Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This angel...

is my friend.
A Goddess... a young woman so many years beyond her age.
Astounds me.
Makes want to 'tell' her things.
Ugly things.
Painful things.
Not things *I* did.
Things I have experienced
And she gets it.
And I feel blessed to share my story with her.
I am not a victim.
I am surivor.
I survived the worst kind of disease imaginable.
A toxic Mother.
A tragic, tramatic and temultous childhood.
How does one recover from that?
A fair amount of optimism... reprogramming the negative into postives.
With sheer determination, belief, and conviction.
I choose love and happiness.
I choose life.
My life.
I have a vision... it will crystalise.... to help young children born into the situation I was.
And teach them to see their very own beautiful souls.

We took this photo for Darlene... blowing our kisses to her because she was not feeling well.... I hope you are feeling better now sister Dar. And her post today... tells me she was with us at our lunch by the lake. Across the world... sharing the same thoughts and feelings about what we may consider a shitty hand dealt at times ~but which is in fact a blessing~

I am loving my life and my Goddess friends. So much. Thank you beautiful ones.
Peace and Love my commrades...


b/sistersshoes said...

Ooooo Yummy...way too yummy :)

This gave me 'all over warm fuzzies' I feel so LOVED by all of this!

bek~ we ARE kindreds..tied together through this big universe and have a future to look forward to. Me there/You here Us/in the middle...who cares :) just together!

Thank YOU for EVERYthing love

((((((big mushy all over hug))))))

xxx d

Bohemian Girl said...

thank you both for loving on my sister the way you do.

it gives me warm fuzzies too.

cute blow kiss girls.