oh yeah I have. ANd perhaps I will again .... I have been scrapping HEAPS - lovin' it - love to share the space and positive, creative, excited energy with my friends too. And with Kim... I dont always have to talk. Love that.
  9. I am creating a mothers day gift for my dear friend Steve to give to his love.... all about their six month old bubba Sienna (he stole that name from me..haha). SO EXCITED about that. I think I will do it on Sunday? while my ideas are fresh.

So that is about it for now...until next time (and I am sure I will post more than once next week). Take care. Love to you and yours.
Be well and happy {enjoy the weekend} YAH!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to you....

Goddess Naomi.
EVERY year I call my friend two days before her actual birthday.
EVERY single YEAR.
For at least, oh I dunno.... 15 years!!
ANd I check, all thoughout the year.
I ask her.
I put it in my palm pilot.
To give me an alarm.
But it is not the date I think of.
So the palm MUST be wrong.
Silly technology!!
SO I call her....all proud....I have got it right this time!!
NOPE.... her birthday is still two days away {again}.
On some spiritual level I think perhaps she was MEANT to be born on the 19th... but she was indeed born (and she has checked *and her mother assures her*) on the 21st.
SO TODAY IS THE DAY.... my (talented, gorgeous and brilliant) friend ~Naomi~ was born!
I SO love this girl... I think you can tell by the photo {grin}!
Naomi - I wish you a happy, happy birthday. May you and your *DUDE* {very kewl 10 year old son, Jordan} have a great time tonight. You are a rare diamond and I love you so much!!
Happy Friday one and all.
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Poppy Col...

This is an old photo, but a new LO. Photo was taken at my Dad's place in Noosa at Christmas time 2004. Kaela was just a few weeks shy of turning 4 years old. It was the first time my Dad and Mikaela had met.

They fell in love immediately. And if she saw him again tomorrow I know she would run into his arms and give him a huge hug. There is something known about a grandparent.

Maybe because she knows he is my Dad... its like she already knows him and instantly when she sees him again it is as though she saw him yesterday. No time has passed.

Its the same with my sisters... oh how that child loves her Aunties.

I miss my Dad... I wish we lived closer. But visiting sure is special.


My Easter Layouts....

Well the first two anyways. I did these last night... they were quick and easy. These two are so easy to scrap. SO EASY. SO GORGEOUS!

So I have my scrapping MOJO back again and really loving my work as a life artist. FUN. ME. US. TOGETHER. LOVE IT.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MONT 24....

Oh what have I got myself into here?
A 6 mixed team for a (the) 24 hour mountain bike race.
Last time I rode at any decent level was 10 years ago.
And I dont even have a bike yet.

OH dear....
Well I am always up for a challenge.
And THIS will definately be one.
I donate blood regularly (only time I get weighed).
Last week I donated and found out I need to lose 13 kgs.

What a shock that was!!
So diet and training.
Keep it simple.

Easter at the beach...

Okay. First things first. Easter was fabulous. So great to catch up with Naomi and Jordan. To chill with my loved ones. And even when I was in a mood... quiet and reflective, it was beautiful, the whole weekend. All of us together.

Mikaela had a ball in the ocean. Funny little antics... karate style stance and yelling in french - taunting the waves to come get her... very cute.
Another very cute thing... Kaela has decided that Jordan is her big brother. So sweet watching them together, playing, reading, drawing. Jordan was so patient with her. He is such a great kid.
It was so lovely just BEING... a weird time parallel thing happening, time travelling quickly and slowly at the same time. Days rushed by but hours didnt. Was perfect.

We went to the blowhole, Naomi and I got up to some shopping {bought some beautiful jewellery} while Nath took Kaela and Jord to Jamberoo (they had a ball). Following day we all went to Minnamurra Rainforest - which was so gorgeous - AND we got our (long awaited) devonshire tea. Really special. Then we went to CARRINGTON FALLS. Lots of cute little antique shops to browse.... AND of course there was the beach, so wonderful to float in the ocean (definately one of my favourite things to do). Plus lots of great food and wine enjoyed also. Splendid weather thankfully.

Kaela and I came home a day early as we missed Nath... very cute sobbing phone call where Kaela told Nath we were coming home... news to me, but okay! Kaela said to me "Mum, I miss Paris and our house, dont you?" Sweet.
Next year... we are all going to PalmCove.
I hope everyone had a lovely mini-break.

EDIT: Have to share this as I just remembered and dont want to forget it. So cute. Whilst down the coast. Reading Kaela a bedtime story. She whispered to me the following secret:
K "Mum, you know the Easter bunny at school, it really was a person, it really was"
Me: "Why do you think that?"
K "Because I saw the skin!! I did Mum"
Me: "oh okay?"
K "And Mum....{she said this in such a serious manner and giving me a very knowing expression that this one is a DEAD giveaway....} he didnt hop"
Me: totally kakking myself and kissing her face all over.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Its all good...

I lookie at this site every day... if not a few times a day.
I found this blog entry SHE wrote about a year ago.
Made me feel so good. Made me feel so good (I know I already said that, but it really did).
In a world where I occassionally focus on the negative {most unfortunate}.

In a world where I try and find (sometimes look) for reasons to beat myself up.
Where I aspire to perfection
It is nice to see that even those I admire so much have issues alike my own.
I am not perfect.
I know this.
I felt bad about this.

I dont anymore.
Let me explain....
Lately I have been spending LOTS {not totally out-of-control, but slowly it all adds up} of my money.

AND I owe my guy some money.
We have a joint account... together we are fine.
But I spend - I always have.

Nath not only saves, he invests.
I felt like a loser.... like why would he want to be with me?
But I realised this ....A loser is someone who does not see or face the problem.

Does not find a solution.
I am not a loser.
We all have our strengths and weaknesses...I am thankful and grateful to have found in my guy a man who compliments my weaknesses, as I do his.
Thanks honey.
So I gave him my credit card....ouch!

I am on my way to a simpler life, to living simply.
To be happy with what I already have.
With who I AM, now today. Its okay, no biggy.
And to really THINK before I get any more STUFF (what the F*#K is STUFF anyway????)
I realise this....I LOVE this life, my life. I dont need stuff.

BTW...Part of my overspending... I have THREE (no less) of HER tops, and I am going to MEET HER in August this year.

Morning Comes.....

....sometimes with a smile
Sometimes with a frown
So I never want to worry
If you're gonna stay around.
{This OLd LOve, LiOR} I dedicate to my guy (big kiss honey)....

This man is an AMAZING SOULFUL artist whom I adore...
And I love how things happen, coincidences’... my connecting with Denise ~lead me to find out that LIOR will be here in only a few weeks ~ And me and Kimmy are going. Kim loves him so much too and we just happened to stumble upon the fact that he will be here. Wow.
It REALLY annoys me when you find out AFTER an event (very unhelpful universe)... but not lately> Lately everything that is goin' on that I want to be a part of - I know about, I am a part of. Just like that. Blessed.... there's that feeling again. JOY. Thanks Deni (big hug).

To the the coast... the coast TODAY. Just like everyone else from Canberra and Sydney, we are on our way to the beautiful coast for our Easter break. Meeting my gorgeous girlfriend Naomi and her top little guy, Jordan.

We can not wait.
So much fun to be had.
Lucky Duckies are us Aussies, that is for sure.

To one and all...have a beautiful break and travel safely.
Much Love.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Diverting SCT....

Severe Childhood Trama.... (for the moment.... I believe it is an ongoing process which can reoccur at any moment).

Mikaela was supposed to be all dressed up for an excursion this morning. She wasnt. There were tears. Her Dad told me. I hot footed home to collect face paints and change of clothes. Painted her up as a butterfly{I always do}. Dominque (her teacher) asked me to paint Julia's also as she too was not dressed up and her Mum could not return. Sure. So... there we go kiddies. Done. All ready to hop on the big orange bus to deliver Easter Baskets to the littlies at the preschool.
Excitment plus! Photos may follow later?


Finding time to READ....

I have this book by Anthony Doerr all ready to read over the Easter break.

I am so excited to be getting away to the coast.... to be with four of my favourite peeps !!

It will be so nice to just sit, relax, read, listen to the waves rolling in. Not to mention lots of gorgeous food and wine.

And what better luxury is there in life than to curl up with a great book?? And this one is certainly one of those. If I pick up a great book, I can NOT stop until it is finished... which is the reason I have not yet allowed myself to get past the pre introduction.

Not long now....only one more sleep.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Interesting Stuff...

The hallmark of creative people is their mental flexibility... Sometimes they are open and probing, at others they're playful and off-the-wall. At still other times, they're critical and faultfinding. And finally they're doggedly persistent in striving to reach their goals. From this I've concluded that the creative process consists of our adopting four main roles, each which embodies a different type of thinking... These roles are: Explorer, Artist, Judge and Warrior.

Roger von Oech in A Kick in the Seat of the Pants

I'd love to buy a few of these books, but I am on a self impossed strict budget after all my spending of late. So easy to find new things I would like to get my hands on.... expand my mind. Cultivate my craft. Perhaps I will get lucky and find some copies in a second hand bookstore. You never know {wink}.... This is certainly interesting stuff.... I suspect I am at the critical and faultfinding time for the moment. Gonna kick it away...

Our First Anniversary....

Was perfect.
Nathan is the most gorgeous person on this earth.
I love him to bits.... so much.
Dinner at Aubergine... stunning. Has one hat. So the food was just amazing! A beautiful evening to celebrate our first year together... with so many more to come. SO MUCH JOY. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Friday, April 07, 2006


For my girl with headlice keeping me home with her and enjoying time together.
And this child... she does not have your "usual" head of hair... no siree, she has a mother's nightmare head of hair (if lice is part of the equation)!!!

So today Mikaela is getting corn row braids... and that (along with numerous poisons and chemicals) should keep them well at bay.

I am also grateful that I was able to get up and go to Boot Camp this morning as my darlin' Nath did the morning shift with Mikaela (as he does every morning). Lots of running was done and I feel stiff already, but hey.... no gain without pain is a ridiculous saying that comes to mind. Ha. [grin].

Again very grateful to Nath... as I was able to go and see the last session of Yesterday on Wednesday night. Promo: Powerless to change the past....She lived to change the future. It is a brilliant movie. So, so, so brilliant. Really amazing. What a woman... I really recommend seeing this movie. It is not totally sentimental - but just perfect. A story of a strong, determined and incredible woman. I of course had a cry and had to call my babe as soon as I left the theatre... tell her I'd be home in 5 to kiss her goodnight. SO GRATEFUL. View the trailer and see what you think.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I miss my sisters...

...all three of 'em, my little sisters, all so very kewl {beautiful and talented} in their own special ways! And I am missing them a LOT right now.

The thing about US four sisters... all very close in age ~ we are friends... and I love them as gals, they are my sisterhood for so many reasons, not just genetics. And that makes me very lucky indeed ~ They are sweet to me and thoughtful, considerate {mostly} and I am so lucky they love me.
I wish we could just catch up at the end of the day... have a coffee, chat and giggle. But I would have to drive 3 hours to do that... so its not really possible.

And that makes me sad.

There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved. George Sand
[Edit: Of course sometimes my sisters drive me totally bonkers, as only sisters can do - and I would not have it any other way!!!]

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boot Camp {again}...

Outta bed at 6am - that is so big for me cause I am not a morning kinda gal ! And you know that last half hour is crucial {grin}.

Kaela heard my alarm and came in to ask if she could go to the toilet {she always does that, asks... I think it is a daycare/preschool/school thing?}... She was SO lovely this morning. All enthusiastic ..... Everything was Yep, yep... she was in a great mood. I got her breakfast, put on ABC kids gave her and my guy big kisses and ran out the door. I knew she'd be a bit bored, because Nath would not surface for another 40mins or so. But Kaela enjoys drawing and reading.... ususally when she is being just a bit TOO quiet - that is what she is up to. She potters about. Very sweet.

So ANOTHER month of Boot Camp ! I gotta admit... I am not REALLY enthusiastic about it ~nope~ But I drag my sorry ass down and give it all I can. This morning I ran {the whole way, no stopping or walking :huge for me again:} 2100mtrs and at least 110% improvement on my previous abs strength test. So I am happy about that. A good effort. BIG improvements. The whole health kick thing is definately moving ahead... juicing in the mornings is the next item on my list.

Oh and I DID very briefly consider wearing one of my ALi tops to bootcamp (for inspiration you know ::laughing is appropriate::) But then it would get all sweaty and disgusting... become a workout top - no siree, not for such special items. So I managed to show some restraint. AND I didnt even wear it to bed last night either... how good is THAT!

Tuesdays are my favourite days...I hope you have a good one.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I am a Life Artist...

And I have some Ali tops to prove it! Not that one is required to wear a top to prove it ...but I got myself some of them just the same... So happy, happy happy. They arrived this afternoon. Joy. I love them. A great visual reminder {is there any other kind} of why I am so passionate about my craft. I love these tops there is a huge grin on my face tonight... I know I am a kitchy tragic gal... so be it!
Have a nice nite all my lovelies...

My Space to Be Me...

THis is it !
And I love it.
I wish I could spend a LOT more time here... just BEING... time to be ME.

This weekend Kim and Kyle joined me in my space. But it may have been too much?!! We had already spent 6-7 hours scrapping @ Kyles until 1am Saturday morning..... Much to Naths horror! as I didnt get home until close to 2am... Funny ~ we go for ages not hooking up (creatively) ~ then we have a slight creative overload, when the rest of life continues around us {children require our attention, husbands get lost mountain biking in the bush, guys return from "their time" at the pub and interupt - are you finished yet?}. Our lifes make it hard to finish a conversation, let alone a page... but these are the bits & pieces we scrap ~our lives~ And we would not have it any other way.

Usually a "scrapday" is our only opportunity to all get together, child free, for a few hours and scrap. When those plans slip - when we have children, husbands, partners all demanding from us at the same time when we are trying to scrap.... it can be a bit challenging. But still fun! And life is ALL about challenges. And THAT is what I like about my life, and my girlfriends.... the ability to multi-skill, to prioritise, to make three people all feel important at the same time {smile}. All be it slightly distracted.... that is what makes a family, and a family of friends. Can you tell I am the eldest of five? I love the chaos of a busy home... laughter, cuddles and kisses galore... {plus tears, tantrums and yelling}... a happy home and a busy one. Never boring. Above all it is loving. Occassionally quiet, but rarely... so I think I will make myself a new rule... I can only do one scrap gathering per weekend.

Ah ~ our lives, our own ~ And very much intertwined together. Happiness.
btw... did you notice the little gremlin in one of the photos... heheheheh {she makes me kak}