Friday, August 24, 2007

Pinkie Promise...

So Thursday afternoons are swimming lessons for Mikaela, once upon a time I used to go into the pool with her after her lesson, pretty much every week. I love to swim, float... to just be in the water.
Not so much lately.
However, the trickster.... MADE me pinkie promise I would yesterday... that damn pinkie promise!!!

So I HAD to go in.... mmmmmm nice heavily pregnant woman in a swimsuit! Funnnneeee.
Sorry I dont have any photos to share. LOL! At least I wasnt in my bikini (only because it wont fit!) Hahaha.

It was hilarious - Mikalea and one of her class mates (Jessica) had me in stiches as they swam underneath me as I floated.... what was I some giant whale?? Probably :-) They were playing all kinds of imagination games, mermaids... creatures under the water. Me as a whale, wellllll its not much of a stretch.

I almost drowned as I was laughing so much. Have you ever tried to float and laugh at the same time?

Happy Friday peeps...


ceanandjen said...

You know, I would imagine that the floating actually felt quite good. And while you show no pictures here, I am also quite sure that you did not look like anything resembling a are a gorgeous pregnant lady who will soon give birth to a new angel.


Shaz said...

We never got to our float tank but your floating sounds too funny.