Monday, November 12, 2007

No flies on me...

When Celine and Damien were visiting, they commented that no-one had told them how many flies there were in Australia. I explained that it is not something we talk about...kinda like childbirth and like childbirth we actually forget. For me each winter I totally forget about Summer=swarms of tiny flies everywhere. I forget. Then as summer approaches, its "ahhhhh, flies AGAIN!!" I dont know how one can forget, I just do, must be like a survivial technique or something!

So this morning, I had tonnes of them and had to giggle to myself at the thought of Celine and Damien's horror. To make up with having to swat at least 20 pesky little flies away every second... my view this morning (he is now into his stroller style carrier during the day)...
And YES, they are tiny scratches on his face, self inflicted because his mother is appalling and doesnt cut his nails every two seconds. Seriously they grow SUPER fast!!

So now we are home again... listening to the best of Elton John and finishing off a couple of design projects.

Doing a little blog surfing... as always totally inspired by Ali, she is just amazing that woman! The STUFF she does. Life. Amazing how much she accomplishes, seriously! Check these out too:
SuperHero - Happy Birthday!!
Nicole - check out her fab mini album, LOVE it!
Wanda... this post in particular I adore!
Oh JOY... TOTAL eye candy as always. YUM! I REALLY have to refrain from licking my computer screen. LOL!
Karen... I just love her photography, such talent... her humor is fab too!
Lusi... super talented gorgeous friend of mine. Lucky ME! She is such a darling soul.
Patty... just an all round beautiful person. She is gorgeous. Simple.

Shout out to Kyles and Jas who both completed a crazy mountain bike race yesterday and did really well!! Superstars.

Also a huge hug and hello to Mattia, my friend from Italy some almost 8 years ago now! Glad you found me mate.

Hoping to see the God Mother today....

Life sure is beautiful... Elton ROCKS!
Happy Monday :)


Turner Family said...

Ahhh, so many gorgeous pictures and layouts to catch up! Love your work Bek. Josh is sooo very cute.

Wanda said...

Oh Bek, I'm so glad you like my Days of the Week post. My mom was something else. A very special lady.

Joshua is so adorable, and growing up so fast!
Love and Hugs

Patty S said...

okay. double awwwww's.
first awwwwwww: he. is. so. darn. CUTE!!!!!!!!! that picture literally made me aol. and not the internet provider. awwww out loud.
second awwwwww: thank you for saying such a sweet little comment about me. awwwwwwwwwwww.
you are so nice!
we have pesky, nasty little gnat-sized flies around here in the summer, too. they seem to get worse every year. it's hard to go outside and enjoy yourself because they swarm around you and you have to keep swatting at them or they get in your eyes and up your nose. and i don't know about you, but having a bug up my nose is not high on my list of favorites.
thankfully we are well into autumn and the cooler/cold weather so it's not a problem right now.
okay. i've rambled enough.
hugs, patty :-)