Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Artists Date....

... with her.
Is the best ever!
Got lots happening, lots on my mind and plate... crazy busy with our departure on our overseas holiday in two weeks, and court dates and deadlines... Scrapping stuff... projects and teaching. IT nerdy stuff... PowerPoint presentations to give to management and IT Team, all good and fun, just not all at once!
I knew an artists date with Mikaela would totally cheer me up.

Unfortunately whilst at the post office running an errand I promised Nath... my pregnancy massage that was booked in for this Friday... and was kinda keeping me together with something pampering to look forward to ... got cancelled.
I tried not to, but I cried.
In the post office.
Mikaela was most concerned... so I told her why.
She {and the postal clerk serving me} were both very sympathetic and supportive.
Which only made me feel more tender, but better.

So after a teary... what does one really require??
Icecream thats what !!

I so *love* that grin. Makes my heart melt. I love this child so much!!

So here is to getting out... breathing in the fresh autumn air and taking in the beauty of our everyday lifes... especially when it gets crazy hectic.
Thanks Mikaela... out with you was the exact medicine I required. I love you honey.


ceanandjen said...

:-( that your appt. was cancelled, but a big :-) that you and M had such a fabulous day out together. I heart that photo of her kissing your belly....warm and wonderful.

love to you

Shaz said...

Hey gorgeous thinking of you xxx

Man she is growing you need to post after the bub is born your perception of M's size when you first see her. When I first seen Dana after Kyles birth she was only 16 months old and still a bub but she looked huge like a big girl not my baby any more it was a surreal moment.

Lus :) said...

that post just almsot made me cry. beautiful girls - both of you!
Lus x

Sarah said...

Great pics - your girl is gorgeous!

BTW, you've been tagged!