Saturday, November 17, 2007

I miss her on Saturday mornings...

Even though I know I am fortunate that she spends most of her time with us, I still miss her on Saturday mornings as she spends Friday night each week with her Dad. Mikaela is such a sweet child and so very good with her little brother, totally doting and SO SO inlove. It is a beautiful thing to see. Sometimes she is a little TOO enthusiastic, but for the most part she is a delight.

Josh giggles and coos at her, and they are the sweetest to watch.

Mikaela USED to call me at 6am on a Saturday morning:
Mikaela: What are you doing?
Me: Sleeping (said smiling, because although she has called at a very early hour, I have only just given Josh his morning feed... and I think she is cute)
Mikaela: What is Josh doing?
Me: Sleeping beside me (only just moved into bed beside us, which we do sometimes at the EARLY morning feed, anywhere from 5-6 am)
Mikaela: Oh... okay, bye then!
The first time after Josh was born, I think she called around 4 times in two hours!

We always speak on Friday afternoons when she finishes school, tho she doesnt call me at 6am on Saturdays anymore. Some Saturdays she doesnt call at all until just before I collect her in the late afternoon. I guess that is a good thing, she is enjoying her time with Dad. Plus she has ballet class AND ballet rehersals, so she is busy.

And even tho its only one night, I still miss her and I think Josh does too.


ceanandjen said...

This is adorable. You have such a close-knit and beautiful family B!

Patty S said...

she is such a cutie.
suck it all up, mom! you're lucky to have two beautiful children!!! enjoy their love!
patty :-)