Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daily Something...

And so I "begin", and by begin - I mean - so far all I have managed to achieve towards my "Daily Something" is to buy this SUPER cute journal by this lovely artist {ALL her things are SO SO yummy}. I got it at Diafora, a fabulous home and giftwares store I have loved forever, it is such a beautiful shop. Being there gave me my DS for today, but I am too tired to do it right now. So I will do it tomorrow!

I just had to share how very adorable this journal is...
Other things for today...
** It was my *very first day* of being a SAHM again! WhooHooo. I finished work yesterday. Such a relief. NOW I can get onto my list of a trillion things to do before baby arrives LOL!

*** Nath caught a plane to Sydney to collect my new car. When I picked Kaela up from school this afternoon- she was REALLY excited, jumping up and down and squealing. She made me laugh SO MUCH. For Mikaela... a car is ALL about the alloys, or mags... or whatever they are called. She approves. I feel very spoilt, she's a beauty! Nath has an IS300 - they're the same colour and they look very CUTE side-by-side in the garage. We are seriously DORKY! I have been told that a Lexus is a "pimp" car in the USA... mmm that is funny, they aren't here, unless you are in your early 20s... I have seen a couple. Quite hilarious really - I assure you Nath has no intention of "pimping his ride" anytime soon LOL!!

***** I CLEANED my scrap room, like sparkly clean. Will post pics tomorrow.

There are other exciting things a happening too, like people booking flights and plans to visit when baby arrives... all very good stuff indeedy.

Happy Hump Day loves...



Patty S said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!!!!
enjoy your NEW CAR and best of all the new car smell!!!
have fun at home getting ready for the baby!
{hugs} patty :-)

nicole said...

love that new journal! can't wait to see your creations inside too.
And glad to hear you are full time SAHM - I'm sure it will be a full time plus with all the baby prep :)
Have a great day girl!