Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brett and Mikaela...

I thought Mikaela would be wary of a man with a huge beard, cause we dont have many friends with facial hair.... but nope! She jumped straight up onto Uncle Brett's lap and made herself right at home. Christmas 2004.

Brett was 30yrs when these photos were taken, 32years when he died last week.

Kiddies are really apt at realising the soul of a person. I love that.



b/sistersshoes said...

He looks so happy with that ANGEL on his lap.....who wouldn't?

Loving you ((((((((love))))))))

hugs xxx dar

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these picture's up Bek, I've been wanting to see them all week. Big Bro Brett you will be missed, forever in our hearts..

Lots of Love


Bek said...

Dar... Brett was a person to teach us all a great deal about unconditional love. Unfortunately we were unable to hear the lessons until after he passed. But it is all part of the process no? And I am comforted by the thought that he is with his Mum and my Pop and they are all watching over us and guiding us with love.
You.. my friend... you are a darling person. I thank you so much for your beautiful emails - you have one very sweet and true heart Dar, and I feel blessed that you share it with me.

Little sister Leanne - my pleasure. I hope this journey has shared with you what an amazing sweet and sensitive soul you have. And a spiritual one also. I wish only for you to embrace with confidence the person you are. I love you so very much angel.

Goddess of Leonie said...

thank you so much for sharing these... what two beautiful souls these photos are of :)

blessings to you brett ~ wherever you are, riding on stars ~~~