Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Soul Sista....

I met this wonderful womyn the day of my brother, Brett's funeral.
She is an absolute soul sister.
We just clicked.
She rocks.
She is a Mama of 4 gorgeous souls.
She has a wicked laugh {remarkably similar to mine actually.... bahhahahahahah nihhhiiiihhhhhii}
She has a beautiful smile.
And a very warm heart.
She will be another lifer... this I know!
I *heart* her.
Oh... and S. I will email you soon sweetie. Yes I will.
Big kisses and hugs to you and your clan.
Oh... and dont ask me to remove this photo sweets. I wont *smile* !!


phoenix said...

Your blog is so uplifting, I love the way you share about your fellow very beautiful.

shazzz said...

OH My Sweet,I dont know what happened but i did comment before anywhooo.It didnt come up and i want everyone to know what a blessing you are you are so in tune im amzed is the anniversery of the worst day of my life..24 years today my adopted dad died and i felt so lonely untill i read that i was on your mind...........I HEART you HUGE to True Hearts cant hide and im blessed to be in yours..Just mazing.....Love to you and yours hugs and kisses all round.........Shazz...xoxoxox

shazz said...

Oh yeh and removing this photo was my first thought..i knew you would get a kick out of that cheeky lucky only you could do this to me and im proud to be with you..xoxxo

b/sistersshoes said...

bek~ I am glad to know that you are surrounded by beautiful souls (inside and out) because you are worth more than diamonds and ruby's and deserve the very best.

I *heart* you a TON!!!

xxx d

b/sistersshoes said...

Hey...???? Where are you?

Happy Friday :) :) :)

Mall Rats tonight?

love you girl



xxx d