Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life is all about the juggle...

... Or otherwise known as “balance”
Balance between negative and postive.
The ebbs and flows of life.
I like that.

Today I received a number of bunches of the MOST beautiful flowers you have ever seen!!

From my friend Lana.
She is passionate.
And talented.
And very successful.

Lana was exactly what I required today.

A couple of other “things” I required today:

Walking my girl to school:

Having some down time with my girl and boy:

Spending some quality time with Kim.

I have had a couple of very reflective days… I get blue sometimes with situations.
Not necessarily my situations, but my friends.
I am at a loss as to what the “right” words are; what the healing and comforting words are…
It hurts to see my friends upset.
This week, it wasn’t just one… but 4 friends that came to me with sad news.
Which made me sad too.

We all have our own journey’s to live and we only get one life.
Let us just try to live it to the best of our ability, and our individuality!
I know my friends are on the path they need to be... and that even though it does not always seem that way at the time, everything happens for a reason.

"We are today were our thoughts brought us, and we will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us"

Peace and Love out...


Jodes said...

Girl, you are not only wearing, but looking "SO HOT" in white pants, just a couple of months after giving birth.
You are my hero :)

BTW your comforting words are just perfect. While you can't take away anothers pain, you can provide a warm loving place to lean on when its needed most.

Thanks babe

Lus said...

hey sweet girl :)
been thinking of you today!
you wrote such lovely words of hope and comfort for your friends :)
Love the happy fam snaps too cutie!
lus x

Shaz said...

Thinking of you and must gall next week,,,,,Love you heaps babe you look just beautiful.
Hugs and kisses xoxoxx

Wanda said...

What beautiful pictures. You look great! I understand and feel your sadness for your friends. In the ministry, we deal with many situations, and sometimes, the only thing you can do is "Just be there for them".
Loving on you today Bek!
Been so crazy and busy havent't got those pictures together for you, but I will one of these days!!!