Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly....

This IS a really bad photo... I know - but I post it anyway... because I was too tired to capture a better one last night!! I am sure I will manage a decent one in the next month.. or that is my hope!

How excited was Mikaela to be putting up the tree??
Oiw yeah, just a bit ! And a bossy little Miss !!
It is a bit early, but we couldnt wait... and enjoyed the time together oiwing and ahhing.
Some quiet family time embraced in warmth and goodness!

Here are a few things inspiring me of late that I thought I would share...

  1. Firstly a blog recommended by Ali... totally kewl Oh Joy.. this blog is stunning, beautiful and most inspiring. I am loving it. Have HEAPS of ideas !!

  2. Ali mentions in her post today.. about a woman who has taken a photo of herself every day for 3 years. Here is that synchronicity thing going on again.... this is something I have been thinking of since my photography teacher Sian mentioned to me that she has a friend who has been doing it for seven years (every night before bed she takes a quick snap of herself). It really resonated with me as something along the same lines as morning notes (which I am finding difficult enough) !!! And something VERY scrapable! All sounds so good in theory... but I am yet to speak to anyone who actively practices these wondeful notions. I will try. It is on my list... my ever growing list *grin*

A few things I am adoring today:

  1. Swedish illustrator Stina Persson who I discovered in my favourite magazine... RIOT. Beauitful.
    1. Celine... she is my number one scrapping inspiration at the moment (asides from the Al-ster!), she is my subject for Ali's challenge this week!
    2. A Sweet Life... her photography is beautiful!
    3. Crumpler have 10th anniversary addition bags available right now... yummo!
    4. Canberra Potters have a christmas gift fair on soon... so many goregous items.
    Just dreaming about being creative at the moment.... instead of the doing !!
    The doing will come sooon....
    I hope it is beautiful in your world today!


    Shaz said...

    Xmas joy!! were doing our tree on Sunday the girls are already arguing about where it should go, I remind them theres not a lot of choices but they have rearranged the whole house to suit their needs only in their minds (thank god) cant wait to see you sweet. xox
    P.S we are catching up with wade on the weekend.

    ~Bek~ said...

    Christmas joy indeed... how funny are your girls...gorgeous!

    Not far now!
    I will send you an email. Itenerary etc.

    Yah... for catchin up with my littel bro. Give him a huge hug for me.

    ceanandjen said...

    If you are too early, so am I sweet Bek. We don't have our tree up yet, but we have started everywhere else!

    Oh, such great inspirations and links tonight. Thank you for that!!!

    xoxoxox sweet Bek

    Susannah said...

    a-ha, christmas is coming early in blog land! you inspire to get a tree too :-) love you girl (see? i'm always checking in on you :-D x

    b/sistersshoes said...

    Lovely and the best part id watching the wee ones get excited! OO, you are an early bird, aren't you :)

    Me too :D

    love you bek,
    xox darlene

    la vie en rose said...

    what a wonderful suprise!

    i read an article once about carly simon. she takes a polaroid photo every day (not necessarily of herself) and keeps them in a scrapbook. apparently she's done this for years. i love that idea but god, can you imagine how much that costs. you'd have to be famous in order to afford the film.

    Di said...


    I thought it was a good picture of the tree. Will be putting up ours next week, so looking forward to it. Isn't Christmas great when you have kids? Very very exciting.

    Love Di :-)