Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I am lost without Ella...

I wanted to post some more photos of my dreamboard... so you can see it properly. But the instant digi, its not so good, and none of the detail is shown well. It is on my "things to do list".
So I captured this little piece instead.

I did this last night. The journalling I wrote about 10 months ago (before we were living together), hence some of the statements no longer apply... like "I love that you tidy the kitchen or lounge when I am busy with Mikaela"!! *grin* My sketch title was "All the little things J'adore ..." but I had already pressed the lettering using Kyles fabulous QuicKutz tool !!
Mikaela has her Annual Kindergarten Concert and Party "Out of Africa" today. She is dressing as a princess. I am really upset that I dont have Ella for this... but thems the breaks I suppose. Mini digi will just have to do. Edit, 830am: She just came by with her Dad... to get into her costume. I got back to my desk and watched them from my window, I can see them walk for about 1km. It is a bright, sunny morning ... I watched as she skipped her way to school. SO very sweet. In her little white dress, and big pink wings bopping along. The concert is at lunch and I know I will have a teary {I always do}... she is sheeez, you know! As gorgeous as your kids are! Simply wonderful!!

I have been up {and at-em} for some 2 hours now... riding - its good. I love to watch the sun rise. Mind you I got swooped by a Magpie this morning, I dont like that much. Didnt hurt me but did give me a bit of a scare!

Have a beautiful day angels.
TEN sleeps till PalmCove!! Whooohooo. (Nath thinks I am NOT excited about our annual mini-break, but I SO AM) !!! I just have to contain it *grin*

Oh - and other exciting news... me and a few of my galfrands (Kim, Kyle, Di and Mel) are going to PaperCrafts Festival the first weekend in November.... to do two Elsie classes. MUCH JOY about that one.
I *heart* Elsie's style SO MUCH !!


Leonie said...

that is soooo fabulouso girl!
oh, in my illo class last night, i met a chicka (paula) who is doing the 24 hr bike ride on her own... crazy cat...
she had a mad ass bruise on her leg from stacking it while training it at night...

loves ya!

Bek said...

Yeah, peeps doing the 24hr solo = M A D ... nah, actually usually pretty talented individuals.

Bruises are kinda par of the course for mountain biking numpties (like myself), I always have a couple.

And I have photos too.

shaz said...

PALM COVE. Have a great time (tease tease lived in cairns 15 years Palm Cove 18months) LOVE IT
LOVE IT Youll LOVE IT!!!!!!

Love you and yours,
xoxoxo Shazz

Bek said...

We *DO* love it.
Nath has shares in an apartment at Angsana, gives us 9 nights a year.
We totally have THE BEST time.
We've only been once together.
And it was alone.
This time (and every time henceforth) Mikaela is coming too.
We cant wait to take her on the Reef.

LOVE You and Yours too angel.
And can NOT wait to see you all at Chrissy.
I so enjoyed our chat-fest on Friday night.
Love Ya sweets!

shazz said...

Do me a favour honey.......
At sunset one nite walk down the beach and bless the sand and toast the sky for me Cairns is were i conceived and gave birth to my four ANGELS I havent been back in 6 years but it holds my heart up there and I love it.
Tell Elsie I want Picys!!!!
Rock on Christmas!!!!!!


shazz said...

Dahhh I ment ella...
Im a Wanker..lol

Bek said...

Shazz... Ahhhhh but of course.
Such a beautiful place in this world of ours... for your angels to join us. Oh yes. Makes sense!

I will say a blessing for *you* and to our sacred space. The sand, the palms, the ocean, the sky... the rainforest.

I could even give you a tingle and you could scream your blessings from my phone.

It is a perfect place for your heart to live *absolutely* perfect.

And of course - there will be TONNES of piccies.

Ah... yeah I think someone who actually NAMES their phone might be a bit of a wanker, no? Hahaha! And Elsie and Ella... ARE similar.

Love you girl.
It will only be 107 days till I see you!! 20 hours, 59 minutes and 12 seconds.

Nice hey.

Bek said...

Names their *camera* even.
I have NOT named my phone.
Oh dear.
I REALLY need a holiday.
Thats all it is!