Thursday, November 16, 2006

Grateful for....

Okay, so I do not have another job to go to FOR SURE yet... but I have a few offers in the pipeline... so fingers crossed.

Today I felt it would be good to focus on things that I am grateful for ... things that make me happy right now:
Last night at the pool... was the BEST fun! Kim and her boys came along. And Jodes and Jake! The best part for me was when Mikaela was still having her lessons... she called out to me and said "SNOW"... what the? "SNOW, its snowing...." One whole "wall" of the complex is glass, so there we were in the heated pool, looking out to a blanket of snow, it was so beautiful. Later Kim and I sat in the spa section, chatting... while our kids played. We all had a great time, nothing like the soothing effects of water. Kaela fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Nathan... mmm where to begin? just all and everything about him makes me happy! Oh EXCEPT how sometimes he thinks he is really funny, but he's not! *grin*

Pottery class on Monday nights... is going really well, soon I will be able to show you my button bowl... and my sculpture is coming along slowly.

Photography course... I am well underway with my Certificate in Creative Photography... I have the last class to my first module this weekend... and its assesment time! Eik

Mikaela had her ballet concert on the weekend.... to see how happy and confident she is brings tears to my eyes...YES indeedy... I AM one of those sappy teary Mums...

Christmas is soon... can NOT wait to spend some time with our families and friends. JOY, JOY and JOY.

I have a scrap sleepover happening at my house next Friday nite, while Nath is in Sydney driving small cars around a track... too fast for my liking!

Kaela has ballet class this afternoon... and I have to go get some more buttons for my pottery bowl.

Tonight I have touch football and so far we have not lost a game (I am not sure how??)

I have one of these coming in the post soon... SO exciting, I used one in Elsies class, and it is a dream machine!

WE HAVE NOTHING PLANNED THIS WEEKEND {asides from Photography class, few hours at Kyle and Jas's, and horseriding} ... N O T H I N G but being together and hanging out enjoying our home and each other. THAT is what makes me MOST happy... THAT is what it is ALL about for me.

Leonie's birthday and getting us to go on an adventure to Tidbinbilla... we are going out again this Saturday night for a BBQ and relax.

Having gorgeous friends who make me laugh and smile a tonne!

And I leave you with my quote for today:

"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition." -- Alexander Smith

Peace out... and good health to you one and all.



Shaz said...

This was such a beutiful post honey
I loved every word.
Blessings to you yours rock on xmas
:) xoxo

Lee said...

Bless - I actually started crying when I saw little Kaela up on stage performing. Makes me very proud to see her up enjoying herself with confidence...

~Bek~ said...

Shazz... can NOT WAIT to see YOU honey!!

Lee... I knew you would!! I was talking about this photo collage with Leones yest. And I mentioned how my sisters would totally bawl to see what a confident child Mikaela is... so different from our experience... seems the photo has the same impact. Bless your tender, sweet heart little sister.
I love *you*


~Bek~ said...

And Lee.. next concert she has... YOU MUST come down to see her. We'll surprise her!

Goddess of Leonie said...


these photos are BEAUTIFUL honey...

as are all of your gratitudes...

love you sweet heart...

b/sistersshoes said...

AWE bek...this was peaceful and yummy and Mikaela looks adorable :D

Way too cute to grow up...make her stop!

love you a ton,
xo darlene

ceanandjen said...

Soooo much to be grateful for! What an uplifting post Bek. :-) Your beautiful Mikaela looks like an angel in her costume!

And scrapbooking goodies...and time with your loveies...and Xmas... and your beautiful Nathan...*sigh*...good stuff indeed.

ABSOLUTELY keeping my fingers crossed for the right offer to come through for you!


Anonymous said...

you have so many wonderful thing filling you cup! so fun...a scrapping sleepover - i'm completely jealous :) and that collage of your sweet babe's recital is so yummy...the colors the giggling girls - too fun, thanks for the smiles and the wonderful inspiration!

maria said...

Beutiful post! And I gotta to say I love your banner too!