Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday = Soccer, Sanding & Movies...

Mikaela and I went to see Jake (Jode's boy) play soccer this morning. I was of course like papparazzi ... taking tonnes of photos. Jodes and I joked that Kaela was a "footballers wife"... big sunnies, velour tracksuit. Oh yeah... she fit the sterotype. Plus the cute footballer boyfriend {who even scored a goal} to boot (excuse the pun!)

Kaela hung with Jode and Jake while I ran around collecting furniture.

So my scrap room is getting a bit of a make-over... I have a beautiful new bookshelf... which I adore.

And this piece of furniture, a "buffet" of sorts... which cost me $20! Makes up for the amount we paid for this cute little electric cordless sander Nath picked up for me... such a dream machine. Fit perfectly into my hand and I have practically finished. Kaela helped me by removing the dust with the broom, which worked, but also resulted in her banging me in the head a fair bit. I was too into my sanding to care. Fun stuff.

Last night was mall-rat... usual spending on more scrapping supplies. I got a couple of mini card albums... looking forward to my project with those. Few stickers for Mikaela... she is into the whole wedding theme at the moment... a small hint to Nath and I *grin*. Cleaned my scraproom up a bit and an early one to bed *bliss*

Kaela and I have just now finished watching Fairy Tale - A True Story... and no doubt by now she is peacefully dreaming of fairies. She was so enchanted. As was I... cuddles on the couch with my girl, a blankie and fairies... life is gorgeous.

My guy is now patiently waiting for me to post so we can watch a movie together. Wimbledon. I have already seen it... and it is a sweet one indeed. Gotta go, its started!! Crap!

Enjoy your weekend loves.
Kiss kiss...


Goddess of Leonie said...

bahahahahaha HA
oh my goddess, kaela looks TOTALLY like a mini footballers wife... how *funny* is that... and chicka, i am seriously coveting your new furniture... where on earth did you uncover your bodacious buffet from?
today we pumped weights to become Buff (ho ho ho) and we decided spur of the mo to go to the hierophant in our gym wear so i could get some chakra crystals for a talking stick... i got all the ones i wanted, for a bargain price of $1.50. WAY happy. tomorrow morning i think we'll go for a bushwalk, see if mama gaia has a stick that would like to be a talking stick adorned with crystals... then off to herbal lore workshop! weee :) hope you have a *grand* day scrapping tmrw...
love ya!

b/sistersshoes said...

Kaela looks like a 30 yr old wrapped up in a fiesty childs body her 'boyfriend' is a dream :)

You look like you're having fun, and a bit like you're just about to rob a bank ;-)

I imagine you in scrappers heaven right about now...wish I were there xoxoxox d

Bohemian Girl said...

i love that you and your girl are working together here.

sounds like so much fun!!!


Anonymous said...


I saw your comment on Emilys site. I didn't want to mention it to you their and show you up. I know you probably think it is cool the way you write but have you thought that not everyone appreciates the swearing bit. Maybe you could think about increasing your vocabulary or using more silly slang? Have you noticed how Emily or none of her friends swear or are rude. Take a leaf from their book and honour yourself by being better than having to swear.
I accept that you will probably delete this.
PS You seem sweet still, your blog shows you are a great mama.

Bek said...

Leonie... what a busy day sweets. You were busy busy bee. Sounds good. Yah for the crystals.

Dar...yes my little miss is quiet the young lady. I wish you were here too.

Deni... Mikaela has always been such an independant Miss... she MUST help. Its her thing.

Anonymous... I appreciate your sentiment. It was in no way meant to offend anyone. However I think that the odd curse here and there rather appropriate. And in this circumstance I felt it perfect. It is FRICKEN or FUCKING brilliant that Sam and Sabrina are both No. 1 in their game. I was not being rude. I honour myself and the occassional swearing. Its *me* and I love me just as I am.
I wont delete your comment. I like it. And yes you are right... I am a great mother!
Peace to all.

Susannah said...

Me? i fucking love a bit of swearing - i think it's good for the soul to be so expressive. all words are beautiful in my book, and i say that as a journalist. :-) i don't swear much on my blog as i'm so terribly literary on there (ahem) but in real life i make up for it (just ask deni :-)..

and i think we smokers should stick together love. i *am* cutting down and this is a conscious decision, but not giving up yet... i like it too much... isn't that an awful thing to admit? LOL

love to you and your sweet family x

Bek said...

Nah... Susannah ~ I am with you ~ sad but true... I actually like a ciggie. I KNOW it is bad for me WELL AWARE.
But I like it just the same....
As with swearing.
Nath calls me potty mouth sometimes.
So be it... and I am *me* swearing, smoking and all.
Love to you too Susannah.

shaz said...

whoops..........i knew there was a reason i didnt blog honey cause fuk theyd hate me im so bad i have really low vocab skills and im afraid a good red will always be my downfall, and I would have to correct anonymous in the fact that it was me who said you write beautifully and true to heart so whateva!!!! to anonymous..... have the balls to have a name....Sorry Hon but i take her comments on board as being totally out of touch with you and your heart and im not as kind as you and to all sweetness. XOXO
P.S Delete mine babe if ive overstepped but the red is kicken in LOL...small minds equal small hearts and who the fuk is emily im missin out and by the way i enjoyed breakin the rules with you and having those ciggies still given up..... till xmas anyway then il probably smoke some more of yours...HeHe

Bek said...

Dear Shazza... you rock sista. You are a true gem.
Emily is an Aussie scrapper living in LA.. who incendentally thought my comment was kewl and is most amused by anonymous's objection.

There is a link to Em on my main page *e* Rockin Aussie Chick... under my Heros title.

Love you gorgeous gal.