Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pride Challenge from ALi....

Ali has posted another challenge about who we are proud of in our lives.... here is mine.

This is just a quick digi layout I whipped up... I will use this as the basis for a physical layout. Sometimes I do that! Gives me a thorough "sketch" of the layout.

There are a few different styles of scrapping I *love*. I LOVE doing just one (usually 8x6) photo... and I also love the photostory technique, some occasions require more than just one photograph to capture the experience at the time... like Mikaela and Nath playing cricket, or brandings. A storyboard type of layout works a lot better.

In the case of this layout... I will also do another One Photo layout... capturing Mikaela with her new jewels. Just before these photos were taken we had been on the phone with our loving Darlene. She and Mikaela had quite the chat. While I started to cry as soon as I heard Dar's voice. I wont go on and on about her here (tho it would be so easy to do)... I save that for our personal emails... but those of you who also know Dar, are well aware of what a remarkable woman she is. I *heart* you Darlene.

I'll do another layout based on Nath and all the reasons I am proud of him, a bit like my LOVE one I did for him a few months ago, soon I hope. Eik!

Peace and love to you and yours.


ceanandjen said...

Oh, how exciting! Your first live chat with one of your favorite beautiful ladies!!! It sounds like it was wonderful. Your scrapbooking is creative and fabulous!!!!


Goddess of Leonie said...

oh that layout is beautiful...

so is darlene :)

b/sistersshoes said...

To look at one of your scrapbooks as a complete finished project must be mind boggeling...your idea's are so fun to look at.

Such precious moments for your grandbabies to look at....whoa!...I know you're nowhere near that time yet, but tis the truth :)

give that cricket playing cutie a kiss from her Faerie Blogmother!

{{{{{{{{{{{bek & mikaela}}}}}}}}}}

I *heart* you too
XXX darlene

~Bek~ said... was amazing chatting with Dar, just not long enough!

Leones... thanks goddess... and I know you know how amazing Dar is. SHE IS!

Dar... oiw I know, but it will be here in the blink of an eye, hey!

I hope you all have beautiful weekends. I'm off to Sydney for *MORE* scrapping!