Sunday, August 05, 2007

This weeks recap...

I *LOVE* this photo of Mikaela, I took one day after school this past week when we went down to the lake and fed the ducks and swans. The scratches on her face are courtesy of our cat Paris. I was not home when it happened, it occured last weekend when I was at GreenHills.

The story I received:Nath was in his study. Kaela outside playing in the courtyard, came tearing into the house....
N. (to Kaela) whats wrong??
M. Noooooooothing

She runs directly into the bathroom and applies wet tissue paper to her bloodied face. THEN goes into see Nath to show him after she's patched herself up a bit.

I found this story SO funny... when they arrived at Green Hills to pick me up, Kaela ran towards me in excitment and all I could see were the scratches all over her face... meaning she'd been tormenting our cat.

The fact that she tried to hide it... well that just cracks me up!

Kaela has had Paris since she was about 3 years old, no amount of scratches have ever stopped her bothering the cat, and I doubt they ever will !!

Here I am at 33weeks pregnancy... all is going very nicely.
Photo was taken on Friday morning before we headed off for the day. I attended an "Artist Business Workshop" with the Australia Business Arts Foundation. It was such an amazing day, to say the course was SUPERB would be a serious understatement... it was SO informative and inspiring. I have so much information and a tonne of resourses to run with.

Not to mention the other 20 fabulous artists I had the pleasure of spending the day with... it was by far one of the best things I have done for *me* in AGES.

Check out the timetable, and if there is a course near you soon... GO GO GO!

It was a great day... Nath came to get me at the end of the day... and I am pretty sure I spoke non stop without taking a breath until we reached Mikaela's school some 20 mins later LOL!

I now have LOTS of ideas percolatting in my mind about how to use all this wonderful information, and where I am going to take it all...

This weekend has been pretty great, went to Cootamundra (about 1.5hours drive) to attend Lilly's 2nd Birthday celebrations... so cute. There were 5 pregnant women there, including myself and I felt right at home *grin* There were also about 8 kids and quite a few babies for Mikaela to practice playing big sister on. She has been SO insistent about having a brother... it was great to see her bonding with an 8mnth little girl and decide that she was rather cute and that a sister wouldn't be so bad afterall *grin* Nath was the proud father-to-be just grinning most of the day!

Then there was all the usual weekend stuff... Kaela's horseriding, fruit and veg shopping at the markets, getting creative... making mini-albums with Kaela, family time... snuggling and watching movies, chatting with girlfriends. A nice relaxing weekend. I love driving in the country-side too, so that was nice to do.

Nath has an operation tomorrow... so he has to drink all this yukky stuff. Hopefully its nothing to serious. Drs are just taking a look-see to make sure all is a-okay. I am going to be there to hold his hand and will be sure to let you know how it goes.

EDIT 7 August: Nath's operation went really well... he is like a "super recovery" type, which is fabulous! We found out the issue and he will need to be medicated for life... but it is no MAJOR biggy and we are grateful to know what it is and that we can treat it! Whoohooo! I am SO proud of my guy... so so so proud :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Happy Sunday evening...
Love and Peace out.


Siany said...

You look sooo beautiful!! xx

Turner Family said...

Bek - beautiful pictures. I hope that Nath will be OK, always a bit nerve racking going in for an operation. Pass on my love.

Lus :) said...

hi gorgeous girlie :)
hey i am so glad to know that nath's op went well - didn't realise...big recovery hugs for him!
you look gorgeous as always sweet and loved the greehills pics and lo's esp your SURVIVOR one....very powerful!
Hope Mikaela's face is better soon - that shot of her is stunning!
lots of love
lus x

Manon Keir said...

Love the piccies bec, gorgeous!! You look so radiant.
The weekend in Green hills sounds like soo much fun! Hey we do go to the same places on the weekend (markets.. farmers??).. I'll keep my eye out for you next time :) Looking forward to see you LO for the challenge!!!

Wanda said...

Oh Bek you are so beautiful, and the tummy adorable!!! Love the outfit.

chanel said...

oh you look so cute with your pregnant belly! you must be feeling well ... as you look great!
glad the op went ok ... the photo is gorgeous!
luv c

Colorsonmymind said...

Love the pic of your little one-great shot:)

You look beautiful.

Mich said...

Oh my! Bek you're so beautiful!! Life's just been so crazy of late, but you've been on my mind a lot.

I'm glad to hear you're well and Nath is on the mend.

Love to you all!


magicaldamselfly said...

What a beautiful little Goddess in training your Mikaela is.
You look very beautiful and happy yourself, can't wait to hear that you've got a new bundle but until then enjoy the wonders of pregnancy.
Sending up healing prayers for Nath.

Love to you all,