Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My mind is going NUTZ with creativity at the moment.
Maybe because I know I will actually have some *TIME* to use all the stuff (((inside my head))) that gathers over months and months. Until my hols...
Here is my creative spillage *grin* to share the love and joy....it is what I am all about *grin*

So this year.... it (my let loose style) started with this.

I was further inspired by this amazing weekend.

And then this.

I am constantly and SO heavily inspired by Leonie, Celine, Kristina, Ali, Elsie... and Emily.
PLUS the Freestyle and MeBlog challenges ROCK SO MUCH!!

This weekend I got this magazine.

And this one {RIOT }...

I am totally LOVING collages.. and the like at the moment. These magazines are just beautiful. Not *at all* scrap related magazines... refreshing and FRESH stuff indeed. When on the beach I intend to immerse myself in them... savour every page and detail. Sit still. WOW !!
I have made a promise to myself while on holidays.... NO SCRAPPING actual physical layouts!! (You like that little disclaimer *grin* ~you see I AM taking my laptop... if the urge becomes unbearable I can always do some digi layouts)

SO... WHAT to do instead of scrapping?? An Art Journal.. that is what! I am SO looking forward to it. Paint, clue, collage... And Mikaela has hers too!

These items here... I have had my eye on for a while... they remain on my WISH list:
Collage Unleashed... By Traci Bautista - GORGEOUS.

A Kick in the seat of the pants...by Roger von Oech
The Me Book... Autumn Leaves
Designing with Colour

And that is about all I can fit into this post. It just scratches the surface of the things I am inspired by, but I hope you like and enjoy my share.

Peace and Love out... Bx


Shazz said...

oh babe their gorgeous,
Your gorgeous,
Ilove your work and you.
And I so love your music.
Have an awesome time in Cairns
Im sooooo Jealous........
But Sooooo Happy for you and yours
And when I Marry my baby I would so love for you to do our pictures
It may start a roll on because you so inspire me...actually with more than just your creative soul.
Its a Blessing being able to call you my Friend.

Love ya Honey. xoxo

~Bek~ said...

Shazz.... dont be so damn cute.
You are *teary gorgeous*...
I am gonna miss you a tonne.
And look forward to checking in on your blog when I get back.
Take care... sweet one.

bronxbt said...

as a fellow artist - i'd love yer thoughts on my "reflections" project and my other work on
somethinsketchy.blogspot.com at some point...

my gods you are gifted. i'm not a scrapper like you, but damn you have an amazing eye and are obviously quite gifted.

take care, would love to hear from ya sometime.

thanks to Boho for letting me find you!


b/sistersshoes said...

Wow bek...these are wonderful and sooo much fun to look at, so much to see

An Art Journal...and Mikaela too...fun, fun fun! Wish I had a cool mom like you :)

Love you sweets

Susannah said...

sweetie, your enthusiam is INFECTIOUS! you know my poetry obsession? i want to combine it with something visual.... not sure how yet, but i'm working o it ;-)
big hugs to you and N and M