Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stormy Canberra...

There was a massive storm here last night... thunder, lightening and hail... it was HUGE! Here a couple of snaps that have been forwarded to me... I am not sure who took them so I cant give credit (sorry)
We have REALLY needed the rain due to the drought we have been in for years... but this is really freaky weather for our little city. I wish for more rain, not so much storms!
I have SO MUCH to share… I just need to get some photos taken and uploaded, and I will be able to post my recent creative endeavours:
* Ali Challenge about my personal creative manifesto;
* Emily Challenges.... 3 cards to share
* Wish Jar and Tags... and a few wishes even
* Pottery... mixed medium plate....
Various other projects...

It’s strange, but in my new job, and only working 3 days... my blogging rhythm has been altered. And I am not sure I like it... I know I like to check people’s blogs daily and see them updated....BORING when they don’t. Frustrating even. Maybe that’s just me *smile* But the blogs I love the MOST… like Ali’s is because she posts everyday… even when she travels… I love that!

So am going to make a concerted effort to rectify this sporicidal blogging of mine.

Love and hugs...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bad blogger me…

Sorry I have not blogged in a while!

So many things are happening … 2007 is proving to be a HUGE year! I am not sure about you … but for me those I am close to, 2007 so far is rather, uhmmmm, what is the term I am after here? ~huge, massive, life changing~ a major shifting in and around us all**

My baby girl turned 6 a few days ago. Saturday she had a great disco party at KidsCity, 15 screaming and squealing 6 year olds… she had a blast.

Afterwards we had a lovely BBQ with Kyle and Jas and their clan along with my beautiful sister Lee, which makes me so happy. I love having my sister’s visit. And I love just hanging with friends. Simple and relaxing pleasure.

A BIG happy birthday to my gorgeous gal pal Kyles too… it was her birthday Sunday.

ANOTHER huge thing making me SO HAPPY today is that my youngest sister ~Katrina~ is planning to move back to Canberra again. YAH !!! I can just see our weekly family dinners and catching up for coffees… me so happy! She and her man are coming down this weekend to scope it out a bit :-)

This year I have begun holding monthly Artists Circles… so far we have had one gathering which involved most of my Women’s Group, this weekend I am hoping some of my other creative sisters are able to attend. Its so good to just hang out and get creative with a group of talented and inspiring women.

I had my pottery class Monday night and hoped to collect some pieces to post piccies of, but they have not been fired yet. I am thinking of going to the members day tomorrow, should get a heap done then.

Check out this cute little tribute to Kaela here. Shaz is such a darling heart!

Oiw, and check out these Eight Principles for FUN my gal pal Vanessa sent. Very kewl!

** I am not ready to go into all my major changes just yet, but I can share a few things that are pretty major for me.

Working 3 days a week is okay… but I am REALLY looking for a career change and even tho my horoscopes (teeheheheee) are telling me its all about to happen… how is it that I don’t even know what it is yet?? I have no idea what I want to do…. I only know I am sick of what I AM doing. I also know that this will pass - and to put it simply… I have a job and something else will come along… I just need to be a little more alert to the signs the universe is trying to provide me… at the moment I am not getting it *grin*

Easter… 4 days on a house boat with my loved ones and my lifer friend Naomi and her son Jordan (Mikaela affectionately refers to him as her step-brother, which of course I adore).

May- June… Nath, Mikaela and I are going overseas to Hong Kong, London, Belgrade, Paris and Italy for 4 weeks holiday… practically have it all sorted. SO SORTED that we are not really that excited about it … YET, if you know what I mean? I know I am a weirdo, but it feels too surreal or something right now.

Simplifying…for some time this has been one of my main aims {or maybe it is a continual quest to attain a more simple life}… and this year it has all fallen into place. My relationships and my life is SIMPLE.

Life really is, just very, very simple!
I am SO loving that.
I will post photos later today/tonight (I hope) *grin*

Enjoy life gorgeous ones!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Shimelle's Challenge...

Shimelle's "I have to confess" mini album was so much fun!
*I* of course could only think of two things... my dear darling helpful guy had to give me most of them. Bhahahaha

My confessions are:

  1. I can NOT keep a secret... you know the GOOD ones about *ME* or my family. I just can not keep my mouth closed!!
  2. I hate cleaning the fridge... say no more!
  3. My studio is always MESSY... usually always, very ocassionally it is SPOTLESS, for a whole two seconds a month.
  4. I am a spend thrift... well ~ I am after all ~ an artist *grin*
  5. I am NOT a morning person... really I *love* staying up late.

I loved doing this album, tho it did take some time.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies... Nath and I are off to Adelaide to see his parents and go to a party....


Emily's Challenge...

Week # 5...use some ephemera from your week

I used the ticket stub from the Egyptian Antiquities exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia I went to last Friday with Jode, Jake and Mikaela... our own Mummies and little ones "Artists Date"

Fun times.

Ali Challenge # 14...

The challenge from Ali was:

This week I want you to take a look at those "extras" that are truly delighting you right now and making you want to create. Make a list and then CREATE a layout that details your favorites. I love how people ended up making layouts about their essentials - very cool idea.

So, mmmmm - perhpas my "issue" is that there is not a LOT "delighting" me in MY scrapping world right now. All funky and stuff {grimace}! I gave it some thought and I have decided that my EXTRAS really are all the stuff I have stored in my supplies but dont use... instead I GO BUY MORE CRAP --- what is with THAT??? I have EVERY product imaginable. Truly sad. Well it is when you are in a funk or generally uninspired.

So THIS layout has been created using acrylic paint (LOVE) and watercolours (always fun)... then some new acrylic stamps by Rhonda Farrer... CUTE AS! Then the ever gorgeous Prima Flowers, of which I have a tonne of! Oh and that TAG I got with a bath towel or something for the home... does anyone else JUST HAVE TO collect all TAGS off anything... and then rarely use them?? Yeah, well finally I used one and I am so happy I did!

So there you go... the EXTRAS that are truly delighting me right now... is to use up some of the stuff that "I just had to have" and rarely use *stupid grin* and a roll of the eyes for good measure!

Deep Sigh.... I am happy NOW!

Peace and creative joy out..

Friday, February 02, 2007

An afternoon of bubbles, art and rain...

Is there any thing cuter than two kids creating bubbles or playing in the rain? Nope!

While we are in the midst of a serious drought and water restrictions, every drop of rain is greatly celebrated, and no more so than by these two angels.... Jake and Mikaela were SO excited, it was a joy to watch them.
I think they both enjoyed this part of their day a whole lot more than the Egyptian Antiquities from the Louve Exhibition we took them to earlier in the day *grin* Ahhhh one can only but try... certainly is an experience taking two bright kiddlets to the art gallery.
And now its time for a game or two of Yatzee with Mikaela...
Have beautiful weekends people.
Peace, Love and Art...