Monday, May 07, 2007

EAJC # 16, get someone else to contribute...

Emily's latest challenge is to get someone else to contribute to your card.

I got Sarah to do mine at KiwiScraps.
I love what she did, added some material, stitching and a button! Cute as!


Journaling is:
Sarah Abbott of Melb was my guest Artist for Emily's challenge this week. Sarah and I "knew" each other via blogging but this was our first meeting IRL (in real life). I LOVE that we have met now!!! KiwiScraps Freestylers was a great event. A creative smorgesboard of fun and friends.

I am hoping to post some more... some of the projects I did at KiwiScraps, my "Shiny Happy People" mini album I created from Emily's class.... such fun! Not sure how I will go with timing between now and our holidays, work etc, see how I go. DESPERATELY wanting to do Patty's challenges I have been missing them SO MUCH.
Will have to save them for my return I am afraid :-(

Also have a "travel journal" to share... both Mikaela and I have made one to take notes of our holiday experience. The before and after shots are sure to be fun.

Enjoy Art...

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