Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Monday thoughts...

Kaela fell OFF her horse at yesterday's lesson, first time in two years, so thats a pretty good track record. It wasnt her fault, the horse tripped and fell over with my baby on its back !!! Mikaela didnt cry, she was shocked... I scooped her into my arms immediately. We checked the horse out, it seemed he had injured his knee, though he was more concerned with Mikaela... nudging an apology to her... it was very sweet. She got right back on him. I was holding back tears for at least 10 minutes afterwards.

Nath and I walked up Red Hill again this morning... there were about 5 hot air balloons, it was sunny and beautiful. Now its kinda overcast and blah!

Yest. Nath and I lay on this bed and we are going to have to go and buy it as soon as we can. It was like laying in clouds, or how I imagine that would be. Our body types were tested to provide us with the best bed design for US, together... We tried a few other beds too, but nothing came close, nothing compared. All I know is... that returning to our bed felt like we were sleeping on bricks! Its gonna have to wait a while because we just spent all our bucks on....

a beautiful bedroom suite ( a piccy for my sisters) for Mikaela, bed, bedside table and tall boy. We are going to let her fall asleep in our bed on Christmas eve, then set her room up, put her into her bed... and when she wakes UP.... Eiiiiieeeeee - we are so excited, and delighted with ourselves for conjuring this cunning plan!

Saturday morning... I had my assesment for my photography course, I did a power point presentation... and they accused me of being a VIRGO. I am not a Virgo. Nathan is a Virgo. I think I have Virgo tendencies!

Saturday night... me and my love watched "An Officer and A Gentleman"... all time classic romantic. Heavenly.

Friday I was in bed all day because Nath poisoned me with MSG !! So funny... I was gulping down this beautiful slow cooked soup he had made. He asked me if it tasted okay "because he had added tonnes of stock".....mmmm not good for me! Internal warning bell not working so well.

This past weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge.... LOTS of family time, relaxing time... doing "not much" time. Cleaning and purging time. No scrapping time! Connecting with loved ones across the miles time. Some one-on-one out to dinner time.... Sunday nights, leisurely walking.. outdoor dinning... the BEST way to end a weekend... and get ready to start a new week ...

And today I am just very happy and content. Smiling peacefully. So very in love with him!

EDIT: to top off my most lovely day... my womens circle sister, the goregous and talented Kaylia, sent me a short story about passion, which is just SO YUMMY!! Thank you Kaylia for such a beautiful gift!

Peace and Love


Shaz said...

kaeles bedroom suite is so gorgeous im sure shell love it. Id love to see a pic of the baloons on the wall?
LOve Woo tOO xox

ceanandjen said...

- I am so glad to hear that your beautiful girl is okay after her fall!
- I think that your Xmas surprise surpasses ANY xmas surprise that I have ever heard of...oh my goodness, what a happy girl you will have!
- ah, a relaxing weekend...wonderful stuff!


Anonymous said...

kaela's little fall...what a metephore for life! brave sweet girl getting right back on her horse. you must be proud, mom.

Goddess of Leonie said...

awwwwww... to just everything ya know?

and AGREED on the amazing kaylia story... i am still feeling it!@!!!


la vie en rose said...

christmas morning is going to be so much fun at your house!

Lee said...

Kaela is going to be such a princess with her new bedroom suite, she will love it..