Monday, August 07, 2006

A lovely weekend.....

Friday night we went to the mall. I had two things on my list: canvas and long bike shorts (cause you know - I am about to become a super cycler... bahahaha).
Got the canvas.

Saturday... I met up with Kylie and Susie for a bike ride at Sparrow Hill. I DO NOT have a decent bike {yet... universe please provide}... So I took Nath's clunker that I bought him for Valentines Day ~its not a bad leisurely ride about the lake on a Sunday afternoon kind of bike~ But it is no mountain bike.... and has a very large sticker stating "this bike is not designed for off road use".... so it was a bit tough going, but I managed. I did better than I expected. Tho I did stick my bottom lip out and demand that Kylie let me leave at around the 3km mark. Surprisingly she refused. And the next 7km were compariatively easy.

Saturday night a few peeps {Sus, Sime, Neil, Kate, Us & McAvoys, naturally} gathered at Kyle and Jas's for dinner and some games... was a really fun night all round. And Mikaela had a ball. So nice to just hang with beautiful people. Really good fun.

Sunday - my little girl had her horse riding lessons.. then off to her Dads.
And I got to hang out with Leonie for our first of many.... "artists date" A totally blissful way to spend a Sunny (almost spring) Sunday.... I get giddy excited when Leonie is near me and act like a total freak *grin*
Like I did at her exhibition opening (where we met through Deni)... She is 10 years younger than I ... but I am a bebe to her spiritual depth and have much to learn... So I feel totally blessed and happy to have spent the day with her. Take a look at Leonie's post about the day. And as much as Nath considers it all "girly hippy artsy stuff"... he is so sweet and supportive... and prepared for us a beautiful afternoon tea, of dips and cheese, and pesto capsicum loaf... Bless Him totally. He is sweet how he gets excited for me... even though he claims not to actually "get" it. I think he does indeed. Its okay honey... your secret is save with us... you hippy!

AND I bought the most YUMMY painting from Leonie for Mikaela *I will post a photo tonight*
I keep walking into Kaela's room to sneak a peak at the lovely angels... Mikaela will LOVE it, I am sure... and I cant wait until she sees it.

So here is to: being grateful; for much growth; mountain biking; artists days; My Guy and Daughter; friends; and knowing what is best for me and my family... peace and love.


b/sistersshoes said...

Oh Bek~ all of that sounds packed full of love and fun rolled into one!

Did you get my email?

I love that you get together with a group of adults and play games. That is so much fun and people just don't do that much anymore...they're missing out.

It is soooo cool that you meet Leonie through Den. Both are goddesses :)

I love you sweetie

xx dar

Goddess of Leonie said...

OH! your painting is looking AWESOME darling... i am loving all the textures in it!!!!!!!

it was a GLORIOUS day to spend with you...