Saturday, November 18, 2006

AEzine Challenge # 8...

Ali's latest newsletter challenge:

This week I want you to take a bit of time to check out your own style. What defines your style? Create a layout shows exapmples of your own style evolution - write about how you have grown as a life artist/scrapbooker since you first began.

Mmmm... well like many who have been scrapping for has been quite a transformation.
Looking back at my first couple of pages (oh and isnt it such fun!! cringe) .... the main thing I notice are parts of me now, that did not exist then.... staples of my pages today.... No PAINT (what???), NO ribbon, NO patterned paper, NO stamping, NO rubons, No "embellishements"! It is enough to bring me to tears (bhahahaha, soooo kidding). It does enable me to really LOVE and appreciate my journey and how far I have come... MUCH like *me* and life really {grin}...

My original scrap style had simple colours, simple shapes.... and no design idea whatsoever, harsh but true. I was afraid to "get it wrong, or make a mess"... now that is what I live FOR. However, there was, and remains a LOT of journaling in my pages... that is really important to me. I have become more inclined to "hide" journaling, these are my treasured love notes and thoughts, my words, my heart and soul... I dont always want to share them, or to distract from the page design. It is a perfect compromise to place them in a nook behind an entire page.
I ran out of time to complete a physical layout for this challenge in time (BOOOO HOOO). My intention is to have a NOW and THEN example for particular pages and design elements.
For example... I would only use standard 6x4 prints when I first began... and cut them into circles, or ovals... add a few little punch hearts, and hey presto, a layout!

I didnt plan a page... I just stuck them all on together! Eik.

Now I PLAN (not always, but mostly). NOW I print my photos in all sorts of formats, from 8x6 to wallet sized, to collages - that has made a huge impact on my style.

Another thing that I used to do, but would never dream of now... cut out my lettering by hand... that is my handwriting there in that "Sunshine" layout!! That is just D A F T !

Also printing photos in Black & Whites.... serious evolution!

This year a light came on for me... I am more organised than ever, which makes a huge difference.

I like what I am doing... no, I LOVE what I am doing!

I LOVE MY ART !... my scrapping, my photography, my pottery and sculpting... and I am getting to love my writing and my morning notes. I am far more inclined to go with my instincts. I have not leapt, I have jumped head first into all things creative this year! Challenges, classes with Ali, Cathy and Elsie... all of these have pushed me out of my square. Today I am a better scrapper and story teller for it. I continue to push myself every day... and loving it! I am a freestlyler! I like getting messy... doing *my* thing.

Basically I am an "artiste", yes indeedy.
We all are!
Happy Scrappin'


Laura said...

Very cool! Some of us have come quite a long way! :)

b/sistersshoes said...

You indeed are artsy and beautiful are talented and I love you

xxx d
miss you
so much

Moo said... are those first pages? I have an anniversary coming up...I have been scrappin' for nearly a year...but I know in my heart I have been scrappin' all my life. I have my first page in my lastest album just to point out to those who don't think they'd be able to "do it right" just how your own style evoles, without even trying! Your pages are still beautiful, but I know about the whole "cringe" thing as I do it everytime I see my first LO...CM ovals EVERYEWHERE!

Ronda P. said...

Love it! I like how you said that you are more inclined to go your instincts. It hit home with me.

Di said...

Hey Bek - love those first pages! Had a look at my own this morning.... style definitely changes over time - I think sometimes relative to what is available on the market and also confidence. Do you realise we have been scrappin for just over six years now. I will post my very first page tonight. Love how your style has evolved.