Monday, April 30, 2007

KiwiScraps Freestyle 2007 ROCKED....

It was wonderful!
What can I say??
I had a great time reconnecting with one of my oldest gal pals (not old in years of her age, but our friendship age... you knew that is what I meant, right?)
My gal pal Jodes and I were overdue for some serious reconnecting and open hearted chats.
I really missed our frank and open discussions.
Honest and vulnerable ... its a beautiful thing to have that.
I am definately very fortunate to have such special women in my life.
Didee was with us too most of the time... and it was so great to just scrap, scrap and scrap!
I also met some of my "online" friends... Sarah and Lusi.
LOVELY ladies.
So happy to "touch their bodies" as Lusi said.... yeah I know what you meant Luse.. smile!
I also got to meet Pip and Ngaire... BOTH gorgeous creative gals!!

Jodes and I got barely any sleep as we spent most nights up till all ours chatting and giggling and telling one another to "get to sleep" before talking another hour. And laughing a fair bit of that too. Example: me on the way to the toilet imitating myself during labour with Mikaela!! Ordinarily not that funny... but with HOURS of classes, creative energies a high, excitement and some tiredness... well comes hysterical laughter over things that are not REALLY THAT funny.

Like I said... twas a wonderful weekend!!
Only thing is that I wished that Moo, Kyle and Kim were there too.

THE EMILY... is WONDERFUL. She taught us so many kewl techniques and stuff !!! Nath just told me "I like what you've done here around this photo".... the sanding background that Ems taught us... LOVE it. Dying paper towels... getting messy with paint. Emily is SO down to earth and her classes were easy and breezy... just a sunny pleasure to be in. NO stress, no headache. Just perfectly fun!

I scored a box of 23 left over tubes of Matisse paints, okay some of the tubes are almost empty, but SOME are almost full too. And just a dab of paint can go along way!! So I was totally impressed with my $10 purchase, what a bargin!! See... I CAN budget (hahaha)

THEN I got home to my Sissey April kit... OMG it is amazing. I love it !! I am planning some photos shoots just to do this kit some justice, seriously great stuff!! Michelle is one clever chickie.

OH... and our baby is wonderful. We had our 19 week ultrasound last week. The baby is doing brilliantly, its a good size and gave us a THUMBS UP (Aussie for "she'll be right mate" meaning its all good).

I admit I am MUCH more fearful this time than I was with Mikaela. Maybe its because with her I had never heard any "bad" stories, let alone experienced any with friends or anything like that. Since she came into this world some six years ago... well there have been plenty of bad stories and I get nervous from time to time.

I also get the "my life is just as I dreamed, not perfect... but better than I ever dreamed (REALLY) so something must go wrong" thoughts from time to time too.

Why oh why do we do that to ourselves. Sighhhhhh.
Thankfully Nath is brilliant and I have beautiful girlfriends to reassure me I am a nutter *grin*

I HAVE photos.. but photobucket is not playing right now... and MBD (my babies daddy) is calling me to bed.

Oiw... AND I didnt get to see Ems video of her scrap room... but I heard about her DH, Mick doing "David Attingborough" impersination, she is going to post on her blog one day... and I will be sure to link, cause it is supposed to be hilarious. *I* went out for Thai with the Jodes and my sister Meeges instead. ALL good!

I hope all is well in your worlds.
Love out...


mich said...

Welcome home honey pie ... glad you and Jodes had a great time ... and that your little soul is blossoming!


Shaz said...

so happy you had a fab time, tell mbd (so cute) That I said hi and I miss you all heaps. Rub your tummy and tell that baby it is loved from many different people, me bigger and

Hugs and kisses sweetness xx

Pip Prosser said...

Hi Bek, it was so good to meet you on the weekend, thanks for having breaky with me. I hounded Michelle for a link to your blog and I have really enjoyed reading your latest entries. Your little girl is just gorgeous and I love the photo of her with her hair everywhere, so natural. I will definitely be popping by on a regular basis. Take care,

Manon Keir said...

You lucky girl going to kiwi scraps!! Can't wait to see the LO's...

the let me feel you irl girl :) said...

hi gorgeous girl :) so glad to touch you irl (still sounds so wrong lol) and that gorgeous belly of yours!
Can't wait to see you again sometime and in the meantime I'll get my regular blogging fix of my Bek!
Lots of love sweet,
Lus x

Moo said...

I am so jealous! That photo of you and Emily is fantastic! So kewl! I can still remember my teary moments, and I too have cried in the post office...Everyone loves you and hope you get another massage/pamper soon...Peace Moo