Monday, April 02, 2007

Flex #6, unrelated photos can tell a story...

Patty's challenge this week involves unrelated photos... I have two layouts for this challenge.

One I did a while ago photos of both Mikaela and I in similar poses at the approximate same age.
And this one I did specifically for this challenge... a photo of Mikaela and I when she was a baby and a photo of her and I taken in the last year... and a bit of reflecting at how quickly the time passes and how big she is today.

Great challenge Patty!!
I loved it :-)


Lis said...

Fantastic layouts! Love the photos :)

Jodes said...


Patty S said...

great layouts - it's fun to compare our baby pictures with our child's baby pictures. it's amazing at the similarities between parent and child. and the passage of time, it's too darn quick! they grow up so fast.
so glad you joined me again for the challenge and that you're having fun....hope to see you for this week's exercise!! patty :-)

Gigi said...

oh rocked this challenge!! those pics are so fantastic & i love how you did the comprasion funny!!! i'm sure she LOVES looking at these of her mommy as a little babe...too cute!

& i'm loving all of your super cool touches on #2. the ledger letters, the ripped journal papers, the rub all works so great together. & of course, those pics are awesome! makes a girl want to stop & smell the roses..time goes so quickly! savor & enjoy!

love your art my dear...such an amazing window to your wonderful soul!

Turner Family said...

Love the layouts Bek - Could look at your art all day!!!

Shaz said...

Oh my God, you 2 are so cute.
Love you babe xxx

Angela Marie said...

This is wonderful! I love the letter "M"... and just how you laid it all out!

Very clever!

ceanandjen said...

This is so lovely; I love the blue and brown...and of course the side by side pictures of you and beautiful M as babies.


~Bek~ said...

My little sister Lee rang me and left a message on my voice mail after she saw this post.

She was in stitches at my little head popping over the cot and me with the mini piano, as she said I looked like I was wearing a toupe(sp?)... I of course could not stop laughing... as that is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the photos.

Your funny Lee... Love you!