Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mikaela's Mini Pocket Album...

I found this advert in one of my favourite magazines... RIOT.

I thought it to be the perfect "Mini Album" concept. I just love it!

So I interviewed Miss Mikaela on New Years Day, while we were at the beach... and created this album for her.

The cutest thing is that still now... she will follow me around and randomly ask me things like "Mum, how do you want to live?"... totally cracks me up.

Next time I will do the pages the other way around, ie. the five quotes on the left and photo on the right.

Create on !!


magicaldamselfly said...

Oh Bec I absolutely love this. I can just picture the fun of the day you interviewed Miss Mikaela and oh what a beauty she is.


Jodes said...

Love it Bek! Inspired.......will need to do something similar for Jake, like "favourite things" each year :) See you in a couple of hours babe! Will need to borrow some black paint.......hehehe you know what for.

Moo said...

That is so it. Will do this too one day. hugs Moo

Di said...

I so love this mini album - brought tears to my eyes, especially the what to wear and How to Live. Brillant idea. I shalt now scrap-lift the idea!!!!

Shaz said...

I love these and all you create I wish I was closer so you could teach me I so Love it.
Sorry I havent rang you babe I havent been well. How are you? well I hope, I will ring you soon. Love you Honey xxx

Gigi said...

Love this idea! i'm sure you love looking at it & must remember to bring it out at all of the special times in the future. love all the fun colors you chose. such a happy project!!

Sarah said...

This is a fantastic idea - looks great!