Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Emily's Challenge # 4

Oiw... I LOVED this one! Em's Challenge this week is: a symbol you love

It took me a little while to come up with this card, first I thought of the Infintiy sign, but it wasnt REALLY what felt totally *me*... this one, absolutely does:

Journalling on the back of the card is: I am a huge supporter of Gay Rights. And of human rights… of loving regardless of gender, race, political or religious persuasions or sexual preference. I believe in loving a person purely because they have a beautiful soul.

A woman without a sisterhood or a man without a brotherhood is one of the saddest things I can imagine. One can endure most anything in life with a supportive network. For me the same goes for a woman or a man without a TRUE friend (not necessarily a lover, but a REAL trusting friend) of the opposite gender.

I believe it is essential to a harmonious community that we connect at a soul level to a few special people in our lives of both genders. That is how we continue a true circle of life. Loving purely.

JUST QUICKLY.... I am LOVING Elsies new product range. I mean REALLY LOVING. Kewl stuff. Yah for Elsie! You go sista!

Peace out.
Keep creating.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mikaela's Mini Pocket Album...

I found this advert in one of my favourite magazines... RIOT.

I thought it to be the perfect "Mini Album" concept. I just love it!

So I interviewed Miss Mikaela on New Years Day, while we were at the beach... and created this album for her.

The cutest thing is that still now... she will follow me around and randomly ask me things like "Mum, how do you want to live?"... totally cracks me up.

Next time I will do the pages the other way around, ie. the five quotes on the left and photo on the right.

Create on !!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ali Challenge # 11, 12 and 13...

Finally I am getting back into my Ali challenges... I was SO NOT READY to get into it again when Ali posted challenge 11... we were in Noosa visiting my Dad, lazing beside the pool!! Seriously, didnt the Edwards just move house??... the woman is a machine !!

So challenge 11 was to find a word for yourself for 2007... mine is CREATE.

Challenge 12 was to locate the definition of your word and copy it onto a 3x5 notecard and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday. Mmm... as you can see in the photo above I have my 2007 word in 30cm chipboard lettering in my studio. I did a layout to incorporate both challenge # 11 and 12:
And this last challenge, number 13, was to identify your creative essentials... My list feels a little incomplete (I know there are items I am missing).. but that is kewl, here is my layout on my scrapbooking essentials...
I am thinking of creating a separate AEzine Challenges album... simply because most layouts are all about *me* and my creative *style*
Looking over the last 13 challenges... I feel each page is more like an art journal than pieces to include in my family yearly album... and that is SO GREAT.
What a gift Ms Ali is hey? Yeah! I appreciate that I have answered my own question there... but really is a no brainer!
Oiw... and speaking of SUPeR WOMeN... y'all heard about Ms Swapp having another bub.... wowsers!!!
I hope to get some photos printed this afternoon, but that requires more organisation than I think I am capable of today.... but if I do, then will have more to share very soon...
Enjoy... and keep creating.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Emily Challenge...

I am doing Em's Art Journal Challenge (EAJC) and here are the first few weeks results:

First week was Something you are proud of...
Second week was What is Powerful to you...
And this week is I AM... (I am grateful).
Em created a groovy little bag to put her cards into. Mine didnt work out so well... but this here box did, so I have a 2007 Card Box to go with the cards I make each week:
This week I got all 52 cards painted on one side (the side I write on)... the other side is the visual side of the challenge, the photos, patterned papers, calendar, stickers etc.

So now they are all in the box and ready to go.... JOY! Ahhhh its these little things in life that make me so happy *grin*
KIWI Scraps is bringing her to Oz in April .... whooohooooo. Tickets go on sale 1 Feb. I cant wait!

So much fun to be had!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where does the time go...

Mikaela is so BIG right now!!
She lost her first tooth while we were out shopping on Saturday... I of course got all teary and started to cry, Nath was like "its not a crying moment Bek".... I said "YES IT IS, you are not a mother"... all the women in line were nodding in agreement grinning with tears in their eyes and most the men were just smiling and pretending to roll their eyes!!

So that was the first MAJOR sign that my baby is infact becoming quite the little Miss.

I bought her a goregeous book "The Tooth Fairy" by Peter Collington, I TOTALLY recommend to all parents. It is a picture book, no words ~ you make it up~ the illustrations are amazing. He has another about Christmas... and that one just gets me every time!!! Fabulous stuff.

THEN... the next very big thing for my little girl... she is riding her bike all by herself! Her little one AND her big one, tho with her big one it is only for about 10mtrs at a time. Still practice makes perfect and I am so totally proud of her. Cute as! The sweetest thing is to watch her face light up.

Nath took her around the block yesterday and then we were at it up and down the street... and again this morning. IT IS GREAT! Seriously cool!

BAD mummy!.... I just realised not only did she have no shoes on this morning... but no helmet either! Geez I dont know ... how has my dear girl survived almost 6 years in my care? Bahahahaha. I can NOT believe she will be SIX (6) in just a few weeks... unbelievable!!

We were going to go down to the coast today... but I have touch footy tonight, so decided on the cotter instead (a river near home).

Oiw... and I have a few art projects to share soon, fun stuff indeed...

Love and Peace

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two birds...

Well here are my favourite photos from our holidays {not all of them, but most}... which I have created layouts for...

Few things... My Baby lost her first tooth... I will post specifically about that soon.... SO CUTE!!

I am technically "back at work" but not yet started at the Family Courts ~physically~ kewl, kewl, kewl *loving it*

I have been enjoying spending time alone with Nath as Mikaela is with her Dad for a couple of days... it has been just so very lovely :-)

Last night I got some ME ALONE time (wowsers!!!.. I know!) and watched the first episode of LOVE MY WAY series 2, I SO love that show. It is brilliant! It really grips me by the heart... I can not even begin to explain! Its just pure, real, talented, raw and I adore it!

Tonight we are off to see Pursuit Of Happyness, which I have been so looking forward to for ages. JOY! Tho I KNOW the tears will fall.... just what I am needing actually!
I continue praying for Mark and Dar *always* I have done alot of personal writing about their situation. Some I share with Dar via our emails, but mostly it is contained in my Morning Notes... and it really helps, tho it is still totally heartbreaking, it is also very inspiring ~the strength and determination of Mark~ and I know soon he will be stronger than ever. Its just not fair, and I am angry about it. Deep deep sigh!

Here are a few layouts I did a while ago too.... just for fun:

EDIT: I just had a long HEART-2-HEART with Darlene... I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I am so glad I called and feel so much better for speaking with her. For our tears and laughter shared. Our conversation goes to prove to me once again... that everything happens for a reason {our conversation lead to a solution that may not have otherwise been thought of} I LOVE THAT !! Darlene is one of the best people I know. I love you Dar. Always. Mark is one amazing, brave soul. The worst month is over!!

EDIT 2: Pursuit of Happyness... was amazing, brilliant and wonderful. The best movie!

I hope all is well with you and yours.
Much Love

Friday, January 12, 2007

Favourite Photos...

... from our holidays???
I would post them... if Photobucket were working!!!
I am having a bit of trouble with it right now. Actually a LOT of trouble!
And it is driving me slightly nutz.

Whatever....I say because, thankfully - I am going to get my hair done in one hour!
So in the meantime, I am going to make myself a latte... and forget all about this here computer! Before my brain implodes! Hopefully I will post again this afternoon. With lots of pics.

For now.... take a look here at things I am loving right now:
*Ali directed me here, Sabrina's photography site.Gorgeous!!
**Celine.. the most talented collage artist, such colours, such vibrancy.
***And always... this site is such pure JOY! I can NOT even begin to fathom where she gets all this stuff from? Or how? I am loving it thats for sure!

I am also loving our new ceiling fans installed this morning... its going to be another 38 degree day here (thats 100.4 for you Fahrenheiters)... eik!

Yesterday... I got six layouts done at Kyles (again, will share art soon)... nice to have time just to scrap. Sunday we have a scrap day with our CM supplier - kewl. I am so looking forward to beginning my Artists Dates next Friday... hours of uniterrupted ARTSY creating. Mmmmm BLISS.

I so wish I could post the (really only slightly) gruesome photo to go along with this next bit of information ~ Mikaela is about to lose her first tooth~ YEP. THIS IS BIG. This is HUGE for an almost 6 year old. Oh the excitment and anticipation is almost too much! Almost. Cute is She! Be warned.. the photos will follow soon *grin*

Peace out gorgeous ones...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Home SWEET Home...

We arrived home on Sunday night... it is so beautiful to be home. We were so happy to be in our space again.... getting all the pot plants out of the bath, unpacking all our crap, getting tonnes of laundry done.

And falling in love with our home all over again... I had a newfound admiration for our space, our place. I bought a few pressies back for our home... makes it just that little bit cozier!

It was raining on Sunday arvo... which I adore. It was the perfect "welcome home" act of love from the universe... all snuggly and warm inside, getting things sorted... then sinking into our big couch as Stella, Jer and the boys popped by to visit.

I WILL post only the best of the best photos from our holidays sooooonnnnn ~we had the best time~ I MISS YOU SHAZ :-( and the LaMarca boys are just darling!!

For now I am (so dreaming, so not going to happen today) wanting to get my hands on a ute to clean out our post christmas stuff to go (like Mikaela's old bed).... getting ready to take a handful of kids to the big slipper slider @ Jamo pool tomorrow. AND a scrap day with Kyles on Thursday. Friday I am just going to CHILL OUT (maybe get mine toes done)... because I go back to work on MONDAY... blahhhhhgghhhh!

Oh... and these photos also fit for the AEzine challenge this week... MY word for 2007 is CREATE, and Nath's word is PEACE. Nice one... perhaps we will create a peaceful babe.... tehehehe. We hope so!

Love to all...


Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007…

I *heart* holidays SO MUCH.... we are about half way through ours! We have spent two nights in Melbourne with my gorgeous gal pal Stella and her hubs Jerry and their two boys Samuel and Nicholas (Mikaela's boyfriend... shhhhh, her crush is such a secret... NOT ~actually she has told me they are friends, and she will decide when she is older who her boyfriend will be~ I LOVE IT *grin*) I will post some photos of that later... the boys are SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS KIDS!!!

This is a quick post from Adelaide (visiting Nath's parents, sister&BIL), to let you know how we are going…

I hardly have a moment to even check everyone else’s blogs :-(

Firstly a Happy New Year to you all my lovelies

WELL WHAT A WAY TO BRING IN THE NEW YEAR !! We spent the day right on one of the most glorious beaches I have ever been to... Silver Sands at Aldinga…it was magic.

You can drive your car right onto the beach and set up camp. We went down with Nath’s parents, Dusan and Jean… and sister Cass with her hubs Matt.

We had HEAPS of food left over from last nights celebration BBQ held at Nath’s parents. When we left I got a bit teary… because it was just the most perfect day I have ever had.
We have a couple more nights here... then off to Noosa to see my Papa :-) JOY and love...