Monday, April 30, 2007

KiwiScraps Freestyle 2007 ROCKED....

It was wonderful!
What can I say??
I had a great time reconnecting with one of my oldest gal pals (not old in years of her age, but our friendship age... you knew that is what I meant, right?)
My gal pal Jodes and I were overdue for some serious reconnecting and open hearted chats.
I really missed our frank and open discussions.
Honest and vulnerable ... its a beautiful thing to have that.
I am definately very fortunate to have such special women in my life.
Didee was with us too most of the time... and it was so great to just scrap, scrap and scrap!
I also met some of my "online" friends... Sarah and Lusi.
LOVELY ladies.
So happy to "touch their bodies" as Lusi said.... yeah I know what you meant Luse.. smile!
I also got to meet Pip and Ngaire... BOTH gorgeous creative gals!!

Jodes and I got barely any sleep as we spent most nights up till all ours chatting and giggling and telling one another to "get to sleep" before talking another hour. And laughing a fair bit of that too. Example: me on the way to the toilet imitating myself during labour with Mikaela!! Ordinarily not that funny... but with HOURS of classes, creative energies a high, excitement and some tiredness... well comes hysterical laughter over things that are not REALLY THAT funny.

Like I said... twas a wonderful weekend!!
Only thing is that I wished that Moo, Kyle and Kim were there too.

THE EMILY... is WONDERFUL. She taught us so many kewl techniques and stuff !!! Nath just told me "I like what you've done here around this photo".... the sanding background that Ems taught us... LOVE it. Dying paper towels... getting messy with paint. Emily is SO down to earth and her classes were easy and breezy... just a sunny pleasure to be in. NO stress, no headache. Just perfectly fun!

I scored a box of 23 left over tubes of Matisse paints, okay some of the tubes are almost empty, but SOME are almost full too. And just a dab of paint can go along way!! So I was totally impressed with my $10 purchase, what a bargin!! See... I CAN budget (hahaha)

THEN I got home to my Sissey April kit... OMG it is amazing. I love it !! I am planning some photos shoots just to do this kit some justice, seriously great stuff!! Michelle is one clever chickie.

OH... and our baby is wonderful. We had our 19 week ultrasound last week. The baby is doing brilliantly, its a good size and gave us a THUMBS UP (Aussie for "she'll be right mate" meaning its all good).

I admit I am MUCH more fearful this time than I was with Mikaela. Maybe its because with her I had never heard any "bad" stories, let alone experienced any with friends or anything like that. Since she came into this world some six years ago... well there have been plenty of bad stories and I get nervous from time to time.

I also get the "my life is just as I dreamed, not perfect... but better than I ever dreamed (REALLY) so something must go wrong" thoughts from time to time too.

Why oh why do we do that to ourselves. Sighhhhhh.
Thankfully Nath is brilliant and I have beautiful girlfriends to reassure me I am a nutter *grin*

I HAVE photos.. but photobucket is not playing right now... and MBD (my babies daddy) is calling me to bed.

Oiw... AND I didnt get to see Ems video of her scrap room... but I heard about her DH, Mick doing "David Attingborough" impersination, she is going to post on her blog one day... and I will be sure to link, cause it is supposed to be hilarious. *I* went out for Thai with the Jodes and my sister Meeges instead. ALL good!

I hope all is well in your worlds.
Love out...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

SuperHERo Bek...

I am officially a SuperHERo now :-)

Kyle took this photo of me yesterday. I actually managed to get three layouts (almost) finished and we had a great day with She and her little ones... SO noisy and SO MUCH FUN!!! Much laughter shared. Lots of goodies shared too... I had gifts for Kyle, she had stuff for me... beautiful!! Including some devine produce... a jar of olive pesto (I almost ate it ALL last night and sundried grapes - both delisious... seriously considering taking them to Syndey with me. Thanks Kyles *smile*

I am off to Sydney in a few hours and will not be posting for a few days.

When I return ... I will have SO MANY goodies to share, class projects, photos of what is sure to be a splendid weekend, and of course all the latest baby news after our appointments today.

FYI... I do have other tops, this is just one of my favourites!

Till then, take care loves!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just a couple of things...

Flowers from Nath just because... makes my heart smile looking at them.

Shaz was the first one with the right answer about the truth and lie layout. I have never been bungy jumping... tis true! I hope to go in December this year. So Shaz honey... a RAK pack of lots of goodies is on its way to you...

ONE more sleep and Nath and I have our 19 week ultrasound, then an appointment with our obstetrician.... then I am off to Sydney with the Jodes for KiwiScraps Freestylers - 3 days of scrapbooking heaven! I cant wait

Nathan and Mikaela have all sorts of activities planned while I am away, Mikaela told me on Monday that she cant wait to go to KidzCity with Nath.... without me!! I must have asked her to clean her room or something :-)

Today is Anzac Day... always makes me think of my Pop, who was a POW at Burma Railway for 3 and a half years!!! I got his papers. His father died before they found my Pop, while he was MIA. So sad. My Pop lived onto be 83 years... and have three grandchildren. He was a funny guy, he used to chase us girls about and pretent to scare us. We laughed and laughed. He rarely talked about his POW days, I was amazed and struck by the fact that the experience never made him bitter. He once said to me... after he told me of some of the tortures..."they were just doing their job Becky, as we would have done too, they were just following orders" I would sit there then, incredulous to those words... as I still am today. My Pop, James Henry Geach, was also a cantankerous old bastard... he threw his medals down the backyard... we never found them again. He thought Anzac Day was rubbish, but I still want to go to a dawn service one day.

Not today tho, today.... I am off to see the Kyles... Kaela & I head down there for the day. Scrappin and catching up. Kids running about playing. Nice relaxing day off work, school... time to rest and play. Nath is off to work tho :-(

ANOTHER really exciting event for me... my beautiful sister, Katrina, is moving back to Canberra this weekend (while I am in Sydney, oh the irony)... anyways she is staying with US, then house sitting while we are in Europe. Deep sigh... I am so happy I tells you. SO HAPPY!!
Much Love and Peace...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aussie Dare #21...

Is "Add a little bit of sparkle" and here is my layout for the challenge:
Who doesn't love a bitta bling!
Happy Sunday!!

Flex #7, 4 truths and 1 lie...

When I saw Patty's challenge this week (okay last week - actually the week BEFORE that!!) I LOVED it and couldnt wait to do it.

Now it is SOOOOOO late, I just have not had TIME lately. Nath and I came up with the statements on our drive to Sydney over Easter, and I sketched the layout then too (pretty much similar to Patty's)... it just took me ages to get the photos printed (get to the shop)... ahhhh...

All done now and here is the result:
Here are the statements:
1. I have shaved my head three times.
2. I have been awarded a silver medal for International Dragon Boating.
3. I studied dress making & garment production @ Tafe for 3 years.
4. I have been bungy jumping twice.
5. As a child I went to more than 3 (three) different primary schools.

So can you guess, or do you know the lie?? Comment your answer and the first correct response will get a PRIZE... a mystery prize. Life is just so exciting isnt it?!

Love and Blessings...

EAJC #15, Parents...

So Em's challenge last Sunday (running a bit behind) was parents.

Here is mine.
My parents were really young when they had me (arnt I cute!) Mum was only 16 and Dad 21. Unfortunately (for me) but I am sure most fortunate for them, they broke up when I was about 5years old. I lived with my Mum and saw my Dad often.

I have a strong relationship with both of them today. Maybe its because I am older and have my own child now. I realise that they are human and did the best they could. It is a matter of accepting people for who they are. Being aware of what will never change, and loving them unconditionally for who they are... my parents, and I do love them! Very much. They are more than parents, they are my friends and I can speak with both of them about anything, and everything... and often do!

I think I turned out pretty well, so they must have done something right *grin*

Peace out...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scrappin Goodies, GOODIES, goodies....

CHECK OUT ALL THIS STUFF... Aussie Scrap Source had a warehouse sale this weekend. Needless to say I am going back tomorrow too *grin*
35 Wild Asparagus mini frames cost me a whole $17.50.Tonnes of paper, mainly Wild Asparagus and Scenie Route @ 80c/page
Wild Asparagus tags and poems @ 25c per item.
P.etc stickers @ $1.50 each
Various chipboard letters $5, $6 and $8 each.
Hiedi Swapp Chipboard themes were $3.50 each.
Buttons were only $4 each tube, and Lil Davies rubons $3, Hoop embellishment $2!
Heidi Swapp Brads $2.50/pack, photo corners $2.50/ pack and Index cards $@

ALL THIS PRODUCT cost me a TOTAL of $102 AUD (thats about $85 USD)... can you believe that! I think you can tell I AM seriously excited to get this much product at such a great price. Personally I think it should always be this way *teheheehe*

And I dont care that is is "out of date" or "not new" or "last season"... whatever, doesnt matter to me.

Needless to say... I am scrapping tonight, well I will *try* too. My main objective this eve, is to get organised for next weekends KiwiScraps Freestylers Convention, with 10 classes to do homework for, there's a fair bit.

Nath is watching his beloved CROWS play tonight...
I must run to have some yummy spag bol he has made us {goregous man!}

EDIT: BTW, the main reason for posting this was to show my gal pal Kyle all the stuff, so she could tell me what to get for her the next day (as she is outta town). A LOT let me tell you *grin* That is both our scrap shopping done for at least another 6 months!!

Enjoy your weekends loves.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A few finds...

In amoungst the 170 layouts I photographed the other day I found these little gems that I had totally forgotten about:
These are my darling friends... Stella I have known since I was 11 years old and she is one of my lifer besties. She is funny and lively, she brings sunshine and joy wherever she goes... and so do her boys Samuel and Nicholas. Stels hubs Jerry is the best guy... would do any thing for you. Love these peeps, only wish we could see each other more often.
I also had a coffee with the Kimster... we have not spoken in a while and it was great to reconnect with her... I missed her very much. I missed how we laugh together.
The journalling in this layout(by way of stickers) is
The Gift of Friends. Always this sassy, funny, crazy, sexy, goddess is my friend forever, whatever. This is how I feel about Kimbo...

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another "what you too? I thought noone but myself" ~CS LEWIS~

On another matter, I am 18 weeks pregnant today *JOY*... here is a photo Nath took of me recently. Can you imagine how big I am going to get? OH my LORD. I promise I will post the plaster cast I did when I was pregnant with Mikaela... and the one we do with this pregnancy there is already a HUGE difference *grin*:

Love and Peace...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My baby has whiplash...

... FROM swinging on the swing too high, go figure! Poor little thing, she has been walking around with her neck crinked to one side for two days now. She is on pain killers, which is helping her cope. Tomorrow afternoon she has an appointment with the Physiotherapist for some ultrasound therapy, soooooo looking forward to that! Isnt it funny how much braver than adults children are? At the Doctors surgery, he was poking and proding about... Mikaela had a grimmace on her face, but not much more, she was kind of holding her breath and I could tell she was in extreme pain. If it were an adult... they would have yelped and got of the table quick smart!!

Even tho Miss Mikaela is not 100%, she is an artist... and did manage to get this "little" painting done today. Its about 1 x 1.5mtrs. Cute as.
While my artist was busy painting away... I got busy on one of my "things to do" items that has been pending for SOME time now. Sorting through my layouts.
I was able to photograph about 170 layouts, which means I am about half way through! Maybe tomorrow I will get the other half done. Ha!!!
Another thing to make me happy today... my darling gal pal Kylie is in Mildura and got me some of these!! Loving them. Loving her. Can NOT wait to scrap with them!

Peace and Love out...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home again...

Four flights in four days, now we are home again... which is so very nice :-) All I can say is: I am not so sure about our impending 4 week trapse all about Europe... I am such a sook, seriously!! I really dont like those little spaces on planes, and Mikaela trying to get comfy.. and me (with my BIG belly) trying to accomodate her... and feeling rather claustriphobic! THEN there is the "cramming 100 billion things into ONE day... EVERY day for 28 days" I am tired just thinking about it! Oh I know, I am a DQP (drama queen princess)... but a pregnant one and it will be harder than the usual travel adventure, which is usually taxing in itself. Our departure is only 31 sleeps away. And our schedule is pretty full on between now and then too, let me say!

Anyways... back to more recent days. The day after Bobs funeral (which was a lovely truibute) Nath, Cass (SIL to be), Mikaela and I went down to Victor Harbor and spent the day together, just seeing the sights and being one as family!

We walked over the 630mtr causeway to Granite Island and were passed by a Horse Drawn Tram.
We saw a
Seal, putting on a show for all passerbyers, such a show pony he was really cute. Such a sight, Mikaela delighted in watching him twist and turn, rub his nose, splash water on himself.

We had a BIG lunch of seafood before heading back.

We totally forgot about the lovely blonde lady we'd seen on the way... she had a sign to a Penguin Centre, but explained regrettably that it was closed, she was only opening for a school group. When she saw how disappointed Mikaela was, she said "you come by on your way back and I will see what I can show you".

Weeeeelllll...We had our own private viewing and tour of the Penguin Centre... there were 12 in the enclosure and each had a name and story. They were so lovely. As we left I got teary because Dorothy and Keith had been so lovely... and they didnt need to be... they just were, I felt so lucky and blessed. Things like that happen to us all the time... and its those little things that make me feel life is truly amazing!

Then on to HorseShoe Bay for a dip in the icy antartic waters. I have never swam in such freezing waters as I have in South Australia, but I **LOVE** it. It is so envigorating, crisp, pure... all the things I adore about the ocean, plus icy. Its wonderful. Of course it is not long before Mikaela is shivvering and instead she plays in the sun and sand until it is time to go.

So now we are home and pottering about and relaxing before the new week begins.
Kaela is on school holidays, which means a few days with Mum and a few days at holiday program while I am working.

A few things I am enjoying right now (and often):
** Karen Russell... I love her candid blogging, she has me laughing along with her, for a woman with four kids and a pretty full on career ~ I find her so inspiring ~

** Eye candy.... its always Oh Joy, I dont know how she DOES it, but she does, and I am so thankful she DOES! Yummy yummy stuff.

** Droowling over the April Sissey kit, which I should get in the next week or so! YUM!

** These papers I got in Mount Barker... just around the corner from Nath's parents home.

Its Monday now... I am at home with Mikaela as she has hurt her neck... poor baby!
Love and Peace out...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


We're in Adelaide for Nath's Grandfather's funeral, which is tomorrow.
Bob died aged 83years... and although I only met him a few times in the past two years, he was someone who came to hold a special place in my heart. As Nath's Grandfather, whom he loved dearly... I too came to love him, he became like a Grandfather to me {and Mikaela} also.

I know Nath is really sad he wont meet our babe, but we were able to share the news of the pregnancy in person a couple of months ago. He was, for the first time I had seen, speechless... we all had a great laugh about that!!

Here is a photo of Bob and Nath... when Nath was just a babe, 1973! Seriously cute.

He will be missed.
And tomorrow we celebrate his life and his achievements.
Peace out...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

EAJC #14, birds...

I *WAS* going to use a photo of my sisters... they are great birds!
Instead I ended up with this... major use of Basic Grey Products, rub ons and paper... all BG plus, as always, the suduko desk calendar for the date.

We have a LOT of birds in my home town of Canberra. I am used to them so dont always notice, but when I travel and come home... its the first thing I notice. A major thing I miss.

I hope you all had beautiful Easter breaks.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter dudes...

Enjoy, have fun and take good care of each other.
If you are travelling, be safe!

We are off to Sydney, a 3 hour drive to catch up with my one of my lifer gal pals, Naomi... and her son Jordan {Mikaela affectionately calls him her step-brother} CUTE AS!

Sunday we are off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show... another first for all three of us, Nath, Mikaela and I have never been before.

So many firsts this year *grin*

My sisters are coming here for some R&R... a city swap.
Enjoy the chocolate, the spiritual significance and the family peeps.

I leave you with this photo of Mikaela... I love how she is showing her new tooth coming up, crooked *grin* and that FRO, sweet as.

Love out...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is L.O.V.E....

LOVE, as big and deep as it gets.
Mother and Child...

Can you tell my pregnancy hormones are going nutz today?? *grin*

Photo taken by the best man I know! I love you Nath xxx... not the best photographer in our home, just the best man okay!

Create the life you dream of Goddesses.
With Love...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

EAJC #13, Whats on your mind...

Emily's challenge this week was "whats on your mind"...

For me its the obvious, BABY- baby & Baby... plus a multitude of other things, such as Nath, Mikaela, Family, our overseas holiday in May... which leads to finances, includes buying a house/investment??, My Sisters, Friendships, KiwiScraps FreeStylers (SO SOON, homework etc etc), Scrapping (pretty much always on my mind), GreenHills (another scrap weekend with my lovely gal pals.. cant wait for some relaxed scrapping)... Italy, Paris, London... mostly Italy. And Baby!

Lots of things on my mind... as always :-)
Love and hugs...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Flex #6, unrelated photos can tell a story...

Patty's challenge this week involves unrelated photos... I have two layouts for this challenge.

One I did a while ago photos of both Mikaela and I in similar poses at the approximate same age.
And this one I did specifically for this challenge... a photo of Mikaela and I when she was a baby and a photo of her and I taken in the last year... and a bit of reflecting at how quickly the time passes and how big she is today.

Great challenge Patty!!
I loved it :-)

Another two Emily scraplifts...

Just for fun.
Because I love to be pushed out of my comfort zone, creatively speaking... and b/c I enjoyed this challenge so much, that I couldn't leave it at just one lift!
So here are two more for Aussie Dare #19.
Okay off to help the hubs with dinner, okay he is technically not the hubs, but as I once read on Karen's blog (who is also not currently married).... easier to say than "My Baby's Daddy" - totally cracked me up!
Love and Joy out...