Saturday, August 18, 2007

He is the best man I know.....

I am so lucky, AND HUGE... The photos of me alone don't really show me in "scale"...
This certainly does...LOL!
Had me laughing for ages.
Bet I get a concerned phone call from my Dad! *grin*
Even tho Nath may disagree, I am still REALLY loving my pregnancy.
Asides from the indigestion and awkwardness that comes with final stages of pregnancy for me... I am doing well.
Its a beautiful thing!
I am savouring feeling the babe move, I love that feeling :-)

Thanks for taking the pics Kyle xx
Have a great weekend everybodies.


nicole said...

What a great photo sweet!!

Denise said...

Congrats and good luck to you! Hard to believe my little guy will be 1 this September 25th. Enjoy every moment!!

Patty S said...

what a nice photo of the two of you!!!! so sweet!
patty ;-)

ceanandjen said...

You look beautiful...and this photo is lovely.xoxo

Turner Family said...

You look gorgeous, that's quite a baby bump you have!