Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stormy Canberra...

There was a massive storm here last night... thunder, lightening and hail... it was HUGE! Here a couple of snaps that have been forwarded to me... I am not sure who took them so I cant give credit (sorry)
We have REALLY needed the rain due to the drought we have been in for years... but this is really freaky weather for our little city. I wish for more rain, not so much storms!
I have SO MUCH to share… I just need to get some photos taken and uploaded, and I will be able to post my recent creative endeavours:
* Ali Challenge about my personal creative manifesto;
* Emily Challenges.... 3 cards to share
* Wish Jar and Tags... and a few wishes even
* Pottery... mixed medium plate....
Various other projects...

It’s strange, but in my new job, and only working 3 days... my blogging rhythm has been altered. And I am not sure I like it... I know I like to check people’s blogs daily and see them updated....BORING when they don’t. Frustrating even. Maybe that’s just me *smile* But the blogs I love the MOST… like Ali’s is because she posts everyday… even when she travels… I love that!

So am going to make a concerted effort to rectify this sporicidal blogging of mine.

Love and hugs...


Anonymous said...

Yes get back on it Betty - I've been hanging around for days for you to post some stuff. xx

~Bek~ said...

Little sister Leeroy... its not nice to share nicknames anonymously you know!!

But you are the person who makes me laugh the MOST in this world (asides from Nath, of COURSE!) so you can get away with it.