Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where does the time go...

Mikaela is so BIG right now!!
She lost her first tooth while we were out shopping on Saturday... I of course got all teary and started to cry, Nath was like "its not a crying moment Bek".... I said "YES IT IS, you are not a mother"... all the women in line were nodding in agreement grinning with tears in their eyes and most the men were just smiling and pretending to roll their eyes!!

So that was the first MAJOR sign that my baby is infact becoming quite the little Miss.

I bought her a goregeous book "The Tooth Fairy" by Peter Collington, I TOTALLY recommend to all parents. It is a picture book, no words ~ you make it up~ the illustrations are amazing. He has another about Christmas... and that one just gets me every time!!! Fabulous stuff.

THEN... the next very big thing for my little girl... she is riding her bike all by herself! Her little one AND her big one, tho with her big one it is only for about 10mtrs at a time. Still practice makes perfect and I am so totally proud of her. Cute as! The sweetest thing is to watch her face light up.

Nath took her around the block yesterday and then we were at it up and down the street... and again this morning. IT IS GREAT! Seriously cool!

BAD mummy!.... I just realised not only did she have no shoes on this morning... but no helmet either! Geez I dont know ... how has my dear girl survived almost 6 years in my care? Bahahahaha. I can NOT believe she will be SIX (6) in just a few weeks... unbelievable!!

We were going to go down to the coast today... but I have touch footy tonight, so decided on the cotter instead (a river near home).

Oiw... and I have a few art projects to share soon, fun stuff indeed...

Love and Peace


Shaz said...

Oh how cute, she is a doll and your such an awful loving mumma I dont know how she stands it, LMAO.

~Bek~ said...

LMAO... I am loving THAT sister!

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh honey...

she is just GORGEOUS!

ceanandjen said...

Congrats to M on her tooth!!!! Did the tooth fairy leave her a treat?? And look at her on her exciting. She is such a little beauty Bek. (and I would have been crying too!)

Love to you,

Di said...

Bek - I'd be right there with you sobbing my little eyes out!!!

Susannah said...

Girlfriend, i would have cried too :-)

i'm *thrilled* to hear you guys are coming to London - keep me posted!! we could take M to the Natural History Museum?? she'll love it :-) xxoo

dd said...

I found my way here from Shaz' board and had to tell you I think your daughter is a doll...what a cutie!!!

And congrats to her on her first tooth..