Friday, November 03, 2006

Off to Sydney....

... for a girlie, scrapping weekend.
Just finished sewing {and delivering} some ballet costumes.
Waiting for Kimbo to come collect me... for the three hour drive.
AND my guy just came home with A PACKAGE FROM DARLENE.
Life is beautiful.... just like She.
So I am off to do two Elsie classes, naturally there will be a show and tell when I return.
Here's to a weekend of fabulous women folk and good relaxing, creative times.


ceanandjen said...

Bek, have a safe and insanely enjoyable weekend with your gals!!!! OHHH, and a package from Darlene can only mean a really great treat!!! Hurrah!!!

Looking forward to hearing about your weekend next week.

Hugs to you...xoxoxo

Goddess of Leonie said...


have an amazing time away babes


b/sistersshoes said...

I'm so happy
YOU make me happy

Be careful, have a blast!, giggle and laugh and craft away girl:)

Raise a glass to me, I'll be missing you!

XXX darlene