Monday, August 13, 2007

EAJC #s 27, 30, 31 and 32....

Playing catch up here... and I forgot to post Ali's one from some weeks ago... sheez!

EAJC #27 was a challenge set by Ali, to use junk mail... This was the weekend when Nath's parents were visiting from Adelaide and we went to buy our baby furniture and items, there was a lot of looking at the "junk mail" of baby catalogues that weekend.

EAJC #30, Count them... your blessings: * My family, He, She, Me and baby on the way
* Having a great pregnancy
* Our Health, SO SO SO grateful
* My sisters unconditional love
* My "sisterhood"... lifer friends who are my sisters
* Our city, neighbourhood, lifestyle
* The best life partner EVER!
* Our happy home
* My strength, compassion, optimism
* My life, making GOOD decisions and choices.

EAJC #31, No Regrets... I dont regret being honest and truthful, even when it hurts. Life is not a fairy tale, life is real. I would rather tell the truth and know I am on solid ground with whatever the outcome, then to lie and live a life on false, fake and ultimately shaky grounding.

EAJC #32, Quiet... We have just over 5 weeks until our baby is expected. This weekend we managed to set up the nursery. I find myself going in there numerous times a day, just to look at all the tiny clothes and soaking it all in. Its gorgeous. Right now it's very quiet, but not for long!!

I have added all my "Emily Art Journal Challenge" cards to my SIS Portfolio too, go here to have a look-see. I am up to date, feels so good :-) !!

ALSO at my SIS Portfolio.... is a mini-album, or not so mini, tis about 10" x 10"... an Emily Falconbridge mini album, Shiny Happy People. I did her SHP class at KiwiScraps Freestyle in Sydney April 2007. I finished this album in May and found it TODAY. Go take a peek if you like. It is very shiny, and happy!

I feel so accomplished having done all this today LOL!

Happy Monday


Marjolein said...

Oh Rebecca, what a great catching up in cards! Love them all, specially the junkmail, and the quiet one.....

elin said...

Great. Nice work with catching up on your cards. Is the owl a stamp?
Have a nice day.

Paula said...

Fabulous cards, they are all very good, can't select a favourite.

Anonymous said...

love them, they're all favourite is the junk mail card.

Tristan said...

They are are awesome! I love the use of pictures or magazine clippings on them!

Je@net said...

You did a great job!! Lovely cards!!

Mandy said...

WOW, love each and everyone of them, so creative! And such an exciting time for you!!

Lis said...

All fantastic cards and love your daily something!

Deborah said...

What a great catch up, they're all fantastic and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst you can :)

Debbie said...

Your cards are wonderful. I love how much you managed to get onto such small spaces.
Best baby wishes to you!

emfalconbridge said...

oh bec - i loved seeing these. you are so real and honest. i love what you create. loved seeing your shiny happy album too - you go girl!!