Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly....

This IS a really bad photo... I know - but I post it anyway... because I was too tired to capture a better one last night!! I am sure I will manage a decent one in the next month.. or that is my hope!

How excited was Mikaela to be putting up the tree??
Oiw yeah, just a bit ! And a bossy little Miss !!
It is a bit early, but we couldnt wait... and enjoyed the time together oiwing and ahhing.
Some quiet family time embraced in warmth and goodness!

Here are a few things inspiring me of late that I thought I would share...

  1. Firstly a blog recommended by Ali... totally kewl Oh Joy.. this blog is stunning, beautiful and most inspiring. I am loving it. Have HEAPS of ideas !!

  2. Ali mentions in her post today.. about a woman who has taken a photo of herself every day for 3 years. Here is that synchronicity thing going on again.... this is something I have been thinking of since my photography teacher Sian mentioned to me that she has a friend who has been doing it for seven years (every night before bed she takes a quick snap of herself). It really resonated with me as something along the same lines as morning notes (which I am finding difficult enough) !!! And something VERY scrapable! All sounds so good in theory... but I am yet to speak to anyone who actively practices these wondeful notions. I will try. It is on my list... my ever growing list *grin*

A few things I am adoring today:

  1. Swedish illustrator Stina Persson who I discovered in my favourite magazine... RIOT. Beauitful.
    1. Celine... she is my number one scrapping inspiration at the moment (asides from the Al-ster!), she is my subject for Ali's challenge this week!
    2. A Sweet Life... her photography is beautiful!
    3. Crumpler have 10th anniversary addition bags available right now... yummo!
    4. Canberra Potters have a christmas gift fair on soon... so many goregous items.
    Just dreaming about being creative at the moment.... instead of the doing !!
    The doing will come sooon....
    I hope it is beautiful in your world today!

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Broken taps, cars and hearts....

    So last night at about 8pm we realised that our back tap had sprung a leak... a big one.
    Thankfully Bunnings in Tuggers is open until 9pm.
    I did not know that.
    I also did not know how massive the store is... HUGE.

    So instead of having a relaxing night... we ran about and fixed our back tap.

    And today my car is getting a service.
    While Nath's will be looked at during our lunch break.. has a strange dunk-dunk-dunk noise happening!!
    Not good.

    Also not good... I still do not have a job to go to on 11 December.
    Technically ~I do... as I will be working for my Agent company... re-doing all their templates.
    Which will probably take a week or more.

    Secretly.... {or not so secretly}, I am kind of glad for this forced break.
    Glad to be spending some more time with Mikaela... and with Nath.
    At home.
    Just spending time TOGETHER.
    Just being.

    Not busy rushing here and there.
    All over the place.
    But not really stopping to appreciate all that we have.
    Each other.
    At the end of the day.. that is all that matters... and that is all I care about.

    I just dont seem to have the time... to find out exactly what is going on in my daughters head.
    I dont spend enough time with her.

    I want to:
    * go down to the oval... and lay on the grass and make pictures in the clouds.
    * skip to the shops... get her an icecream.
    * spend the day at the pool and watch her play.
    * lay on a rug.. and chat and giggle.
    * create picnics... and enjoy them with her and Nath while we play some cricket.

    Okay... let me re-phase... I *DO* all those things now, just not enough!
    I practically work full time... only on the afternoons we have Mikaela, I finish early to be with her.
    Still I feel that time is slipping by so quickly... and I am missing out !

    I am.

    I LOVE that Mikaela spends time with her Dad... and at times I really dislike it too... intensely. I miss her so much!

    When I feel this way... I remind myself: Its only going to get harder, when Nath and I have a babe... and Mikaela has a baby brother or sister... it will be heartbreaking to have her away from us for 3 nights. But hey.. we'll cross that bridge when we come to it... and I am sure we will work something out.

    Oh this life of ours....
    Its a juggling act for sure.
    Beautiful still.
    Peace and Love out...

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    I am getting there...

    THIS is what I do Monday nights ~ my sculpture of Mikaela... its coming together. I need to print off a whole LOT of photos before I can make any further progress...

    "Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit." -- e. e. cummings
    That is how I am feeling and I want to do as many things as I can ... because life is so very short :
    "Inside every older person is a younger person--wondering what the hell happened." -- Cora Harvey Armstrong
    I love that quote.. I SO KNOW that will be *me* one day.. me and Nath *grin*... going "what the?"
    In fact, some days ... that is how I feel now!
    Like... what do you mean... I am almost middle aged!!??
    Have a great Tuesday loves!!

    Monday, November 27, 2006


    How exciting... just when I felt I had lost my scrapping mojo!

    Tadah!! The universe provides.

    Today I received a package from Aussie Dares with lots of Collections items!

    For my Art Inspiration entry.....Dare # 9!

    I WON! Mind you... it was NOT a competition based on my actual layout, or talent as such... they just drew my name out of a hat so to speak.
    How exciting!

    I am so looking forward to scrapping with this stuff. SO!
    Fits in so perfectly with Ali's latest challenge! I will post my results soooonn.... I can feel my MOJO coming back. NOW just to find the time.
    Gotta run.... Nath and I are wrapping Kaela's pressies before I go to my pottery class.
    Thanks Aussie Dares!

    Happy Monday....

    Our Scrapping sleepover was so much fun!
    The girls had a great time... although I think they only scrapped one page.
    Both dressed as Princesses... with their "clapping shoes" as Mikaela calls them...
    They found GLITTER in Kaela's scrap box.
    So now our house is TOTALLY GLITTERED. We're just going to leave it !
    {Nath found it most amusing that glitter was all over his side of the bed (and Pillow) Saturday night}

    NOTE TO SELF: If, after the event, you are going to be totally relaxed and blase about it, best to be that way the whole time.... I was on the phone to Nath the next morning, insisting we go and buy a super duper vacuum cleaner (we have two rugs in our home to vacuum, thats it.. and the crappy vacuum we have does okay in usual circumstances).

    The girls spilled the glitter all over the living room... the couch and rug. AND IN THEIR HAIR (of course).....
    They had fun dancing in the living room, with the disco ball and torch.
    Harassing the young boys next door.
    Running, squealing and giggling in the courtyard and through the house.
    Painting their nails...

    Di and I just scrapped. Humming, occasional chats... mostly just enjoying the time to relax and scrap.

    As all REALLY fabulous evenings do, it ended in tears!!
    They were jumping on the bed {we think} and Jasmin fell down and banged the side of her head.
    Poor darling has a bit of a bruise and gash... Girls are such little toughies....

    I DID NOT get up to do my walk up Red Hill.... since we'd only been in bed for 5 hours, I just couldnt do it!
    After a breaky, a bit more scrapping and fun Di and Jasmin went home to do a few things.
    Kaela and I went for a pedicure.

    Di came back to collect us... we went to a Card making workshop at a her friends {Julie}.
    It was a Stampin Up party... I just LOVE their products... YUMMY stuff!
    Julie was the perfect host... made delicious food and even gave beautiful gifts.
    Saturday night... Nath had returned from his guy weekend in Sydney... and cooked us a PERFECT seafood BBQ. Lovely relaxing evening at home together!

    Sunday morning... I got up to do my 4km walk up Red Hill.
    Nath and I walked down to the local... got the papers. Kaela didnt walk, she went on her scooter... and she fly's down this hill near our place (scares the crap out of me)!!
    We made a great Sunday brunch... mushies, spinach and soft boiled eggs on rye toast.
    Kaelas horseriding... then to her Dad's - I dropped them to the pool !

    Nath and I went and bought Mikaela her Chrissy pressies.
    We got her exactly what she was after.
    We know this because.....
    A couple of weeks ago the Toys R Us catalogue came with the Sunday papers.
    Early on a Sunday morning... like 6am, she comes into me.... pointing to the things she likes.
    I tell her to get a pen... and CIRCLE ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT.
    I think this will give me a bit more sleep time... you know, like at least half an hour!
    Nooooooooo...... my dear child circles TWO things.
    Well, she had circled THREE things... # 3 she circled quite a few times in fact !
    Then she put a big cross through it.
    Now she had my total attention.
    Me: So why did you put a cross through this here Kaela?
    K: Because its too big...Is it Mum?
    Its a Little Mermaid kitchen set... and of course we bought it for her yesterday....

    The thing is ... I do not like for Mikaela to have A LOT of toys.
    I rather she has a FEW really good quality ones... and then the rest I tend to give away pretty frequently to charity.
    I often have a large bag in the boot.... on its way to drop off.
    Sometimes it takes a week or so!
    It gets there in the end.

    Here are a few photos (as requested by Shazz) of some paper mache hot air balloons I made for Mikaela when she was about 3 years old. I have only just put them up in our new home last weekend. And yes... some of them still do not have baskets... sheez!

    Oh.. BTW.... I KNOW this is a long and boring post... but I am trying to keep it as I originally intended.

    I am saving each month in a word file... and I print them off with each Banner, laminate it as a marker... store in a folder for Mikaela to one day be bored TO TEARS with!


    Love to you all peeps... have great Mondays!! Bx

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    A wonderful life...

    That is what I am thinking right now.
    For so many reasons.
    I am very grateful for my "lot" in life!

    Tonight we have our usual mall rat experience.
    AND a Scrapping Sleepover!!! with Di and Jasmin! Joy!
    Making our Chrissy cards tomorrow.
    Saturday Family Night.
    Sunday Horseriding and Date Night.

    Hopefully Nath and I will think of something REALLY kewl to do for Mikaela on Saturday night.
    Originally my youngest sister was coming to stay over.
    Change of plans... she is not and Mikaela is a teeny bit shattered, there were tears and stamping of the feet when I told her!
    I am very fortunate to have three beautiful sisters, who are also amoung my best of friends... it is only annoying that they all live in another city!

    Have beautiful weekends peeps.

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Embrace Change...

    You know when you are finishing up a job... it is not easy to be enthusiastic about it!

    That is where I am at. Unenthusiastic about where I spend the majority of my days... biding my time.

    And thats okay... in fact, its good.
    I have been here a few times... this cusp of major change.
    Usually it is only onto the next contract... this time it is MUCH more.

    I have the opportunity to place myself where I would really like to be in 2007 and 2008. For Me, He and She. For our babes yet born.
    I know LOGICALLY the best thing at this stage is another year contracting... so I have the money to back us, to be totally prepared for the next venture I intend to take in my life. My heart tells me... just take the leap, do it now... you can be no better prepared than you are today!Its exciting.

    Instead of being down about my contract ending... and unsure of my future... I am really excited about it.
    I love the endless possiblilites that I have available to me.
    To our family.
    To our future.

    Change also gives you a shake.... it forces you to evaluate:
    where you are at...
    what you have been doing...
    and what you REALLY WANT to be doing in your future.
    With your life.

    Maybe its the Gemini in me... I am happiest amist change... and challenge.
    Or I guess that is just that everyone likes to be challenged.
    Needs to be challenged.
    And sometimes the very thing you wish for... manifest in ways you do not necessarily expect or desire (like no earnings).... but it is all exactly what you require... to get you to where you want to be!
    Just is.

    Thankfully not everything changes... a certain amount remains the same, constant. Like Nath, Mikaela... my family, my rock and my gorgeous sisters and friends.
    Life is beautiful.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Donating Blood...! I donate blood pretty regularly, every three months.... for about 16 years now. Makes me happy... and since I can do it, since I meet all the criteria... I figure its the least I can do to help others. I am kinda fanatical about it actually!
    Here are a couple of snaps of my loves... at Tidbinbilla on the weekend... we had such a lovely afternoon, fun and relaxing. Mikaela and Nath could have played on the flying fox all day and night...

    They were very cute.

    Last night Nath and I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine"... oh my, there was some snorting let me tell you. Giggle snorting... full on belly laugh snorting. It was hilarious. I loved it. We will absolutely be buying the DVD.

    Another movie... which is a DEFINATE must see for me... The Pursuit of Happyness! Wowsers, the preview itself had me in tears. I love true stories like thse... rings so true for me, and I get a lot of satisfaction of seeing good people overcoming odds. LOVE it ! I see it everyday... people overcoming the odds, and its nice to see it up on the big screen. Makes me Happy!

    Another movie I cant wait to come out: Charlottes Web.. yah! I know Mikaela will love it.

    Anyhooooo... off to swimming tonight & catching up with Kim and Jodes and their kidlets.

    Happy Hump Day lovelies....

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006


    Early morning Sunshine rays.

    Honeysuckle wafts sweetly.

    Red Earth beneath my strides.

    Bounding kangaroo stops briefly to observe us.

    My bestfriend walking beside me.
    Talking, sharing, planning, laughing.

    Our morning

    I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday, I LOVE Tuesdays!

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Random Monday thoughts...

    Kaela fell OFF her horse at yesterday's lesson, first time in two years, so thats a pretty good track record. It wasnt her fault, the horse tripped and fell over with my baby on its back !!! Mikaela didnt cry, she was shocked... I scooped her into my arms immediately. We checked the horse out, it seemed he had injured his knee, though he was more concerned with Mikaela... nudging an apology to her... it was very sweet. She got right back on him. I was holding back tears for at least 10 minutes afterwards.

    Nath and I walked up Red Hill again this morning... there were about 5 hot air balloons, it was sunny and beautiful. Now its kinda overcast and blah!

    Yest. Nath and I lay on this bed and we are going to have to go and buy it as soon as we can. It was like laying in clouds, or how I imagine that would be. Our body types were tested to provide us with the best bed design for US, together... We tried a few other beds too, but nothing came close, nothing compared. All I know is... that returning to our bed felt like we were sleeping on bricks! Its gonna have to wait a while because we just spent all our bucks on....

    a beautiful bedroom suite ( a piccy for my sisters) for Mikaela, bed, bedside table and tall boy. We are going to let her fall asleep in our bed on Christmas eve, then set her room up, put her into her bed... and when she wakes UP.... Eiiiiieeeeee - we are so excited, and delighted with ourselves for conjuring this cunning plan!

    Saturday morning... I had my assesment for my photography course, I did a power point presentation... and they accused me of being a VIRGO. I am not a Virgo. Nathan is a Virgo. I think I have Virgo tendencies!

    Saturday night... me and my love watched "An Officer and A Gentleman"... all time classic romantic. Heavenly.

    Friday I was in bed all day because Nath poisoned me with MSG !! So funny... I was gulping down this beautiful slow cooked soup he had made. He asked me if it tasted okay "because he had added tonnes of stock".....mmmm not good for me! Internal warning bell not working so well.

    This past weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge.... LOTS of family time, relaxing time... doing "not much" time. Cleaning and purging time. No scrapping time! Connecting with loved ones across the miles time. Some one-on-one out to dinner time.... Sunday nights, leisurely walking.. outdoor dinning... the BEST way to end a weekend... and get ready to start a new week ...

    And today I am just very happy and content. Smiling peacefully. So very in love with him!

    EDIT: to top off my most lovely day... my womens circle sister, the goregous and talented Kaylia, sent me a short story about passion, which is just SO YUMMY!! Thank you Kaylia for such a beautiful gift!

    Peace and Love

    Shaz... a dear friend of mine, who I met this year... and I know will be a lifetime friend.
    She is so gorgeous.
    Her smile could light anyones heart.
    And her eyes show a depth to her soul... and seek yours too.
    She is a wonderful person.
    HER LAUGH.... oh my she CAN LAUGH !!
    We spoke on the phone for a bit last night.... I think we did more laughing than talking.
    She ROCKS.
    Friday was the first day of 48 weeks of intensive treatment for her.
    1 week down, 47 to go!
    Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

    She is also a VERY talented wordsmith... poetically so.

    I love you Shaz.

    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    AEzine Challenge # 8...

    Ali's latest newsletter challenge:

    This week I want you to take a bit of time to check out your own style. What defines your style? Create a layout shows exapmples of your own style evolution - write about how you have grown as a life artist/scrapbooker since you first began.

    Mmmm... well like many who have been scrapping for has been quite a transformation.
    Looking back at my first couple of pages (oh and isnt it such fun!! cringe) .... the main thing I notice are parts of me now, that did not exist then.... staples of my pages today.... No PAINT (what???), NO ribbon, NO patterned paper, NO stamping, NO rubons, No "embellishements"! It is enough to bring me to tears (bhahahaha, soooo kidding). It does enable me to really LOVE and appreciate my journey and how far I have come... MUCH like *me* and life really {grin}...

    My original scrap style had simple colours, simple shapes.... and no design idea whatsoever, harsh but true. I was afraid to "get it wrong, or make a mess"... now that is what I live FOR. However, there was, and remains a LOT of journaling in my pages... that is really important to me. I have become more inclined to "hide" journaling, these are my treasured love notes and thoughts, my words, my heart and soul... I dont always want to share them, or to distract from the page design. It is a perfect compromise to place them in a nook behind an entire page.
    I ran out of time to complete a physical layout for this challenge in time (BOOOO HOOO). My intention is to have a NOW and THEN example for particular pages and design elements.
    For example... I would only use standard 6x4 prints when I first began... and cut them into circles, or ovals... add a few little punch hearts, and hey presto, a layout!

    I didnt plan a page... I just stuck them all on together! Eik.

    Now I PLAN (not always, but mostly). NOW I print my photos in all sorts of formats, from 8x6 to wallet sized, to collages - that has made a huge impact on my style.

    Another thing that I used to do, but would never dream of now... cut out my lettering by hand... that is my handwriting there in that "Sunshine" layout!! That is just D A F T !

    Also printing photos in Black & Whites.... serious evolution!

    This year a light came on for me... I am more organised than ever, which makes a huge difference.

    I like what I am doing... no, I LOVE what I am doing!

    I LOVE MY ART !... my scrapping, my photography, my pottery and sculpting... and I am getting to love my writing and my morning notes. I am far more inclined to go with my instincts. I have not leapt, I have jumped head first into all things creative this year! Challenges, classes with Ali, Cathy and Elsie... all of these have pushed me out of my square. Today I am a better scrapper and story teller for it. I continue to push myself every day... and loving it! I am a freestlyler! I like getting messy... doing *my* thing.

    Basically I am an "artiste", yes indeedy.
    We all are!
    Happy Scrappin'

    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Grateful for....

    Okay, so I do not have another job to go to FOR SURE yet... but I have a few offers in the pipeline... so fingers crossed.

    Today I felt it would be good to focus on things that I am grateful for ... things that make me happy right now:
    Last night at the pool... was the BEST fun! Kim and her boys came along. And Jodes and Jake! The best part for me was when Mikaela was still having her lessons... she called out to me and said "SNOW"... what the? "SNOW, its snowing...." One whole "wall" of the complex is glass, so there we were in the heated pool, looking out to a blanket of snow, it was so beautiful. Later Kim and I sat in the spa section, chatting... while our kids played. We all had a great time, nothing like the soothing effects of water. Kaela fell asleep in the car on the way home!

    Nathan... mmm where to begin? just all and everything about him makes me happy! Oh EXCEPT how sometimes he thinks he is really funny, but he's not! *grin*

    Pottery class on Monday nights... is going really well, soon I will be able to show you my button bowl... and my sculpture is coming along slowly.

    Photography course... I am well underway with my Certificate in Creative Photography... I have the last class to my first module this weekend... and its assesment time! Eik

    Mikaela had her ballet concert on the weekend.... to see how happy and confident she is brings tears to my eyes...YES indeedy... I AM one of those sappy teary Mums...

    Christmas is soon... can NOT wait to spend some time with our families and friends. JOY, JOY and JOY.

    I have a scrap sleepover happening at my house next Friday nite, while Nath is in Sydney driving small cars around a track... too fast for my liking!

    Kaela has ballet class this afternoon... and I have to go get some more buttons for my pottery bowl.

    Tonight I have touch football and so far we have not lost a game (I am not sure how??)

    I have one of these coming in the post soon... SO exciting, I used one in Elsies class, and it is a dream machine!

    WE HAVE NOTHING PLANNED THIS WEEKEND {asides from Photography class, few hours at Kyle and Jas's, and horseriding} ... N O T H I N G but being together and hanging out enjoying our home and each other. THAT is what makes me MOST happy... THAT is what it is ALL about for me.

    Leonie's birthday and getting us to go on an adventure to Tidbinbilla... we are going out again this Saturday night for a BBQ and relax.

    Having gorgeous friends who make me laugh and smile a tonne!

    And I leave you with my quote for today:

    "Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition." -- Alexander Smith

    Peace out... and good health to you one and all.


    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    So today is a new day...

    ....and in the early morning sunlight, with my man standing beside me, a family of Kangaroos bounding along nearby... with their little joey.

    I felt grateful, happy, calm, peaceful and ready to face the day.
    "The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem." -- Theodore Rubin

    Thanks for all the beautiful emails and comments you lovelies sent me.... I am really touched, and felt a little overwhelmed and bad, because.... well, really it was just a mood. No major drama. I appreciate your enthusiastic support dear hearts {smile}.

    And thanks Nath... for getting up with me at 6am! Little jogger down the hill... *grin*

    Today is Mikaela's swimming lesson... JOY, she is such a little fish!

    And I have much to be very happy about.
    Peace Out....

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    What do you do when....

    Your contract has been terminated.... and you are feeling pretty crap.

    Such a good time of year to be without a job!!

    You know that things will work out!

    Perhaps even better than you expect!

    Still you are feeling REALLY lousy about it all TODAY.

    Things are just a bit much!!

    Well... you take your dear little 5 year old to see Hi 5 !!
    And remind yourself of what it is that really matters...
    WHOOOO HOOOO... do you have any idea HOW exciting these concerts are?? Oh MY... so much energy!! I kak myself the entire time... because the kids are just TOO CUTE. And fun-ny! We have had these tickets for months. My little Mikaela is just a LITTLE excited. Hi 5 are her FAVOURITES!! So I am happy I have this to look forward to and to get me out of this rubbish mood {grin}!

    EDIT 15 November 2006: Mikaela had the best time... this is her expression as the smoke machine was turned on and the Hi 5 gang came onto stage.
    S W E E T !! I rapidly got into a good mood, we sang LOVE... and all the little ones groovin, doing their stuff... had me grinning.

    Jen Grays' post, Jens' post and Dars' post helped to remind me too, plus a couple of beautiful encouraging emails from my sisters. Thanks.

    At the end of the day... seeing her smile, and having his arms to hold me tight... these are the most important things to concern myself with!
    Peace and Love angels.

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    World Dare....

    Here is my entry for the first World Wide Dare... the challenge is:

    Scrap a childhood memory. Cover your entire background. Put your title on your photo. Add paint. All on one page!

    Journalling is:

    As a child I had a huge gap between my two front teeth! I could easily fit a 20 cent piece between them. Yeah.... REALLY!! My mother would tell me this meant that one day I would be RICH! I guess its in the same vein as its "goodluck" when:
    a bird craps on your heard OR
    it rains on your wedding day.
    Or perhaps it just depends on your definition of rich.
    I think I am very RICH and wealthy!

    Oh... and they grew in naturally, no braces or any kind of intervention required. For all the compliments I receive (and have received over the years) for my beautiful teeth and smile.... who would have known I was such a gappy freckly kid? {HUGE GRIN}
    I love this photo!

    EDIT: Jen's comment reminds me... Mikaela has this gap too, and when she saw this photo, naturally her comment was "Oh Mum, you look like me" BLESS !!
    Peace out...

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    AEzine Challenge # 7

    Ali's latest newsletter challenge is:

    This week the challenge is to embrace that wonderful imperfection inherent in using stamps. Sound like a big challenge? It is. If you are like me, sometimes it has to be laid out right in front of you for it to have any impact.Here's a little more direction: create a layout that uses at least three different stamps - one geometric, one text, and one organic (swirl, artsy, etc.). If you make a mistake, work with it or leave it. Chances are, no one will ever notice except you - everyone else will see it as a totally cool artsy use of stamps. Embrace that!

    So here is my layout for the challenge, the journalling is hidden, and taken from here.
    The journalling shown is: Magic, Girlfriend, Blessing, Share your heart, cherish, thoughtful, thanks, dream, love, family, confidence, passion and peace.
    The quote is:

    "That is the happiest conversation where there is not competition, no vanity, but a calm, quiet interchange of sentiments" Samuel Johnson.
    I am quite sure this woman MUST have been my sister in a previous life. We are SO VERY alike in many ways and then complete opposites in others.

    And, just like a sister does... she knows exactly how to push my buttons, bring out the WORST in me and drive me NUTZ!! *big grin* Sometimes we need that tonic, no?

    She also knows how to bring out the VERY BEST in me... and I love her dearly. We have known each other for over 10 years... but this is the year we became best of friends.

    Even on the tough days I love you Kyle.... very much!
    I could go on and on about our soul connection, I will instead, simply say... it just is.
    Peace and Love.. and a GLORIOUS Friday peeps.

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Another Blogging Sister...

    Is Moo, I "found" her at PaperCrafts... in Elsies second class.
    And we just clicked.
    She is one very funny chicky.
    You can check out her blog here.... her profile photo is splendid.
    AND she holds her age considerably well for a 250yr old!!
    She is just my kinda person.

    And here are a couple of recent layouts:

    As recommended by both Ali, and Leones... I am currently immersed in Julia Cameron's The Artists Way... and her latest "Letters to a Young Artist"... I am *loving* her teachings. Tho I am finding it a little difficult to get my morning pages done. I have much to learn... and this fills my heart with joy and excitement... as opposed to the occasional jealousy or frustration that appears when I feel I am not doing what is true to me ~using my time well... and creating art~ Being *Me* loving, supportive, encouraging and genuine. I hate myself when I have all those horrid feelings running in my head.

    Mind you Julia assures me [her readers] I will feel a gamat of horrible emotions over the 12 week course I am undertaking. To get to the other side!

    EDIT 13 November 2006: Due to a comment I received on this post, I would like to draw to attention of any newcomers (my usual crew KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS).... these photos are by the talented Barb Uil of JinkyArt. Our gallery can be seen here. And here is Barb's post about our shoot!. I ~of course~ just HAD to buy most of them (but not all). Here are the layouts of those I bought, or two of them... the others are being framed. NO WAY I would scrap them all!! NO WAY!

    EDIT 14 November 2006: I spoke with Barb today... and she is A-okay with these layouts.

    Happy Day peeps...

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    Melbourne Cup Day...

    I love Melbourne Cup Day...

    Nath and his partners got a table in a marquee... we had a buffet lunch and champers.
    We made a few bets... didnt win a thing!

    Still... it was SO much fun !!!
    We had a ball.

    I met some really fabulous people. And I have my first scrapbooking client, to do commission work for. Exciting stuff indeed!

    Unfortunately I only took my macro lens and therefore no full length shots of me in my frock!

    Here's to good & fun times.


    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Elsie is SO CUTE...

    ....She really is very sweet. Tho the dear darling is SO OVER being away from her man and family.... TOTALLY understand that !! I had two of my girlies having teary's on the phone to their family... and we'd only been away for two nights. CUTE AS ((hugs)).

    That said... I had a GREAT TIME.
    Girlie chats and girlie times.
    Wine, beer.... delicious food and rockin' company.
    It was so nice to just CHILL OUT.

    On Saturday we had two of Elsies classes... I made two very adorable albums, tho one of them was not the actual class project, rather an improvisation. I need to reselect my photos and then I will do that album as "homework"...

    Ssssssooooo... here are some snaps of my albums.... which I also added to by sewing stickers down and stamping onto transperancies. I also intend to add some more photos. These albums are really cute {just like Elsie} and I love coming home with goodies for my family.

    THey love them too.... so I am one happy chicky.

    HOme SWEET Home! Off to help my gal and guy with the seafood BBQ, have a beer and play some cricket.
    Happy Sunday night *grin*
    Peace and Love

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Off to Sydney....

    ... for a girlie, scrapping weekend.
    Just finished sewing {and delivering} some ballet costumes.
    Waiting for Kimbo to come collect me... for the three hour drive.
    AND my guy just came home with A PACKAGE FROM DARLENE.
    Life is beautiful.... just like She.
    So I am off to do two Elsie classes, naturally there will be a show and tell when I return.
    Here's to a weekend of fabulous women folk and good relaxing, creative times.

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Pride Challenge from ALi....

    Ali has posted another challenge about who we are proud of in our lives.... here is mine.

    This is just a quick digi layout I whipped up... I will use this as the basis for a physical layout. Sometimes I do that! Gives me a thorough "sketch" of the layout.

    There are a few different styles of scrapping I *love*. I LOVE doing just one (usually 8x6) photo... and I also love the photostory technique, some occasions require more than just one photograph to capture the experience at the time... like Mikaela and Nath playing cricket, or brandings. A storyboard type of layout works a lot better.

    In the case of this layout... I will also do another One Photo layout... capturing Mikaela with her new jewels. Just before these photos were taken we had been on the phone with our loving Darlene. She and Mikaela had quite the chat. While I started to cry as soon as I heard Dar's voice. I wont go on and on about her here (tho it would be so easy to do)... I save that for our personal emails... but those of you who also know Dar, are well aware of what a remarkable woman she is. I *heart* you Darlene.

    I'll do another layout based on Nath and all the reasons I am proud of him, a bit like my LOVE one I did for him a few months ago, soon I hope. Eik!

    Peace and love to you and yours.