Friday, November 24, 2006

A wonderful life...

That is what I am thinking right now.
For so many reasons.
I am very grateful for my "lot" in life!

Tonight we have our usual mall rat experience.
AND a Scrapping Sleepover!!! with Di and Jasmin! Joy!
Making our Chrissy cards tomorrow.
Saturday Family Night.
Sunday Horseriding and Date Night.

Hopefully Nath and I will think of something REALLY kewl to do for Mikaela on Saturday night.
Originally my youngest sister was coming to stay over.
Change of plans... she is not and Mikaela is a teeny bit shattered, there were tears and stamping of the feet when I told her!
I am very fortunate to have three beautiful sisters, who are also amoung my best of friends... it is only annoying that they all live in another city!

Have beautiful weekends peeps.


Shaz said...

Have a great weekend sweet.
Heart u Huge. xoxo

b/sistersshoes said...

What fun things to be doing over your weekend :)

Tell Mikaela that Princesses don't stomp their feet (;o)

but we love her, just the same
and you too.

And your banner is very "scrappy"
looking :D

love it and you,
xxx darlene

Moo said...

Hey Bks hope your WE was grand! O had a peaceful and quiet one...which I cherished. Sent the Crop and stuff this morning...sorry Friday got over loaded with sale online and missed the PO. Boo hoo I know but it's coming! LKH Moo