Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life is all about the juggle...

... Or otherwise known as “balance”
Balance between negative and postive.
The ebbs and flows of life.
I like that.

Today I received a number of bunches of the MOST beautiful flowers you have ever seen!!

From my friend Lana.
She is passionate.
And talented.
And very successful.

Lana was exactly what I required today.

A couple of other “things” I required today:

Walking my girl to school:

Having some down time with my girl and boy:

Spending some quality time with Kim.

I have had a couple of very reflective days… I get blue sometimes with situations.
Not necessarily my situations, but my friends.
I am at a loss as to what the “right” words are; what the healing and comforting words are…
It hurts to see my friends upset.
This week, it wasn’t just one… but 4 friends that came to me with sad news.
Which made me sad too.

We all have our own journey’s to live and we only get one life.
Let us just try to live it to the best of our ability, and our individuality!
I know my friends are on the path they need to be... and that even though it does not always seem that way at the time, everything happens for a reason.

"We are today were our thoughts brought us, and we will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us"

Peace and Love out...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who is that H.O.T guy in a suit???

Oh... mine *grin*
I love Jinky Art photography... Barb is a seriously talented woman. Take a look at her delightful portfolio here (there is gorgeous beautiful music, be warned).

I just ***LOVE*** her!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This little cutie...

Is 32 today!

My younger sister Leanne.
Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
She is my SSS Sister: Sweet~Sensitive~Soul Sister.
She is a treasure.
Have a wonderful day angel.
I ***LOVE*** you...

HOW BLOODY CUTE do you look in this photo???? SO frickin cute. I think you look a bit like Dad actually!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The reason he is GodFather...

... asides from being Nath's bestfriends since they were about 4years old... he makes me laugh until I cry. He is a funny bastard!

Recently I got this recipe chain mail, basic gist of it is that you pass it on and you get all these recipes back, like 36 or something like that. The ONLY one I got back was this one from Tom, and frankly... it is worth 336, its brilliant - made me laugh SO MUCH. Here is his reply:

Recipes. You’ve come to the right bloke.

You know those times (they happen so often) when you’ve popped out for a quick visit to the country…

The dirt’s red, the roads rough, the road kill is chassis destroying and you realise you haven’t had breakfast.

Don’t stress.

A quick snack can usually be found on your front grill. Particularly in the early afternoon when the sun has heated the metal and cooked the blowies, dragon flies and bees up nice and crunchy. Great meal and that’s why you’ll always find a small plastic plate, a roll of toilet paper and some tomato sauce in my glove box.

Another nourishing dish can be found at the nearest ant nest. Simply pick the little blighters up by their front end and lick their back end. In Queensland, the green tree ant has a strong citrus flavour. In other states, they just taste like ant… but you are still licking an ant’s bum. And isn’t that what a quick snack is all about.

In those instances that you find yourself hungry, but without a car grill or an ant’s nest, simply stand up straight, face west and poke out your tongue. Its common knowledge that prevailing winds scour the nutrient rich top soil from our country, and carry it off to New Zealand. If you stand in the path of these winds with your tongue out, you achieve two things. You’re getting a nutrient rich meal and you’re also stopping any more of our stuff being pinch by the Kiwis (how dare they try to claim ownership of Crowded House and Russell Crowe.) If it’s not a windy day or you find yourself on the coast of Western Australia you’ll need to work a little harder for you meal. You’ll need to get on all fours and lick the ground. Be sure to only lick the nutrient rich parts.

For more tips on how to survive in the bush, feel free to give me an “oi.”

I had TEARS... he is SERIOUSLY funnnnneeeeee!

Tom IS actually a big fan of game food, as am I from time to time... so we're all off to enjoy some at a local resturant for lunch today.

Tom is visiting us from Adelaide this weekend to meet his GodSon, and his GodWife... I mean the GodMother... and sort out dates and details for the Naming Ceremony.

Asides from being funny... he is an all round great guy and a beautiful soul. We are so happy he is going to be Joshua's spiritual guide :)

Life is gooooooooood.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Slightly stoked about...

... being able to finally share some exciting news with you :)
The reason I have not been posting much of my scrapping stuff of late is because... most of it is awaiting publication in a few magazines(squeal) or is being done for design teams.

Exquisite Scrapping have given me the wonderful opportunity as a permanent design team member. I cant wait to work with Jo and the team :-)

I also have two guest DT postions: one with Keep'the Memories (which may lead to a permanet position) and another with Scrappers Warehouse.
Go to Aussie Pub Calls to find out all the latest with the Australian scrapping industry. This site has links to all sorts of competitions, design team calls (including digital) and also the major magazine submission requests. Go for it girls!! It took me seven YEARS to finally get the courage to do so myself and within 3 months of my first application... well lets just say 2008 is gonna be a busy one LOL!

I leave you with this poem which I have written on the inside of my treasure chest (scrapbooking supplies cupboard LOL)...

Off to do the ironing and watch Flash Dance. Whoot woooo!

Life is really good.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

EAJC #s 42, 43, 44,45 AND 46...

Just a couple of Emily's challenges to post :) So behind!!
#42, Grateful Week...
Grateful for so many little things: Nath being patient with me while I scrapped till midnight to meet a deadline (knowing I would be super cranky in the morning), doing readers with Mikaela and her class mates, walking Kaela to school, getting Ali's book, family movie night... you know all the little things make me very grateful :)

#43, Scary...
It is SO SO SO scary how quickly Josh is growing... and the scull and bones tshirt is OH so VERY scary (scary CUTE!).

#44, Home...
My home is with these three, my heart belongs to them. Such is life!

#45, Self Realisation...
It struck me so hard one day early in 2005... I had been working a LONG time to get there... Here, I suddenly realised that my ENTIRE life was my choice... I decided how to spend my days, my attitude... EVERYTHING. It sounds so simple, I know. Even obvious but it took me a long time to understand this at a very deep (soul) level. So glad I did because my life has been a dream since!

#46, Rejuvenation...
I LOVE to get a massage to rejuvenate, unfortunately I only manage one or two a year {TOO much spending on scrapping supplies!} Mostly I just have a Loooooonnnnggg soak in the bath ALONE (no kids) or a pedicure :)

So there you have them.. and for a couple of days... I am up-to-date!
I LOVE Em's challenges, love her art, her concept... her heart and down-right Aussie self! All good is the Ems!

Oh "Hiya Rossco, yes *YOU* I know you are reading this :)... we'll see you in January and March, so set aside some time for us {and your "great god son" there such a thing?} I am sure there is!

Toodil iw...
Love out...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

She was thinking of me too...

... when I wrote my last post! I found it in her bag when she came back home. Mikaela had left a message on our answering machine, and made a note of it while at her Dads. Cute!

Peace out...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I miss her on Saturday mornings...

Even though I know I am fortunate that she spends most of her time with us, I still miss her on Saturday mornings as she spends Friday night each week with her Dad. Mikaela is such a sweet child and so very good with her little brother, totally doting and SO SO inlove. It is a beautiful thing to see. Sometimes she is a little TOO enthusiastic, but for the most part she is a delight.

Josh giggles and coos at her, and they are the sweetest to watch.

Mikaela USED to call me at 6am on a Saturday morning:
Mikaela: What are you doing?
Me: Sleeping (said smiling, because although she has called at a very early hour, I have only just given Josh his morning feed... and I think she is cute)
Mikaela: What is Josh doing?
Me: Sleeping beside me (only just moved into bed beside us, which we do sometimes at the EARLY morning feed, anywhere from 5-6 am)
Mikaela: Oh... okay, bye then!
The first time after Josh was born, I think she called around 4 times in two hours!

We always speak on Friday afternoons when she finishes school, tho she doesnt call me at 6am on Saturdays anymore. Some Saturdays she doesnt call at all until just before I collect her in the late afternoon. I guess that is a good thing, she is enjoying her time with Dad. Plus she has ballet class AND ballet rehersals, so she is busy.

And even tho its only one night, I still miss her and I think Josh does too.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Movies and Love...

We went to see this movie last night as I got free tickets and Kim (GodMother Extraordinaire) babysat for us.
September, I really recommend this movie... it is so beautiful, the cinematography, the relationships, the heart and soul of the movie struck me and I loved it. Spectacular!

I want to say a HUGE BIG heartfelt congratulations to an amazing person I know, she is family I have chosen in this life... the aforementioned GodMother Kim began her teaching career yesterday, or a new chapter of it *smile*. Kim worked her first day as a teacher’s aid at Turner Primary, specifically she worked with the special needs children... and from what she tells me - it was challenging and rewarding. I think she was AMAZING - our children, our education system can only but benefit tremendously and strive with Kim as their teacher. She makes such a positive impact in children’s (and adults) lives. She is mother earth. Kim will touch many in her life and even more now in teaching career. I have always respected and admired Kim’s ability to connect with Mikaela (and her love for Joshua is grand scale HUGE). Kim does what many don’t bother to do, she intentionally takes (and makes) time for OTHER peoples children as well as her own. Not many people do that, not many people even consider it… and that is why I she is my family, even my sisters consider her family according to their FaceBook profiles *grin*. Kim is a unique and gifted healer, nurturer, listener and teacher… that is for sure. Good luck my dear friend, tho I know you won’t need it :) I am SO SUPER PROUD of **You** my shinning star friend!! I love you much!

My thoughts are also with another darling friend of mine Jodes... who is in South Australia for her Grandfathers funeral. Its a very sad time for her and I know he meant the world to her. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you during this time Jodes xoxox

Love out...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tired but happy...

Life is so busy! Now that I have finished another major design project (not yet made public, will share when I can *smile*)... I am taking time to SLOW down before my next series of deadlines comes along, before Christmas mania (LOL!!) ... taking time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E and relax...

Slow living isnt about doing everything at a snails pace;
its about giving weight, time and urgency to those things that require it and relinquishing those things that just cause anxiety.

I love this quote! It is on my dreamboard I created 17 September 2006... and is hung above my desk for me to take in regularly.

What I love about life... is that we CHOOSE, it is a CHOICE how busy we are, or how much time we take for ourselves... for our family, our life. To walk in the grass, to pick flowers... to enjoy this life we create. THAT is such a powerful amazing thing.

I *LOVE* being busy... LOVE it! I love challenges that inspire me. What I don't love is when I get CRAZY busy and it impacts on my mood, my family, my relationships... when I become that "WHOA is ME.. I am SO BUSY!!! " person - I hate being that person! A martar, a person incapable of saying no, of taking charge of their life. I can feel myself roll my eyes into the back of my head when I begin on this treadmill. LMAO! Thankfully I snap out of it pronto.

Whereas some people just live there constantly... we live in a society where expectations of how much we "achieve" depends on how long our "to-do" list is... as opposed to how HAPPY we are WITHIN. Isnt that the REAL achievement of life? I think so and that's what I'm about, what is most important to me.

Perhaps that is because I have always been a "glass is half full" person, always... I have found that with a positive attitude and time to mediate and reflect... we can slow down quite easily. Your to do list may be just as long as anyone elses... but you take JOY in your list... in your life. If your "to-do" list is WAY TOO long - simplify - cull it, or accept it and take joy in doing the things you choose as important. SIMPLE. There it is again, SIMPLICITY and CHOICE... in attitude and action. Life rushes by so very quickly... we owe it to ourselves to live it well... in happiness of our choices. We owe it to ourselves to simplify and to live a slow life.

I think during the silly season, during the busy busy time of Christmas it is important to remind ourselves of all of this. To relax, chill out and enjoy our lives and loved ones because that is really what Chrissy is all about.

Today I choose to simplify and live slowly.
Enjoy your HUMP DAY gorgeous peeps...

Monday, November 12, 2007

No flies on me...

When Celine and Damien were visiting, they commented that no-one had told them how many flies there were in Australia. I explained that it is not something we talk about...kinda like childbirth and like childbirth we actually forget. For me each winter I totally forget about Summer=swarms of tiny flies everywhere. I forget. Then as summer approaches, its "ahhhhh, flies AGAIN!!" I dont know how one can forget, I just do, must be like a survivial technique or something!

So this morning, I had tonnes of them and had to giggle to myself at the thought of Celine and Damien's horror. To make up with having to swat at least 20 pesky little flies away every second... my view this morning (he is now into his stroller style carrier during the day)...
And YES, they are tiny scratches on his face, self inflicted because his mother is appalling and doesnt cut his nails every two seconds. Seriously they grow SUPER fast!!

So now we are home again... listening to the best of Elton John and finishing off a couple of design projects.

Doing a little blog surfing... as always totally inspired by Ali, she is just amazing that woman! The STUFF she does. Life. Amazing how much she accomplishes, seriously! Check these out too:
SuperHero - Happy Birthday!!
Nicole - check out her fab mini album, LOVE it!
Wanda... this post in particular I adore!
Oh JOY... TOTAL eye candy as always. YUM! I REALLY have to refrain from licking my computer screen. LOL!
Karen... I just love her photography, such talent... her humor is fab too!
Lusi... super talented gorgeous friend of mine. Lucky ME! She is such a darling soul.
Patty... just an all round beautiful person. She is gorgeous. Simple.

Shout out to Kyles and Jas who both completed a crazy mountain bike race yesterday and did really well!! Superstars.

Also a huge hug and hello to Mattia, my friend from Italy some almost 8 years ago now! Glad you found me mate.

Hoping to see the God Mother today....

Life sure is beautiful... Elton ROCKS!
Happy Monday :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

A mixed bag...

WOWSERS... Firstly I want to let you know about the other two DT members for Maya Memories. I am so excited to be working with these ladies... They are REALLY cool... check out their blogs Sheree and Christie.

OKAY... almost a week in review so I start with most recent and work backwards:
**Mikaela got a Certificate of Merit yesterday for an Anti Bullying poster she created. So cool. She is such a great kid!

**Happy 3year anniversary to Kim and Sime... enjoy your weekend escape, especially the Kayaking and twilight horseriding... how romantic :-) xxooxx! LOVE you Kim! This woman is such a shinning star in my life!

**Yesterday I farewelled (for now) my gorgeous house guest and her man. It was SO Wonderful to spend some quality time with her and I am truly blessed to have her as a friend! She is darling, and even did "show-and-tell" for Mikaela and her class at school, which was SO adorable :) Spending time with Celine REALLY cyrstallised the power and meaning of real, true, soul connection friendships. Brilliant! I miss them already!!!!

**Monday my dear friend Tass had her baby shower, which was lovely and I caught up with darling Mary, Stella and her family. I SO miss Stel, she lives about 900km from me. PLUS my super cute younger sister Leanne. They were SO dotting all over Joshua! LOVE that!

**Joshua is doing great, smiling heaps like a little cutie and babbling away *smile* He has his two month vaccinations today :-( Poor little babes!

** Me and my guy have our "date-night" tonight {with our darling love child in tow}... as Mikaela is at her Dads. JOY, we cant wait :-)
Happy Friday peeps...

Monday, November 05, 2007

A weekend of...

... in no particular order:
Fun, Gorgeous and Inspiring women, eating out, scrapping, meeting lovely people, enjoying wonderful classes, sisterly lovin', sun and surf, mini mum action, he and he and she! Here are a few pics from the last few days...

We had a wonderful time at PaperCrafts Festival in Sydney this past weekend. Got to spend some time with my lovely gal pal Celine and her man Damien. Also got to catch up with the lovely sweet Lusi. Both their classes were fabulous!! AND another wonderful part of scrapping for me is all the connections we make on this journey... all the beautiful souls we get to catch up with, such as cutiepieMel and Superwoman Beth {who had a baby girl AMY only 6 days prior, WOWSERS!!} both whom I met through Lus at KiwiScraps in April this year. HAPPY to see them. YES! Then there are always NEW people you meet, and at the time you cant quite recall how you know their face, but you do... and later you remember! Always happens to me! Funnneeee! I *did* get to meet and chat with the talented Danielle Quarmby, she's a hoot, has a great sense of humour! I *love* a good laugh, I am sure if we spent more time together there would be much snortage going on!

Its tough trying to balance such a major scrapping event and family. Nath was wonderful helping me get from class to class and taking care of Mikaela and Joshua. I had Josh in a two of my classes, or part there of and he was very cute and very well behaved!

Yesterday we headed down to Sydney, went past DavidMetNicole which was closed unfortuately. We then headed to Bondi, which was so great... we had the best time enjoying the sun and surf. I NEED to touch the sand, ocean and float in the waves as often as I can, its simply one of the best feelings in life!

Now I am home, working on some design projects, buying presents, off to a baby shower this afternoon and catching up with my sister Leanne.
Happy Monday!

OH and GOSH... I just want to say a HUGE thankyou for all your lovely comments about my DT position with Maya Memories... I am so chuffed :-)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Exciting News...

I am so SO so EXCITED to be sharing my latest news... I have been selected to be a permanent design team member of Maya Memories...

I am delighted to take on this challenge and can NOT wait to share with you all my creations... sooooon. Just looking at the Maya site makes me want to scrap, its so yummy... go check it out. Delicious!

This is one of my things I wanted to achieve before my next birthday & it is here in purple pen on this here layout I did some time ago *smile*... and just secretly there are a few other major things in this list that have also come true. Hey when my birthday comes next May... won't it be fun to see how many things I have done on my list :-)?? Or not done for practical reasons...

I love that!
I love the whole "putting yourself out there and making your dreams come true!"
Taking a risk... and recieving SO MUCH joy for every single happy fortune that comes my way.
Whoo hooo...
Thanks for the opportunity Rajini.

Tomorrow I get to spend some time with her and her... and her, some other "dream catchers" I am blessed to know and call my dear friends.
Life is beautiful.
Have beautiful weekends lovlies and I hope you do some dream catching of your own, big, small and inbetween... all dreams count :)
Right now I am dreaming of a latte and some cake this afternoon LOL!