Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spot the difference...

My belly cast from Mikaela some 6+ years ago - done five days before she was born!
And the one we did on Saturday of our babe I am HEAVILY pregnant with right now!
Vast difference :)
We will wait to find out whether babe is a boy or girl before I finish decorating.
We did the cast at the same time of my pregnancy.
Mikaela and this babe were/are both due on a Thursday.
In terms of gestation - Mikaela was born, today!
Three weeks early.
I really dont think this baby has any intention of coming early... tho I keep hoping I am going into labour at any slight niggle :) LOL!

I am quite bored and restless...

Is it fair that I think it REALLY amusing to call Nath at work and tell him I am in labour :) ?? I only did it once... I thought I was SO FUNNY... kept me amused for at least 20 mins.

Other than that.... not much else going on in my world.
My attention span just sucks!
I have been getting LOTS of things done... none of which are all that important as going into labour - frankly!
Just waiting :)
I am turning from "glowing, happy pregnant Bek" into "cranky, bitch... totally wanting baby OUT pregnant Bek"
Be glad you are not near me LOL!
I am however, still laughing and the sun is shinning.
So really its all good, just so so impatient am I!
Have beautiful days loves...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kaela's Play Date...

This past Sunday from 2-4pm, a group of six year olds came over to ours to play. It was SO much fun, even for Nath and I... we laughed SO MUCH! One of the other parents, David stayed to assist also, which was greatly appreciated.
Ingredients for successful play date:
A whold lotta PARTY FOOD!!
REAL eggs for egg and spoon race
Few pairs of old stockings to cut up and use for 3-legged racing.
A few very excited 6 year olds....

So they ate and drank until their fill.

We walked down to the local park (and football oval).
Most of the kidlets ran ahead and had to wait at each corner or road crossing.
They played on the park equipment.

Then they played some games:
* egg and spoon race
* three legged race and
* marco polo.

Drank and ate more - played more.

Another walk back to ours... and some relaxing infront of the teev for some, and courtyard games for others.

It was such a great afternoon, with lots and lots of belly laughs!
Spring is definitely in the air.
Loving this life... JOY !

Monday, August 27, 2007

EAJC 34, Funny Ha HA...

Ems challenge this week is Funny Haha... here's my card:

Jodes took this photo of us on Saturday. Even tho it is a blurry photo, I love it as it captures the moment perfectly. Nath is nestling into my boob... SUCH A BOY! Nath is always doing silly things like that to get me laughing.
And it always works!!

In fact... Nath prides himself on being able to make me laugh more than anyone else, and its true most the time.

He TOTALLY LOVES the fact that if we have an argument he can always make me crack into a smile. I at times find this SO ANNOYING, but in a "how can I possibly be annoyed kinda way" - puts things in perspective!

Nath is especially pleased with himself if he manages to get me to snort, as thats what I do when I find something (or him) EXTREMELY funny. Not a very graceful habit - but funny.

I'll take fun over grace anyday :-)
Thanks Ems for another great challenge...
Happy Monday.


I am not sure that this is strictly under the category of "romance" but here are a few photos my dear friend Jodes took of us on Saturday. Jodes came over for a roast with her boy Jake, who Mikaela has known since day dot as Jodes and I have been friends forever. CUTE AS watching those those two hanging out.

Saturday was the usual, a day of ballet, shopping, basketball, PLUS gorgeous girlfriend :-), roast dinner, photos and football. Nath and Jode both go for the same team, and are both really funny to listen to or watch when they watch the game!

Today I am off to get the baby car seat fitted and then we are SO READY for baby!
Have a great Monday!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Saturday is a good day to...

B e

Get BE from here.
The word "Romantic" is a photo I took in Serbia May this year.
Inspired by Jen. Thanks love!

Not a bad aim for tomorrow...
Have a great weekend romantics!!

Pinkie Promise...

So Thursday afternoons are swimming lessons for Mikaela, once upon a time I used to go into the pool with her after her lesson, pretty much every week. I love to swim, float... to just be in the water.
Not so much lately.
However, the trickster.... MADE me pinkie promise I would yesterday... that damn pinkie promise!!!

So I HAD to go in.... mmmmmm nice heavily pregnant woman in a swimsuit! Funnnneeee.
Sorry I dont have any photos to share. LOL! At least I wasnt in my bikini (only because it wont fit!) Hahaha.

It was hilarious - Mikalea and one of her class mates (Jessica) had me in stiches as they swam underneath me as I floated.... what was I some giant whale?? Probably :-) They were playing all kinds of imagination games, mermaids... creatures under the water. Me as a whale, wellllll its not much of a stretch.

I almost drowned as I was laughing so much. Have you ever tried to float and laugh at the same time?

Happy Friday peeps...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally I can share....

The most fabulous news.
The uber talented, the wonderful, my friend "Ms Celine Navarro" is coming to Australia to teach classes at PaperCrafts 2-4 November....
Whooooooo - Hoooooooo! She is a little excited about it too!!! Just slightly :-)
So whats gonna happen is this.... Me and my clan are all going...Nath and Mikaela and our newborn bubba are going to stay at the hotel at the Penrith Club... were its being held.

I will either take babe with me to Celine's classes, or Nath will look after him/her with Mikaela. Depends on the booby sitch etc. I couldnt express with Mikaela, such a numpty :-) Its just weird to me... like what the???

Soooooo... a couple of other friends and their hubs and kidlets are coming tooo..... so this is sure to be an AMAZING weekend and adventure...

Celine is coming to Oz... Whoo hoooo!
STOKED peoples, totally stoked.
Even more so, that my guy agreed to this adventure... but of course, he is such a darling!

Anyways loves...
hop to it,
get registered,
get organised...
I can NOT wait to see you all there!


Monday, August 20, 2007

EAJC #33, 10 minutes...

Wow, this was EXACTLY what I needed today :-) Why is it, when we have time on our hands to "spare" we get all funky and unable to concentrate??? I dunno!
Actually, may have a LOT to do with me not sleeping well due to indigestion and being so big with this babe of ours... LOL!

Anywhooos... I *LOVED* Emily's latest card challenge. 10 minutes to get a card done, here's mine:
When I first started this art challenge, I painted all 52 cards straight up, so check, that part was done.
What I did in the 10 minutes:
* cut the three words live, love, laugh out of some 12x12 + stapled
* cut the calendar out of the suduko desk thingy I have + stapled
* applied some red crayon around the edges
* Stamped the following:
- Rhonna Farrer's Botanicals acrylics,
- Heidi Swapp "adore" journal block acrylic
- Cherry Art dragon fly acrylic
* stapled some ribbon on to the side (from my latest Sissey kit, which arrived today and is AMAZING!!)
* scribbled in some journaling "A beautiful time in our lives"... Can't wait for baby to arrive! Getting so big and sleeping on the couch"
* journaling on the back about indigestion and other such pregnancy related JOYS (NOT)... to make me acutally LOOK FORWARD to labour LOL! I am really looking forward to meeting our happy and healthy (still 2 weeks larger than dates).... very soon!

Thats it ... 10 mins up!
Just in time to collect Kaela from school and go feed some ducks in the sunshine.
Peace and jOY out lovelies...
Thanks Ems for another great challenge!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cute as pie...

And as cheeky as a monkey! Happy Sunday.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

He is the best man I know.....

I am so lucky, AND HUGE... The photos of me alone don't really show me in "scale"...
This certainly does...LOL!
Had me laughing for ages.
Bet I get a concerned phone call from my Dad! *grin*
Even tho Nath may disagree, I am still REALLY loving my pregnancy.
Asides from the indigestion and awkwardness that comes with final stages of pregnancy for me... I am doing well.
Its a beautiful thing!
I am savouring feeling the babe move, I love that feeling :-)

Thanks for taking the pics Kyle xx
Have a great weekend everybodies.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My haven...

This is where I spend a great deal of my "spare" time... today all I managed to do in here was to put the blind up, check some email and collect a few things before dashing out the door...
This is my newly configured desk space with make-shift shelf... handy andy!
I try to keep it this tidy all the time, usually lasts about, oh... as long as it took to take the photo, LOL!
My supplies...

This pile of "STUFF" is awaiting a lateral filing cabinet we have on order, was hoping it would arrive before baby, but looks very unlikely. Oh well.

A few of my favourite items: This is a photo of me and Kaela when she is about 3 weeks old, ie her due date.
A great painting by Liza Paizis, I have this one and another "Autumn Angel" both are very beautiful.
Just plain cute...
And so glad to see Kaela taking after me. Lipgloss is my "if I only had one thing on me in a crisis" items, may not be practical, but its true. Cant believe this little lady here is the very same as the baby photo above!! Wowsers time flies! I SO remind me of my grandparents... already, LOL!
I had a LOT to do today, take Mum to the doctors and do some shopping, go to our health fund and medicare... basic errands to run. HOME for lunch with my gal pal Kim. Coffee with Ian, an old work colleague.... then collect Kaela from school and take her to swimming lessons.

I hope you had a good one too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daily Something...

And so I "begin", and by begin - I mean - so far all I have managed to achieve towards my "Daily Something" is to buy this SUPER cute journal by this lovely artist {ALL her things are SO SO yummy}. I got it at Diafora, a fabulous home and giftwares store I have loved forever, it is such a beautiful shop. Being there gave me my DS for today, but I am too tired to do it right now. So I will do it tomorrow!

I just had to share how very adorable this journal is...
Other things for today...
** It was my *very first day* of being a SAHM again! WhooHooo. I finished work yesterday. Such a relief. NOW I can get onto my list of a trillion things to do before baby arrives LOL!

*** Nath caught a plane to Sydney to collect my new car. When I picked Kaela up from school this afternoon- she was REALLY excited, jumping up and down and squealing. She made me laugh SO MUCH. For Mikaela... a car is ALL about the alloys, or mags... or whatever they are called. She approves. I feel very spoilt, she's a beauty! Nath has an IS300 - they're the same colour and they look very CUTE side-by-side in the garage. We are seriously DORKY! I have been told that a Lexus is a "pimp" car in the USA... mmm that is funny, they aren't here, unless you are in your early 20s... I have seen a couple. Quite hilarious really - I assure you Nath has no intention of "pimping his ride" anytime soon LOL!!

***** I CLEANED my scrap room, like sparkly clean. Will post pics tomorrow.

There are other exciting things a happening too, like people booking flights and plans to visit when baby arrives... all very good stuff indeedy.

Happy Hump Day loves...


Monday, August 13, 2007

EAJC #s 27, 30, 31 and 32....

Playing catch up here... and I forgot to post Ali's one from some weeks ago... sheez!

EAJC #27 was a challenge set by Ali, to use junk mail... This was the weekend when Nath's parents were visiting from Adelaide and we went to buy our baby furniture and items, there was a lot of looking at the "junk mail" of baby catalogues that weekend.

EAJC #30, Count them... your blessings: * My family, He, She, Me and baby on the way
* Having a great pregnancy
* Our Health, SO SO SO grateful
* My sisters unconditional love
* My "sisterhood"... lifer friends who are my sisters
* Our city, neighbourhood, lifestyle
* The best life partner EVER!
* Our happy home
* My strength, compassion, optimism
* My life, making GOOD decisions and choices.

EAJC #31, No Regrets... I dont regret being honest and truthful, even when it hurts. Life is not a fairy tale, life is real. I would rather tell the truth and know I am on solid ground with whatever the outcome, then to lie and live a life on false, fake and ultimately shaky grounding.

EAJC #32, Quiet... We have just over 5 weeks until our baby is expected. This weekend we managed to set up the nursery. I find myself going in there numerous times a day, just to look at all the tiny clothes and soaking it all in. Its gorgeous. Right now it's very quiet, but not for long!!

I have added all my "Emily Art Journal Challenge" cards to my SIS Portfolio too, go here to have a look-see. I am up to date, feels so good :-) !!

ALSO at my SIS Portfolio.... is a mini-album, or not so mini, tis about 10" x 10"... an Emily Falconbridge mini album, Shiny Happy People. I did her SHP class at KiwiScraps Freestyle in Sydney April 2007. I finished this album in May and found it TODAY. Go take a peek if you like. It is very shiny, and happy!

I feel so accomplished having done all this today LOL!

Happy Monday

Sunday, August 12, 2007


As you may have noticed, lately I have been playing a bit with PhotoShop, which I *love*. I am a big fan of the Adobe Creative Suite and was first introduced to it some years ago. As a Technical Writer... I found it to be an invaluable tool of the trade, creating manuals and quick reference guides. Only recently have I been able to dabble in the fun (un-work) related side to the package, and I am having a ball. I am in no way an expert by any stretch of the definition {or imagination :-)}. Fortunately for me, most of the enjoyment is in the learning, which is such a good thing as there is SO MUCH to learn. I have done an evening course for InDesign, but mainly I am self or on-the-job taught.

A few finds I thought to share as you may find useful also:
Action Central - has a VAST and WIDE variety of actions and tutorials for FREE (and we like free :))

Of particular interest to me was this tutorial on CREATING ACTIONS... I am yet to give it a go, but its on my list of things to do!

PhotoShop Support... lots of kewl stuff here too!

I recently purchased these gems... Itty Bitty Actions (borders) by the talented JinkyArt. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Seriously yummy stuff. REALLY love her colour popping actions too. Much!

I am hoping to upgrade from CS2 to CS3 veeeerrry soon. Okay, really I am just wishing and dreaming LOL! Tho my ability to manifest is rather remarkable at times!

In the meantime I am having a ball altering my pics... and taking more.

TODAY... we are taking photos of our "love" room being set up for baby :-)
Life is good.
Happy Sunday peeps.
Love and Peace out...
Oh and if you have some links or resources you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who's this girl ?...

Some of you may recognise my EXTREMELY talented friend here.... We did a photo swap a little while ago.
I have finally overcame my fear and just got the layout done today :-)

Plus I did this one here for our 2004 album... a beautiful photo of my gorgeous friend Stel.

Go here to see more details of these layouts.

Lucky me to have such beautiful friends that is for sure. One this note, I have another project celebrating the wonderful women in my life to share very soon.

Oh and Nath's condition is Crohn's related for those interested. Not nice, but manageable... we are just happy and grateful that it is treatable!

Peace and love out...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This weeks recap...

I *LOVE* this photo of Mikaela, I took one day after school this past week when we went down to the lake and fed the ducks and swans. The scratches on her face are courtesy of our cat Paris. I was not home when it happened, it occured last weekend when I was at GreenHills.

The story I received:Nath was in his study. Kaela outside playing in the courtyard, came tearing into the house....
N. (to Kaela) whats wrong??
M. Noooooooothing

She runs directly into the bathroom and applies wet tissue paper to her bloodied face. THEN goes into see Nath to show him after she's patched herself up a bit.

I found this story SO funny... when they arrived at Green Hills to pick me up, Kaela ran towards me in excitment and all I could see were the scratches all over her face... meaning she'd been tormenting our cat.

The fact that she tried to hide it... well that just cracks me up!

Kaela has had Paris since she was about 3 years old, no amount of scratches have ever stopped her bothering the cat, and I doubt they ever will !!

Here I am at 33weeks pregnancy... all is going very nicely.
Photo was taken on Friday morning before we headed off for the day. I attended an "Artist Business Workshop" with the Australia Business Arts Foundation. It was such an amazing day, to say the course was SUPERB would be a serious understatement... it was SO informative and inspiring. I have so much information and a tonne of resourses to run with.

Not to mention the other 20 fabulous artists I had the pleasure of spending the day with... it was by far one of the best things I have done for *me* in AGES.

Check out the timetable, and if there is a course near you soon... GO GO GO!

It was a great day... Nath came to get me at the end of the day... and I am pretty sure I spoke non stop without taking a breath until we reached Mikaela's school some 20 mins later LOL!

I now have LOTS of ideas percolatting in my mind about how to use all this wonderful information, and where I am going to take it all...

This weekend has been pretty great, went to Cootamundra (about 1.5hours drive) to attend Lilly's 2nd Birthday celebrations... so cute. There were 5 pregnant women there, including myself and I felt right at home *grin* There were also about 8 kids and quite a few babies for Mikaela to practice playing big sister on. She has been SO insistent about having a brother... it was great to see her bonding with an 8mnth little girl and decide that she was rather cute and that a sister wouldn't be so bad afterall *grin* Nath was the proud father-to-be just grinning most of the day!

Then there was all the usual weekend stuff... Kaela's horseriding, fruit and veg shopping at the markets, getting creative... making mini-albums with Kaela, family time... snuggling and watching movies, chatting with girlfriends. A nice relaxing weekend. I love driving in the country-side too, so that was nice to do.

Nath has an operation tomorrow... so he has to drink all this yukky stuff. Hopefully its nothing to serious. Drs are just taking a look-see to make sure all is a-okay. I am going to be there to hold his hand and will be sure to let you know how it goes.

EDIT 7 August: Nath's operation went really well... he is like a "super recovery" type, which is fabulous! We found out the issue and he will need to be medicated for life... but it is no MAJOR biggy and we are grateful to know what it is and that we can treat it! Whoohooo! I am SO proud of my guy... so so so proud :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Happy Sunday evening...
Love and Peace out.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Here are a few pics from our weekend retreat just passed...

The weekend at GreenHills is SO fabulous. Myself and about 6 of my closest gal pals are all passionate about scrapbooking {and getting a WHOLE weekend to ourselves once a year, with nothing to worry about but scrapping - no kids, no chores, nothing but scrapping and yapping}.

We stayed up until 0130am both the Friday and Saturday night, then had to be at the meals hall for breakfast 8am SHARP, or you miss out. We made it... we HAD to, I cant function at the moment without breaky... anyways I digress...

Our friendships span from 3 - 20+ years, most of them I have known for around 13years! One of them, I am pretty sure we met in a previous life :) We have seen each other through many of lifes ups and downs ... I am grateful daily to have them in my life. We all are. These are seriously wonderful women! Strong and courageous.

The only downer is that we look forward to it for ages... then it is done in a flash! At least we have next year to look forward to. These are (some of) the projects I did over the weekend:

Go here if you'd like to see more details on these projects.

Peace Out...