Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pretty in white...

Could she be any cutier?
A pretty good weekend we have had!
Cleaned out her room... which basically involved a very large garbage bag, a lot of purging... and some dymo label stickers.
Everything in its place.
Were it belongs.
Much Joy.
And order.
I like.

This afternoon... a gathering of our Womens Circle.
We created
"dreamboards" and here is a bad photo of mine (Meeges still has my Ella).
A collage of images of our dreams and desires... what we dream our lives to Be.
Mine has everything to do with Nathan, Mikaela... and little bubbas yet to join our family. Sisters. Home. Togetherness. Good Food. Fitness. Slow Living. Peace. Holidays. Growing old together. Also a lot about work and loving my work... including particular dreams I intend to make my reality. Having a job I am passionate and successful at. Scrap-didilly-isious!
Here are a couple of quotes on my dreamboard {there are a few}:

"Peace must be sought, above all, because it is the condition for every member of the human family to live a life of dignity and security." Kofi Annan

"Slow living isn't about doing everything at snail's pace; its about giving weight, time and urgency to those things that require it and relinquishing those things that just cause you anxiety."
Mmmmm... dreams are gooooood!
I love my dreamboard... and it has a fine home in my scrap haven.
Grateful, grateful... GRATEFUL ~Is what I am~ absolutely. Pinch Me. Nah don't!
Bliss out.
Happy Sunday.


dar said...

bek~~~ I L O V E you

you inspire me to add more energy in my 'happiness' direction.

Your outlook on life is inspirational and contagious.

I am blessed to be called your friend...miss you love,

xoxoxoxo dar

~Bek~ said...

Dar... I love you too angel.
Thanks... it is my intention for it to be contagious and I am glad it is working.
BTW... We ARE coming to visit you next year. 2007 we will meet *in the flesh*.
Happy now?
I love you Goddess Darlene.