Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas...

Firstly... I have been struck with a severe case of tonsillitis, Louise Hay suggests the probable cause to be Fear. Repressed emotions. Stifled creativity. And my new thought pattern could be: My good now flows freely. Divine ideas express through me. I am at peace. I'll give that a go!

I found this note to the editor of a local rag some years ago... it resonated with me then.. and still does now. In fact I have covered it in clear plastic wrap and it lives on our fridge as a daily reminder....

Be thankful this Christmas...

If you have food in the refridgerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75 per cent of this world.

If you wake up in the morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week.

If you have money in the bank, in the wallet and spare change in a dish some place, you are among the top ten per cent of the world's wealthy.

If you can attend a church meeting without fear of arrest, torture or death, you are more blessed than three billion people in the world.

If you never experience the battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pain of starvation, you are ahead of 500 million people in the world.

If all your children are still married, you are very rare, even in Australia.

If you can hold someone's hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder, you are blessed because you are a healing touch.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful, you are blessed because the majority can but most dont.

If you can read this messge, you have just received a double blessing in that someone was thinking of you, and you are more blessed than the two billion in the world who cannot read at all.

As you read this and you are reminded how life is in the rest of the world, remember just how blessed you really are.

I take this opportunity of wishing everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

I am not a whinging "New Australian". I am a very happy migrant who managed 40 years ago to escape from the Iron Curtain of south Eurpoe - governed and ruled by fascits and communists.

God Bless Australia and its people. Nick Szego, Queanbeyan.

Peace and Love

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Day Dress...

I love to wear a red dress on Christmas Day!!

I have a beautiful David Lawrence one, which is more of a watermelon colour, embriodered cotton... I can not fit into it by this Christmas Day.

So I picked this one up from Portmans.

My favourite thing about loosing weight?
Definitely - buying some beautiful clothes.
And fitting back into your previous ones!

Even though I wont be buying much... its always nice too look and dream.

These are my favourites:
David Lawrence... I love LOVE love this store... seems that everything is made for my hippy body - but this teeenie tiiiine model does not show that!
SABA... Yummy delicious clothing... I AM NOT joking !!
Whitchery... just kewl stuff, nice cardigans ( I am a SUCKER for a nice cardy)!
Cue... beautiful dresses
Country Road.... gorgeous suits
Esprit... great long sleeved tees
Portmans... good for suits, pants that fit my figure nicely and every day wear

And my cheapy choice:
Temt... everything from a pair of pants for work... to a skirt or dress for the beach!

Do you wear a dress on Christmas Day? Is it RED?
Peace. Love. Chirstmas blessings...

I know many of you are well aware of the plight of Darlene and her son Mark's terrible accident... if not please take a look and keep him in your prayers and light a candle for his healing. Darlene is an amazing woman and friend of mine... Thanks.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Latest news for us...

Mikaela's bedroom suite arrived today... I have cleverly disguised the boxes by covering them with a throw rug.... bhahahahah.

My girlie friend Kyle graduates tonight... I am SO PROUD of her!! Congratulations sweets.

Did you know that the abbreviation for "Lady of Leisure" is LOL??... how rude, pretty much sums it up nicely mind you *grin*. I have hardly been a lady of leisure since I "stopped" work! And if Nath says it one more time....

I have been busy... BUSY (like we all have at this crazy time of year). Not in a way that I am accustomed too though! I like to see the work come in...AND GO know, the deliverables, the outcomes! The work in and out pile are on par.
Not so in the home...just goes round and round.
Or like three steps back and two forward. I am not sure I like it so much.

So it was wonderful to receive a phone call yesterday... that I start a new job on 15 January. With the conditions I asked for: 3 days a week, same money. Yah!! Tis a HUGE achievement... one which may take a while to sink in. Its all good.

Which affords me the fortunate opportunity to consider the endless possiblilities of what to do with my "spare time"... what will I manifest for 2007 ? Whooo hooo!
Even though I have not knocked of as many things as I anticipated off my Things to do list, I have managed... to read most of SARKS “Succulent Wild Woman” and get in a couple of naps… LOTS of work for my agency (new business cards, templates and design work) and do a few adventurous things…. Like taking Kaela to Carols by Candelight, an impromptu brunch with ducks and a surprise chance meeting of old friends, taking Kaela to see Nath’s hometown womans basketball team play (I think its so cute how Nath always calls his Dad after the game {any basketball game} SO CUTE)… catch up and chat with some gorgeous goddesses, see a few exhibitions and finish my chrissy shopping.

EDIT: LOVE TO JEAN... and prayers for a quick recovery. Nath's Mum {Jean} was in hospital for surgery today. His Dad just called to let us know that she is okay and seems to be recovering well. We are sending love and best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

Life is beautiful.
Here are a few pics from the past few days... good stuff.
Love, peace and joy out!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A clean studio....

So it went from this....

TO THIS... Yah!!!

That was by mid afternoon Tuesday... it kinda looks a bit more like photo one again now!!

I have made some beautiful Lavender Bath Bombs for Mikaela's teachers and a few friends.... naturally I HAD to test them... and they are YUMMY!! Give them a go *grin*

Yesterday I spent the day with Kylster, scrapping! We had a great time, but it went way too fast (naturally).

Kaela had her last swimming lesson of the year. She is so happy to be moving up to the next level... she is such a little fish, has always loved the water.

Nath and I relaxed last night... he watched the BasketBall while I finished off our chrissy cards. Then we watched the last episode of Amazing Race.

Today I am meeting an old friend for coffee, then off to PhotoAccess to scan some layouts. Home for lunch with Nath. Then Kaela's ballet in the afternoon!

Life is Gooooooood !!
Joy and Peace...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Since I became a "lady of leisure"....

I have been flat out !! Geez... so MUCH to do, so little time.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with the ever gorgeous Leonie. We had an artists date... it was wonderful. Nice to just create and be. (I will post pics after crissy and gifts are given)

THEN I collected baby cakes from school and we ran a few errands (actually a lot of errands). I ended the evening by going to my pottery class and creating some more..... SO LOVING my pottery class, I can not even begin to explain... I just LOVE it!

Hummmm... so far today I have cleaned the floors and kitchen, my major project today is to get onto the GRIZZLY job that I have been putting aside for some time now... cleaning my studio. It is officially a disaster zone right now! So that is today's job... and I am off to get started !!

Before I do... I just want to wish this special guy a Happy Birthday... A man who is one of my greatest friends, someone I can speak to about anything & everything (and I DO ~ bahahaha). A man with a great sense of humour .. who makes us laugh all the time. A man who travelled Europe with two of his daughters, my beautiful sisters Meeges and Lee (I have heard many a funny story about their adventures). A man with a sensitive soul, who I adore. A man who built a mud brick house on an island, a colonial style home on 5 acres... and created a 1 acre rainforest garden... who built a wooden canoe from scratch. Who is a lad... a blokes bloke AND a big softy bear dad and pop to me, my sisters and Mikaela... who loves us every bit as much as we love him. Always. I LOVE YOU DAD.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a beautiful day and I will speak with you again this arvo!

Peace out peeps

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lighting of the Christmas Tree...

In our city centre on Saturday night... was spectacular.

Mikaela had a ball.

She MADE me get up and dance with her to "All I want for Christmas is You" (yeah really twisted that rubber arm) !!

Which of course made me cry, despite the fact that I was the only adult amoungst a group of very groovy, happenin' kids..... in front of hundreds of onlooking adults.

That song.
Her smile.
Got me.

Thankfully Nath took HEAPS of photos and I am looking forward to creating a nice collage with them.

All the carols were brilliant... the band was great.

We bumped into an old friend, Sheridan and her two boys (twins), and naturally Mikaela joined up with them, more dancing and much excitement ... and oh my...

W H E N Santa arrived !!

If I had any really thoughts on the Santa sitch... her excitement certainly gave me a good indication as to where to go with it.

And so I will for as long as I can...

I encourage her to believe in Angels and Fairies... Santa is an angel! Its all good!

((hugs)) and love and .... its beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas!!



Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Art Inspirations...

This is my button bowl I finished last night... I found the inspiration for this piece in the Australian Home Beautiful mag, October 2006, a few days before I began my class. Serendipity! Especially considering I had to delay attendance by two terms *grin*

The original is by Kate Dorrough, Bowl #7 for Orson & Blake. Hers is stunning.. which is why it is $380 !!

I REALLY love Kate's other artworks too, her collages are spectacular!

I am also loving... Catherine Swan and her Papillons de Papier, and have for a while now. Hopefully I will create my own over the Christmas break. JOY JOY! I am really excited about it because it has been on my TTD list forever!

These two sisters I discovered yesterday... and their company MOZI, very kewl stuff !

Inspiring me constantly is Goddess Leonie Allan.... my clever and brilliant friend! Is Here and Here on her agents website... Indigo Connections (so is SARK)... WOWSERS!! . I am so proud of you Leones... you big hottie! AND.... we are having lunch together today... whooohhhoooo!!

I have learnt so much from this young lady.... SO MUCH. At our September gathering of our womens circle... we created a dreamboard. I have always done this in various forms, such as my visual diaries. When I flick through them I see that I have accomplished many things from those diaries, infact... usually those things and more!. Having my canvas dreamboard hanging in my studio, means that I see it daily... it always makes me smile and realise that all my dreams are coming true for me. I love that I have that power over *my* life. As Leones says "joy is an option".... I say happiness is a choice! I encourage everyone to create a dreamboard of their own... its very powerful. And you can make another anytime you are called to do so.

I have a number of journals in the works at the moment... will share those soon too.

Here is to living our dreams.... THE REALLY BIG ONES!
*** totally grinning my head off for Leones, for us all***
Love and hugs...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Womens Circling...

... Is what I do once a month on a Sunday afternoon.
We gather.
We create a sacred space.
We share our stories.
We encourage growth and healing.
We support each other.
We challenge each other to look at our behaviour.
We check our responses to a situation.

We encourage each other to be powerful and brilliant.

We are "foodies"... we bring some amazing sharings.

This little darling, Freya, is our latest addition to the group.
Thanks to our Goddess Angel (that is her name)... who is her beautiful Mum.

Yesterday she slept in the arms of Kaylia, the entire afternoon.
It was beautiful to witness.
Kaylia looked like the Madonna.... perfectly serene.

As we share our stories... tears shed, laughter made and understandings reached.
We circled... our Womens Tribe.

What I find most remarkable is that one woman's story of sorrow and sadness, could be another woman's only wish and dream. To listen (particularly) to those stories, to embrace each other with compassion and love, to hear every story of each sister, can sometimes be painful. It is also beautiful, cleansing, supportive and positive, which is such a gift. Gives us a new and appreciate perspective on things we may not have thought about before.

We also support each other in our many ventures... BIG exciting stuff... stuff in the making, in the process... our dreams and desires.... GOOD FUN stuff. The best stuff.

Fierce and savage.
Loving and tender.
Survivors. Victors.
That is a tribe, our tribe.
Our women.

I love my tribe .... and I am so grateful they are such an integral part of my life.
I look forward to every gathering, as an opportunity to grow and learn.
More and more every day.

Edit: After some contemplation on this post, I think to add this comment: THis circle is not my ONLY circle (though it is the only one where we create a sacred space)... I have others just as powerful. I have my "lifer" friends, my creative women network, my sportos.... and my bloggers... all as important as each other, all womens groups. All wonderful gifts in my life. All inspiring and unique. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and my belly.... with much love and joy.

Peace and Love

Saturday, December 02, 2006

AEzine Challenge # 9...

So here is Ali's latest challenge, from her latest newsletter:

This week I challenge you to "try on" someone else's style. Pick a layout/project from a magazine or an online gallery and replicate it. Ask yourself those questions from above as you go about the process of creating your own version. If you find while you are creating that something does not feel like it is "you" than adapt as you go along. Simply make a note to yourself of what felt not quite right - this is something that you could jot down in your own style/idea notebook for future reflection.
I have "tried on" Celine's style. I love HER work... SHE IS AN ARTISTE ! Her work is amazing... LIKE WOW amazing. Her colours, the way she constructs her pages... the elements. Totally wows me!

This is my layout based on Celine's style:


Friday, December 01, 2006

Parallel Universe.....

One of my besties Kim... said it best when I told her this story... she said "its like living in a parallel universe"....
One where Bek gets up in the morning and does her walking....
THE OTHER (the dark side)... where Bek DOES NOT get up and go walking!!!

*I* KNOW I am not much of a morning person.
No-one else knows this better than Nathan and Mikaela.
With my walking of late.
We all forgot.
Yesterday morning... we were reminded!

The day before I had walked in the morning and swam in the evening... about 1.5 hours excercise all up.
I decided.... I could take a morning OFF.
I decided.... I could have a little sleep in.
I decided... I didnt need to walk EVERY morning.
I decided ... WRONG!

Man... I am a B.A.D morning person.
Really ugly BAD.
Uiw... shudder kind of BAD.
Okay.. maybe not quite THAT bad, but not nice!
I hate the mornings when I dont walk.
Full stop, simple ... truth!

FLIP SIDE, Parallel Universe.... when I DO get up and walk.
I love everything and everyone....

Okay, THAT is not entirely true... I didnt like the sooky lalilah, victim, shop assistant girl complaining about all her shifts and taking it out on us {her customers} by being rude... at 7am, I did not love her! But HAD I NOT walked ?? well, lets just say.... I probably would have given the girl a mouth full !! (Nasty pasty)

When I get up and walk... I feel good, really good. I get a kick start to the morning.. and the rest of my day goes so well. I have a good attitude about anything that comes my way.

I have my outfit (my sweaty gross outfit) - I wear the same thing everyday... yep GROSS, but its a consistency thing! (I DO wash them)...
I have my wrist weights... my ipod, and a beautiful, big and steep hill mother nature made *just for me* (and everyone else I pass as we cheerily greet each other at the dawn of the morning)...

I dont always FEEL like getting out of bed... but I have given myself this mantra, that DOES IT {for Me} it may not for you, but I share anyways...
To reach goals, a successful person will DO IT, even when they dont want to!

I have found without a shred of a doubt... that it is much harder NOT to do it, than it is TO DO IT, if that makes sense, if you know what I mean?

This walking thing is new to me. I have only been going for 2 weeks... and I have been fairly consistent. I am enjoying the changes. I am committed to this new regime.

By Christmas I hope to have lost quite a few kilos.... and that is just another reason to inspire me.
It began.... as THE incentive, THE only reason - now it has become the icing on the cake.

I love walking Bek!
I am going to keep her!
She is much more fun.
And.... I LOVE FUN !!

Love and Peace out....