Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What do you do when....

Your contract has been terminated.... and you are feeling pretty crap.

Such a good time of year to be without a job!!

You know that things will work out!

Perhaps even better than you expect!

Still you are feeling REALLY lousy about it all TODAY.

Things are just a bit much!!

Well... you take your dear little 5 year old to see Hi 5 !!
And remind yourself of what it is that really matters...
WHOOOO HOOOO... do you have any idea HOW exciting these concerts are?? Oh MY... so much energy!! I kak myself the entire time... because the kids are just TOO CUTE. And fun-ny! We have had these tickets for months. My little Mikaela is just a LITTLE excited. Hi 5 are her FAVOURITES!! So I am happy I have this to look forward to and to get me out of this rubbish mood {grin}!

EDIT 15 November 2006: Mikaela had the best time... this is her expression as the smoke machine was turned on and the Hi 5 gang came onto stage.
S W E E T !! I rapidly got into a good mood, we sang LOVE... and all the little ones groovin, doing their stuff... had me grinning.

Jen Grays' post, Jens' post and Dars' post helped to remind me too, plus a couple of beautiful encouraging emails from my sisters. Thanks.

At the end of the day... seeing her smile, and having his arms to hold me tight... these are the most important things to concern myself with!
Peace and Love angels.


b/sistersshoes said...

Bek ~*~ you inspire me and I wish I could see Hi 5 with you and the angel. Nothing like a good dose of children's happiness you lift you up :>)

love you babes,
xox darlene

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the job :-(

I'm sending 'find-a-great-job' vibes your way -- fingers crossed.


Shaz said...

Oh sweet im sorry your feeling lousy.
But hey maybe this is the excuse you need to use your amazing talents on what you love and are so damn good at.
Prayers and blessings to the creative YOu!!!
I love you sweet friend Keep that smile a glow good things will come to you I just know it.
Shazzy xoxo

Anonymous said...

I know in my heart that things will turn out for the better, you just have to hang in there. Whatever the case you know that there are plently or people out there that will support you; starting with the two at home xxxx

~Bek~ said...

Dar.. thanks babes, love you too.

Sarah... yeah, it sucks, thanks tho! Things always work out with a postive attitude... some days are just a bit draining :-)

Shazz... tis true, I could look it like that, but I have a plan and I intend to stick with that. In a few years I will be employed more creatively... Thanks honey ((hugs)) to you too.

I love you my anonymous.
SO MUCH! *You* are absolutely right... I know! Believe me... I know *smile*


ceanandjen said...

Bek...oh my goodness, my heart sank when I started to read your post. I am so sorry about your contract...and more so about you being sad, although clearly I can understand why. I am so glad that you were able to end your day on a higher note and wrap yourself around those two people who are the most important in your life.

I have said this a million times, and I will say it again now...Everything happens for a reason. You will know why this happened and look back and be glad...I am sure of it.

Hugs to you!!!! xoxoxoxo

Candice said...

I don't know you personally...i just stumbled across your blog the other day. But, i have to say, you have inspired me...and in just a matter of days. I thought it was important that i comment...and tell you that you seem great, you must be great. whatever is happening in your personal endevours...this too shall pass...and how inspiring will the joirney be...

sending good vibes your way!

p.s. i love Regina sooo much...i put her on my blog too...i had to share this dose of happiness with others!

Anonymous said...

these guys are just so perky and cute! how could they not make you smile...glad you had a blast. and just wait and another door will open up to you soon :)

~Bek~ said...

Jen... you are such a sweet soul. Thanks so much! I am sure too that I will look back at this and think "oh man, thank goodness"... it has happened for me SO many times in my life.

Candice... *YOU* can come back and comment any time you like!! Thanks for such a sweet message, really lifted my spirits on this rubbish day!

mps... thanks I agree, another door will open soon, it always does... sometimes you just need to get all grabby and cranky before you can focus your energies onto the next project, or that is how it is for me. They were SO CUTE. Mikaela had a wonderful time.

All of you... thanks so much for your words of kindness and encouragement. I ended up getting SO CRANKY... I just had to LAUGH at myself. It was just TOO silly.
I appreciate you all very much!!

Love and Peace...