Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spot the difference...

My belly cast from Mikaela some 6+ years ago - done five days before she was born!
And the one we did on Saturday of our babe I am HEAVILY pregnant with right now!
Vast difference :)
We will wait to find out whether babe is a boy or girl before I finish decorating.
We did the cast at the same time of my pregnancy.
Mikaela and this babe were/are both due on a Thursday.
In terms of gestation - Mikaela was born, today!
Three weeks early.
I really dont think this baby has any intention of coming early... tho I keep hoping I am going into labour at any slight niggle :) LOL!

I am quite bored and restless...

Is it fair that I think it REALLY amusing to call Nath at work and tell him I am in labour :) ?? I only did it once... I thought I was SO FUNNY... kept me amused for at least 20 mins.

Other than that.... not much else going on in my world.
My attention span just sucks!
I have been getting LOTS of things done... none of which are all that important as going into labour - frankly!
Just waiting :)
I am turning from "glowing, happy pregnant Bek" into "cranky, bitch... totally wanting baby OUT pregnant Bek"
Be glad you are not near me LOL!
I am however, still laughing and the sun is shinning.
So really its all good, just so so impatient am I!
Have beautiful days loves...


Kirsten Michelle said...

sending you blessings for a most beautiful, beautiful birth...
when the time comes ;-)

Siany said...

They look amazing!! You must be so excited (underneath all that "cranky, bitch... totally wanting baby OUT pregnant Bek" lol!!). BTW I think its hilarious that u pretended to be in labour!! Would love to see his reaction!! lol! xx

jenica said...

ahh, the memories of being a huge, nasty, mean, pregnant lady! you're almost there!

Patty S said...

ah yes, i remember those days..... you just want to scream
"get this thing out of me!!"... i can't sleep comfortably, i get stuck in chairs, a can't see my legs when i try to shave them...
LOL!! ;-)
hang in there - the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day! can't wait to see baby pictures!!!!! i was just looking through some old mini albums that i made three to four years ago when my ben was a little guy - it brought tears to my eyes thinking of him that little and now he is off at school.
enjoy, savor, and soak it all in..... having a baby is such a gift!
i'll be checking in daily to see how you're doing. take care of yourself!!!
hugs, patty :-)

ceanandjen said...

These are incredible, and I find it so wonderful that you did them at the same time in your pregnancy. You know what I did in my final weeks? I read and read and read some more, because it was relaxing; it kept my mind off "get this baby out" and I knew that once the boy was born, reading would be a thing of the past! he he

I can't wait to see that little angel of yours AND to know if that angel is a boy or a girl!

Lots of love honey.xoxoxoxo