Sunday, November 25, 2007

The reason he is GodFather...

... asides from being Nath's bestfriends since they were about 4years old... he makes me laugh until I cry. He is a funny bastard!

Recently I got this recipe chain mail, basic gist of it is that you pass it on and you get all these recipes back, like 36 or something like that. The ONLY one I got back was this one from Tom, and frankly... it is worth 336, its brilliant - made me laugh SO MUCH. Here is his reply:

Recipes. You’ve come to the right bloke.

You know those times (they happen so often) when you’ve popped out for a quick visit to the country…

The dirt’s red, the roads rough, the road kill is chassis destroying and you realise you haven’t had breakfast.

Don’t stress.

A quick snack can usually be found on your front grill. Particularly in the early afternoon when the sun has heated the metal and cooked the blowies, dragon flies and bees up nice and crunchy. Great meal and that’s why you’ll always find a small plastic plate, a roll of toilet paper and some tomato sauce in my glove box.

Another nourishing dish can be found at the nearest ant nest. Simply pick the little blighters up by their front end and lick their back end. In Queensland, the green tree ant has a strong citrus flavour. In other states, they just taste like ant… but you are still licking an ant’s bum. And isn’t that what a quick snack is all about.

In those instances that you find yourself hungry, but without a car grill or an ant’s nest, simply stand up straight, face west and poke out your tongue. Its common knowledge that prevailing winds scour the nutrient rich top soil from our country, and carry it off to New Zealand. If you stand in the path of these winds with your tongue out, you achieve two things. You’re getting a nutrient rich meal and you’re also stopping any more of our stuff being pinch by the Kiwis (how dare they try to claim ownership of Crowded House and Russell Crowe.) If it’s not a windy day or you find yourself on the coast of Western Australia you’ll need to work a little harder for you meal. You’ll need to get on all fours and lick the ground. Be sure to only lick the nutrient rich parts.

For more tips on how to survive in the bush, feel free to give me an “oi.”

I had TEARS... he is SERIOUSLY funnnnneeeeee!

Tom IS actually a big fan of game food, as am I from time to time... so we're all off to enjoy some at a local resturant for lunch today.

Tom is visiting us from Adelaide this weekend to meet his GodSon, and his GodWife... I mean the GodMother... and sort out dates and details for the Naming Ceremony.

Asides from being funny... he is an all round great guy and a beautiful soul. We are so happy he is going to be Joshua's spiritual guide :)

Life is gooooooooood.


Patty S said...

toooooooooo funny!

Anne Marie said...

Hmmm...I'm guessing that licking ants butts is an acquired taste, like vegemite? Teeheehee. That was very funny! Beautiful picture!

dreamergirl said...


have a wonderful time!!