Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another Blogging Sister...

Is Moo, I "found" her at PaperCrafts... in Elsies second class.
And we just clicked.
She is one very funny chicky.
You can check out her blog here.... her profile photo is splendid.
AND she holds her age considerably well for a 250yr old!!
She is just my kinda person.

And here are a couple of recent layouts:

As recommended by both Ali, and Leones... I am currently immersed in Julia Cameron's The Artists Way... and her latest "Letters to a Young Artist"... I am *loving* her teachings. Tho I am finding it a little difficult to get my morning pages done. I have much to learn... and this fills my heart with joy and excitement... as opposed to the occasional jealousy or frustration that appears when I feel I am not doing what is true to me ~using my time well... and creating art~ Being *Me* loving, supportive, encouraging and genuine. I hate myself when I have all those horrid feelings running in my head.

Mind you Julia assures me [her readers] I will feel a gamat of horrible emotions over the 12 week course I am undertaking. To get to the other side!

EDIT 13 November 2006: Due to a comment I received on this post, I would like to draw to attention of any newcomers (my usual crew KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS).... these photos are by the talented Barb Uil of JinkyArt. Our gallery can be seen here. And here is Barb's post about our shoot!. I ~of course~ just HAD to buy most of them (but not all). Here are the layouts of those I bought, or two of them... the others are being framed. NO WAY I would scrap them all!! NO WAY!

EDIT 14 November 2006: I spoke with Barb today... and she is A-okay with these layouts.

Happy Day peeps...


Shaz said...

The more I see the more I love you sweet talented little bear.
I love you. xoxox

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh beautiful honey...

your new pages are really scrumptious...

and yars... the artist's way and letters to a young artist are ze B O M B...

love you

see you sunday!

ceanandjen said...

Bek....LOVE LOVE the photos in these two layouts. Your creations are so fresh and beautiful.

I am so happy to hear that you made another fabulous bloggie connection.


my pink sky said...

i need to read this book...yummy happiness page! you daughter is so soulful looking and gorgeous :)

b/sistersshoes said...

Hey sweetie pie...Moo's profile pic is hysterical, now that's gutsy!

These are some of my favorites...hard to pick with you because all your stuff looks great. I love the RED layout...2 beauties ;-)

missing you doll, I owe you an email!

mucho kiss kiss
xxxx darlene

~Bek~ said...

Shaz... thanks hun! Cant wait to get you scrappin' tehehehee!

Leones...I am really getting into them. Sunday will be gorgeous!

Jen... YEAH for connections... I LOVE it !!

MPS... That girl is everything to me. She has my heart.

Dar...You'd *love* Moo.. she is very DTE. The best kinda person there is. Miss you too...

Have gorgeous days lovelies...

cheryl said...

i happened upon your blog today...and the pics in this post are especially wonderful. but i'm pretty sure i saw these pictures in barb uil's blog not too long ago. if these are her pictures, i sure hope you got permission from her to use them. did you? i know the punishments for unauthorized use of copyrighted pics are very severe. i am a photographer myself and frankly, it makes me sick to think that someone would steal from a photographer like this. i hope i'm wrong.

~Bek~ said...

Dear Cheryl...
You have a good eye!
They are indeed Barb's talented pics.
Oiwwww absolutely. I agree with you.
I paid for these pics.
And I discussed with Barb.
So, on this ocassion, you are indeed wrong!
My understanding is that I am entitled to use the photos I have paid for.
Which is the case here!